A Land Scarred, Tree Talk And A Rescue Mission | A QHHT Session by Laron

In December 2015 I conducted a QHHT session on my partner Kristy. This was her first past life regression experience.

During it we had a number of interruptions, as well as a time constraint. Taking into consideration a couple of bathroom breaks, a screaming child and angry mother yelling outside the building, a break to quench thirst, as well as a very noisy water pump against the outside wall of the room we were in, the session still ran well and Kristy had some intriguing experiences come through.

Topics included from this QHHT session.

  • A land scarred from a volcanic event which had an emotional connection to Kristy, likely based on her affinity with trees.
  • Telepathic communication with a lonely tree that guides Kristy to see a location where a family suddenly abandons their home.
  • Receiving gifts from a light being which physically affects Kristy back in the room.
  • After jumping into a lake to find a powerful crystal that heals wounds, Kristy finds herself rescuing a brother from some very unusual creatures that captured a group of people, holding them in cages.

What is QHHT? It stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and is a past life regression method that the late Dolores Cannon pioneered. It’s unique in the way that the higher self, or subconscious, which Dolores called it, is brought into the session with the client experiencing a trance based state. 

Key: Round brackets () are follow-up questions, or answers. Curly brackets {} are used when an emotion or action is taking place in relation to back in the room.

* * *

Part of the initial stages of the QHHT process involves guiding the client to a location that relaxes them and helps them begin to focus more, so that what is to come after that stage flows more easily. We begin here with Kristy describing the location she creates within her consciousness.

Laron: “Tell me about it.”
Kristy: “There are lots of flowers. (Can you smell them?) I can touch them. They feel soft. They are red, yellow, and pink. (Do you hear anything?) The wind. (Is it strong?) No. (Gentle?) Yes.”

Laron: “How does it make you feel?”
Kristy: {Emotional. Crying} Free. {Laron offers encouragement & support}

Laron: “Is there anything else around the flowers?”
Kristy: “Bees. Blue and yellow butterflies. There are many different coloured ones.”

Laron: “Do you see anything else there?”
Kristy: “There are mountains. (Take a moment to enjoy that)”

Sometimes it can be very relaxing to find yourself in a space where you feel safe and where it’s so peaceful. Kristy found that and was able to be in the now and enjoy that quiet place. Sometimes a client will move strait into a past life or experience and this is why it’s important to just let the session flow, depending on the circumstances, instead of having too much control, as unexpected things can occur.

Laron: “Can you see the sky from where you are?”
Kristy: “Yeah, I am laying down. I feel the sun.”

At this stage I begin the process of moving her through the steps that will eventually take her to her first past life or other experience, but before I even begin, she is already there.

Kristy: “{Long delay. Emotional & crying} (What’s happening now?) It’s dark. (Where are you now?) {Sniffing & crying} (How do you feel?) Scared and lonely. (Are you alone there?) {No answer} (What can you see?) It’s burned down.”

Laron: “Have things burned down?”
Kristy: “{Crying softly} Yeah. Trees. They are black like ash. (Does that make you feel lonely? Or are you picking up the feeling of the area?) Like everything is dead. (Does that make you sad?) Yeah.”

BW Tree - A Land Scarred, Tree Talk And A Rescue Mission
A drawing Kristy did from 2014.

Laron: “Can you see yourself?”
Kristy: “Yeah. Kind of. I see my hand, it’s small and kind of long. It’s like sometimes it’s like a normal color but then it’s like white and it changes. (Can you see your feet?) Kind of, but they are black from the ash. (Have you got bare feet?) Yes. Always. (Can you see your legs?) They are thin.”

Laron: “Are you just standing there?”
Kristy: “I feel like I am going… somewhere, I don’t know.”

Laron: “Moving, you mean?”
Kristy: “Yeah. (Just let it happen. Are you still there?) Yeah. I’m looking.”

Laron: “How old do you feel?”
Kristy: “I feel younger, maybe. (Does your body feel female or male?) Female.”

Laron: “Are you still alone there? (No answer) What’s happening now?”
Kristy: “It’s like a volcano, like lava. I’m near the lava, but the volcano is far away.”

Laron: “Is it coming towards you?”
Kristy: “It’s going past on the ground. I see the ground and the lava flowing under. (It’s not touching you?) No. Maybe I’m floating. (Above the lava?) Over, looking down, but not too far.”

Laron: “Do you feel that you were alive there before, or you don’t know?”
Kristy: “I don’t know how I got there. (Are you still alone?) Yeah.”

