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Energy Healing & Reiki

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For distant healing I charge US $50 (around $76 NZ, $72 AU) for a 45 minute session. Use the Paypal link below to make a payment and I will then contact you to arrange a time. Feel free to contact me beforehand for inquiries through the site here, or on Facebook.

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For additional information on what Energy Healing is and how it works, see this article here, which sits under Information in the menu, and for Reiki, this article here.

I am a Reiki Master teacher, so have been attuned to 100% of the Reiki energy. With my personal healing method, I have merged together a lot of what I have learnt, including Reiki. I have an in depth understanding of the energetic anatomy of our multidimensional makeup in connection to our presence on Earth. It’s composed of not only seven primary chakras, but many other energy centers as well as the central energy channel containing the sushumna, ida and pingala. Two important centers I also work with are the earth star and transpersonal point. On occasion, depending on the client, I focus on the subtle bodies, or what I call the auric layers, but only the first four; the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual (there are seven in total).

I’ve learnt a lot about healing from education, on top of being self taught with some of the more popular published work out there. I see all modalities and techniques of healing leading back to the same place — just like with physical anatomy, our energetic body is made up a specific way, so the methods out there are basically just different ways of doing the same thing.

My technique is a non-touch method where I use different visualizations and intentions to channel the universal / source energy through me, into my client. I use color, depending on what I am intuitively guided to pick. I have the ability to physically sense the state of an energy center, or subtle body, which can help me identify what needs extra attention, but what I find is that from working on the entire body, a balance and alignment occurs which naturally helps the areas which needs the most assistance anyway. I occasionally become guided to work on a specific area. 

Depending on the situation, I also discuss and search for the emotional link which caused the dysfunction in the physical body. Sometimes a past life regression is necessary to track the exact cause down and release any blocks that remain. For more information on why we get sick, please see this article of mine here