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What is Energy Healing?

Reality is energy vibrating at a range of frequencies. We are energy — within our energy-makeup resides our consciousness; while we are connected to everything, including each other, we are having an individual experience in a dense physical body. Dimensional theory, based on physics and mathematics, can further assist with understanding what we perceive around us, through the human five senses of perception, and how this corresponds to everything being made up of energy.

The foundation behind the functioning of our physical body, and which regulates many of the day to day elements pertaining to our lives, is composed of major and minor energy centres. Each centre plays an important role; seven are our chakras and two other key centres are the earth star and transpersonal point. Auric fields also reside within our energetic structure, such as the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual layers.

Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, are all regulated by these energy centres that make up our life force — each one has a specific purpose, but also collaborate together.

Through acting as a conduit for source energy to enter down through and out into the patient, a healer works with these energy centres and auric fields, so that they are restored to a more natural state, by correcting any imbalances. They may also clear away any energy that doesn’t belong and which may impair a person’s health. Physical touch is not necessary and is really more of a personal preference for a healer and can also relate to the healing modality that is in use.

It’s important to understand that a healer doesn’t have to be conscious and aware of the foundation that makes up the energetic system, correlating to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. They don’t need to focus directly on said centres and fields, as intention to heal is all that is needed to facilitate healing.

Where appropriate, a healer’s role is also to locate the emotional link that created the imbalance within their patient’s energetic system, as this can be a necessary step to make sure the issue that created the imbalance — which later manifested into a physical illness — is acknowledged, cleared and let go. Past life regression is sometimes necessary to resolve emotional links that pertain to experiences which are not part of this current life.

Beings beyond our perceived reality can assist alongside a healer, as they direct and work with the energies. This is of course not usually known by most people, as to detect such a presence does require certain psychic faculties.

An essential aspect of healing, and day to day life, is being grounded, specifically in relation to a patient’s current emotional and mental situation, as well as their energetic connection to the Earth. Grounding can take place in many ways, such as a healer using specific techniques, but sometimes all that is needed is talking to someone in a supporting and safe space, such as what takes place in a healing session. Grounding will usually occur naturally during a healing, but a healer intentionally grounding a patient is sometimes necessary.