Laron: “Can you see any mountains around?”
Kristy: “Not anymore. It’s just, like, these things, rocks maybe, black coming out of the ground. (Rising up?) They are already there. (The lava is still flowing?) Yeah, but it’s like slow. It’s bright red and orange.”

I decide to move Kristy ahead to another moment in that experience.

Laron: “What do you see now?”
Kristy: “Green. Like a hill. There is a tree by itself. The tree is far away. I am at the bottom of the tree, looking up at it. It’s an old and strong tree. It’s a really big one. (So it’s tall?) Yeah.”

Laron: “What do you see around you?”
Kristy: “Short and soft grass. I like standing in it. I see a stream nearby. (Is it near that green grass?) It’s running through. It’s not a big stream. It’s gentle, not swift. (Are you standing next to it?) Yeah. There are rocks on both sides. The rocks are not too big, just lining the stream.”

Laron: “What’s around the stream? What do you see?”
Kristy: “There are mountains in the distance. (Do you still see that tree?) Yeah, it’s not too far away.”

Laron: “Can you see your feet?”
Kristy: “No, but I feel the grass. I think I am going to go to the tree.”

Laron: “Have you gone to the tree?”
Kristy: “Yeah. I am touching the bark. There’s like grooves — I can feel them. My fingers are very long and thin. (Would you say double the length of normal fingers?) Not quite that long, but petite. (What color are they?) They’re like almost white.”

Laron: “Can you see your arms?”
Kristy: “Yeah. (Are you wearing anything?) I think it’s made of leaves. Like a dress maybe, but not long. My legs are long. (Are you tall or just long legged?) I feel normal height, I guess — maybe a little bit taller. (Is it real leaves it’s made of?) Yeah, it’s light and dark green. There are flowers in my hair which is almost blond, kind of — a white blond. It’s really long, down my back, where the yellow flowers are. It’s curly in places with the flowers in my hair. Yellow daisies, like strategically placed.”

Laron: “Are you holding anything?”
Kristy: “No, just touching the tree. Feeling the energy. It was lonely. ”

Laron: “Do you know why it was lonely?”
Kristy: “Because there was nobody else. (Except you?) Yeah. I think I am going to sit down.”

Laron: “Have you tried communicating with the tree?”
Kristy: “It’s not like talking, but when I am sitting I can feel communication of sorts. Maybe telepathically. It’s trying to show me something but I can’t see yet. I see a little girl and a family. The tree is showing me this. It’s like a memory, but they are not there anymore. I don’t know where they went, they look human, but I don’t feel like I am human. I think there is a cottage in the distance and a wheel thing in the water which moves — the water moves the wheel, next to the cottage. I hear it moving, like I hear a creaky noise.  ”

Laron: “How many people are in the family?”
Kristy: “Just three. The little girl is maybe four or five. She looks happy. They are going to have a picnic. They have come to the tree on the hill. The tree likes the girls laugh, but they are gone now. ”

Laron: “Does the tree explain what happened?”
Kristy: “I can’t tell. (Does the tree show you anything else?) The parents are like talking about something as the little girl plays, and they look worried. That was the last time they were there. Maybe I will go to the cottage.”

Laron: “Are you able to go to the place the tree is showing you?”
Kristy: “Yeah. There is nobody there, but the wheel is still spinning.”

Laron: “So the well and the cottage are still there? (Yeah) You didn’t have to go back into the memory? (No) You found it there?”
Kristy: “Yeah… it’s like everything just stopped, but the wheel still turns.”

Laron: “What is the cottage made out of?”
Kristy: “Wood. It’s one story. There is a fireplace I see. It’s not too big, just enough room for the family inside. (What’s outside it?) There is tall grass. There are like little statues, little gnomes; three or four which are made out of clay and painted, but the paint is like old. I can see inside. There is a table set and there was food, but it’s not food… it’s like… they just left; it’s dusty and there are cobwebs. I had to clear around the window to see in.”

Tree - A Land Scarred, Tree Talk And A Rescue Mission
A half finished painting of Kristy’s from a few years back.

Before I moved Kristy to another important moment, she later explained that while she was looking at the house she became very tall, like a giant. So she went from looking in a window to looking down from above the house, like she had grown and her perspective had changed. Based on the above information, which we could not get more answers on from her higher self as we ran out of time, it seems like she was shown that family and that location for a reason, with them abandoning their home because of being afraid of something.

When talking to Kristy about that scene above, she says it was like they were getting ready for a meal and then they just disappeared, as there didn’t look like any sign of a struggle or them packing up. She also told me that she felt no connection to the people she saw, so felt confident that she was not one of them.

Kristy has an affinity to trees. Being an artist, she tends to include them regularly in her artwork and designs. It is interesting that this tree above acted as a guide for her, to show her that event, which may just have been a past life or experience of her own that was important for her to see and which may have connected into her passion with trees.

Kristy: “There are people running and screaming. They are outside a town. (Are they running away from it?) Yeah. Something bad has happened. (What do they have on?) Not like modern clothes, older ones. The woman are in dresses. The town is small. There are no cars… yet. The buildings look like stone cottages.”

Laron: “Where are you?”
Kristy: “Watching from the field.”

Laron: “What do you look like?”
Kristy: “Dark hair this time. I think I’m a female. I still have long hair. I am wearing similar clothes as them. (You still have long fingers?) No. (How old do you feel?) Maybe a teenager.”

Laron: “Why aren’t you running away?”
Kristy: “I don’t know. I’m not afraid. I’m watching and waiting. There is a horse near me. I think it’s mine. (Does it have a saddle?) It doesn’t have a saddle as I don’t need one. It’s white. The horse is nudging me. I have a bucket or basket. (What’s in it?) Like wheat. I get on the horse now. We are walking away.”

Laron: “Where do you go?”
Kristy: “Through the field and along the edge of the forest. I think my house is that way. We are not afraid. I don’t hear the people anymore.”

Laron: “What does your house look like?”
Kristy: “Like a hut made out of things from the forest.”

Laron: “Are you wearing any jewellery?”
Kristy: “A bracelet. It’s braided. It’s light brown.”

Laron: “What do you do when you get to your house?”
Kristy: “Make tea with an old kettle over the fire. (Are you alone?) Yeah. (Do you live alone?) Yeah. (What sort of tea?) I don’t know. (What does it look like?) Yellow, maybe mint; there are leaves. I have bread with it. I sit in my chair by the fire.”

Laron: “Is there just one room there?”
Kristy: “Yeah. (Is there a table?) No, it’s small. There is a bed in the same room. It’s like a circle — the room.”

Laron: “How do you feel?”
Kristy: “Calm.”

Laron: “Do you know what the people are running away from?”
Kristy: “No, but they deserve it.”

I move her ahead again and ask her what she sees.

Kristy: “A lot of water. I’m on a cliff in a cave like area. I see the stars and a comet. It’s the side of a cliff. There is water below. (Is it the ocean?) No. (Like a lake?) Yeah, maybe. I’m near the top of the cliff. (There is like a cave thing?) Yeah. There is a fire. I am alone. The fire is surrounded by stones.”

Laron: “So it’s night time?”
Kristy: “Yeah. (What does the comet look like?) It’s bright. It’s like purple in the sky and the water is really blue.”

Laron: “Do you feel like a different person to before?”
Kristy: “Yeah.”

Laron: “Is there anything on the ground beside the fire?”
Kristy: “Some stones. (Do you have any food?) There are plants. I don’t know, it might be my food.”

Laron: “Do you know why you are there?”
Kristy: “To watch the stars. (Are you going to go to sleep there?) No. I feel like I am waiting for something. Maybe someone or something. There is something coming like a light. There is a light that is beside me, it came from nowhere. I think it’s trying to tell me something. ”

Laron: “Is it tall like you, from the ground up?”
Kristy: “It’s a little taller. I can see like an arm of light. (Is it like reaching out to you?) Yeah.”

Laron: “Do you know what the message is?”
Kristy: “I’m trying. It’s telling me not to be afraid and it’s saying ‘not much longer,’ I don’t know what that means. It says that I am safe and that they are always with me but I don’t know who they are.”

At this point of the session, I notice Kristy starts feeling discomfort. She is moving around a bit and vocally she is expressing noises of discomfort. I ask her what is wrong and she says her ear feels like it is burning and explains that her hand is itching. She goes on to say that the light touched her and that is when her hand started to itch.

Spirits - A Land Scarred, Tree Talk And A Rescue Mission
Kristy explained that the being she saw looked similar to the ones in the above image she found online.

Laron: “Do you know why it touched you?
Kristy: “It wanted to give me something. Maybe it was light, I am not sure. It is something I am supposed to have. (To help you?) Yeah. It kissed my ear and it felt like it was burning.”

Laron: “You don’t know what it gave you? (No) Is it still there?”
Kristy: “It’s fading. It told me to be strong. It’s really long. It’s like. (You mean when it’s going away, it’s like stretching out?) Yeah. It was in the cave, but now it’s like sucking out, up into the stars. (Does it relate to the comet do you think?) Maybe.”

Laron: “Has it gone now?”
Kristy: “Yeah. My hand still itches. (How did it make you feel?) Not scared. (Was it nice?) Yeah. I see lots of lights going into the sky, but I can’t go. (Do you want to?) Yeah. I have to stay though, for something, something important. My ear still burns.”

Laron: “Do you see what you look like now?”
Kristy: “There are white stripes in my hair, like streaks. My hair is long, I am female, but I only have like small clothes on. Like something made out of animals, just the cover… (Hide?) Yeah. Leather is around my legs, like laced up. (What color is the leather?) Really pale. There is something on my arms, like all the way down, like leather tied up. It’s like warrior clothes or something.”

Laron: “Does it feel like Earth?”
Kristy: “No. It feels like something else.”

While listening to this recording, Kristy explained that from her ankle to your knee it was leather, which was wrapped around, and it was laced in the front over the shin. On her arms it was similar, from her wrist to her elbow wrapped around, with a tie to hold it there. She had a sheath on her leg for a weapon.

I found it interesting that she had white streaks in her hair, as in person she has a natural white streak at the front of her hairline.

Laron: “So what’s going on now? Is the fire still going?”
Kristy: “It’s going out. I have to climb down the mountain now.”

Laron: “Do you climb down now?”
Kristy: “I’m on the side. I think I have to get into the water. I jump into the water. There is a crystal in the water I have to get. It is shining bright. It’s not too big, I can fit it in my hand, but it’s bright. The water looks deep below. The crystal is on the side of the cliff. I need it for something. It’s bright purple and very shiny. I have to hold my breath as I go under the water to get it. I have a knife with me. I have to get it out, but it’s hard. I have it now and I am running out of air. ”

Kristy has told me that ever since she went to get that crystal in the session, she keeps searching for crystals in real life as she has an urge to find a specific one. She feels it holds a certain energy and needs to find that same connection she had in this session.

Laron: “Do you come out of the water?”

Back in the room, Kristy starts breathing heavy, like she’s was running out of breath. She takes a few deep breaths at this stage.

Kristy: “Yeah. I’m swimming. There’s a ledge to get up. I see rocks.”

Laron: “How old do you feel?”
Kristy: “Not young, but not old. I don’t look old.”

Laron: “Where do you go now?”
Kristy: “I’m climbing up the side. I reach the top and lay there. I cut myself on the rock.”

Laron: “Do you do anything with the crystal?”
Kristy: “I am rubbing it over my cut and it heals, but there is a scar. It hurts like fire.”

Laron: “Do you know why you had to get the crystal?”
Kristy: “It’s for healing. I have to… help something that is hurt.”

Laron: “Who do you go and help?”
Kristy: “I don’t know. It’s a male. He’s like trapped somewhere. But he’s hurt and he can’t get out. He’s trapped by bad things. I don’t know what they are. ”

Laron: “What do you do now?”
Kristy: “I’m walking. It’s so purple, the sky. It’s still night time. I have my stick and other weapons, like knives.”

Laron: “What’s your knife made out of?”
Kristy: “Some metal. It’s very strong. It has a bone handle wrapped in leather.”

Laron: “What other weapons do you have?”
Kristy: “The other ones are made out of a sharp stone, like an arrow but bigger. I have a pouch. There’s other crystals in the pouch that is tied to me.”

I move her forward until she reaches her destination.

Creature - A Land Scarred, Tree Talk And A Rescue Mission
Kristy said that the creatures she saw looked similar to this drawing. Image Source

Kristy: “I see some of those things. They are really big and scary. They have sharp teeth and are not human. They are blue. (What are they wearing?) Animal skin. They are big and strong. Their skin is kind of scary. There are lots of them. I see a man in a cage who is hurt and other people in cages. There is like a gas smell which makes my throat burn, like a fire. I’m hiding, trying to think. I have to save the people. ”

Laron: “Do you know the people?”
Kristy: “Only the man. I have to get the crystal to him. I think he’s my brother. He is important to me. I’m trying to think if it’s safer in the daylight. I think they sleep in the day. ”

Laron: “Do you wait until daylight?”
Kristy: “Yeah. I’m trying to be quiet. (Are you sneaking?) Yeah. I give him the crystal.”

Laron: “What does the cage look like?”
Kristy: “It’s made out of branches, maybe.”

Laron: “Is he happy to see you?”
Kristy: “Yeah but we have to hurry. (How old is he?) About the same age. I have to help the other people as he heals. I have to get them out. ”

Laron: “Does he heal himself?”
Kristy: “Yeah. It’s the crystal. He has a big gash on his leg. There’s a little girl. She’s crying. The thing got her parents. I have to tell her it’s safe now and it will be okay. I stepped on something and it hurts.”

Laron: “Do you keep on going?”
Kristy: “Yeah. I got everyone’s cage open. (Do you see the scaly things sleeping?) Yeah, they are on the ground. We have to be quiet.”

Laron: “Is the man your brother?”
Kristy: “I don’t know. He wants to go and kill the creatures but it’s too dangerous, and we have to save the people. There are five other people now. (And the girl?) Yeah. So there are seven of you? (Are you leaving now?) Yeah. We have to take them somewhere. ”

Kristy: “They are safe now. We take them to meet the light in the field where they are waiting. The light is like a portal on the ground, but we can’t go, only the other people can go. I think we have to kill the things first as they used that portal to get the people. (To bring them there?) Yeah.”

Laron: “Do you go and kill them now?”
Kristy: “We have to. One is awake and sees that the cages is empty. I think it can smell us. ”

During this whole scene where Kristy was dealing with the monster type beings, she was a bit distressed in terms of her emotions and body language back in the room. This type of reaction is of course normal within a regression session, but it goes to further show how real it is, what she experienced and that it’s not just a daydream or random thoughts creating a story.

Laron: “What happens next?”
Kristy: “We have to hide for a minute. We are waiting; got to get one at a time as they are too strong together. I will be the distraction. I am trying to get the attention of one of them. He gets one. It claws him. We need to use the crystal again. They have poison. (Did he kill it?) Yes. (Did he heal himself again?) Yes.”

At this stage Kristy starts to breathe heavy and look distressed.

Kristy: “One’s got me. I’m trying to reach for my knife. I can’t get to it. It’s squeezing its arms around me. My brother is here trying to get to me to help, but he is fighting one. I can almost reach my knife. {Her breath is very fast now, back in the room} I see the light around me now. My palm itches and there is light coming. The light is coming out of my hand to blind the creature. It now lets me go. I pull out my knife and cut its throat. I see my brother is dead. All the creatures are dead. I am standing over my brother now. I can’t heal him with the crystal. ”

Laron: “Can you go back through the portal now?”
Kristy: “I think so. (Is that what you do next?) No, one of the light beings comes down from the sky. It’s coming to get my brother. (What does it look like?) It’s tall and has long arms. My brother looks like them – he’s not in a body now. (Does he go with them?) Yes. He just goes. ”

Laron: “What do you do now?”
Kristy: “I am trying to find the portal again. The ground is shaking, like collapsing. (Do you know why?) No. It’s like the world is falling apart. I am running. The portal is closing. I am through the portal now. I am standing in a field.”

Laron: “Has the portal gone now?”
Kristy: “Yeah. The field has lots of flowers. I can see mountains. (Is it familiar?) A little. It’s like I have been there.”

Laron: “Where do you go now?”
Kristy: “I need to find some water. There’s a small well. The water is blue. I drink the water. I look around.”

Back in the room, Kristy needed to drink water so I got her to open her eyes and gave her a glass of water that was beside the bed. While she had a quick break, she found her sight very weird and that she was still connected into the experience. We then continued on with the session.

Laron: “What do you see now?”
Kristy: “My reflection in a bucket of water that I was using at the well. I look like a human, but not. There is a crystal on my forehead. (On your skin or is it part of you?) It’s part of me. It’s a really pale white. The crystal is blue, like royal blue. My clothes are different now but I think I’m the same person as before. I still feel female. ”

Laron: “Where are you now?”
Kristy: “I’m still among the flowers but there are some buildings. The buildings look like crystals. (Is that where you are from?) I think so. (Where you live?) Yeah. My face is narrower now. My hair is white. ”

* * *

This last experience that she had makes one wonder if it was at all connected into a location within our physical universe, perhaps of a higher vibrational existence of course, such as a star seed type setting, or if it was from an experience within a realm and location within the 5th dimension, or above.

There are many places for our over-soul and higher self to go, to experience spiritual growth beyond the physical universe that many of us feel so closely connected and tied into. I have heard a number of astral projection experiences explained that had a similar theme to what just occurred, in terms of visiting a strange place and performing a rescue. It’s always a good thing to have an open mind about the information that comes to us through any method that brings information from the other side.

I’m available for past life regression sessions online. You can find out more information here.