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Crystals & Healing

Crystals are a metaphysical tool which can be easily disregarded since the measurement of their effectiveness and purpose is beyond our usual human ability to perceive. However, there are sensitive’s who can sense and validate their purpose and use.

My feeling is that each crystal holds a specific energetic vibration that can help not only enhance the effectiveness of healing, but contribute to specific areas of life relating to our health, in addition to providing a boost — as a tool — towards our connection to ‘the other side’.

Certain crystals assist with varying aspects pertaining to energy healing. A faden for example, is great to use when working on the meridian lines within the body. Based originally on aspects of sacred geometry, crystal wands — a combination of different crystals held together, usually by brass — are powerful healing tools. Vogel wands are cut in a very specific way as per designs connecting back to the Kabalah, and can greatly enhance the healing energies being directed through them.

A common method with chakra healing is to place a small crystal that corresponds to the color of the chakra, above each one, physically on the client’s body during a session. This helps the energy flow and assists with imbalances within the individual chakras, while other energy work can be performed by the healing facilitator.

Crystal based pendulums can be used with the energetic system during a healing, as well dowsing purposes. There are crystal activation and cleansing methods that involve the use of pendulums.

Depending on the type of crystal, they can assist with opening up a clearer channel to send or receive information, including accessing past life and future events. A tabular crystal for example, can assist the user to establish a stronger connection to their higher self.

Some crystals such as the dow, help with meditation. There is a type of crystal called a record keeper, which stores information relating to its owner. Crystal clusters can help with keeping the energies balanced within a room; placing an amethyst cluster in the direction of a doorway, can provide a type of cleansing for those that pass by, and can also be used to cleanse other crystals placed on top.

Certain crystals, such as clear quartz, can be effective with combatting electromagnetic radiation around the home, such as what is produced through wi-fi devices, electrical wiring and electronic systems in general.

Wearing specific crystals on the body, from jewellery and/or carrying them in a pocket or bag, can help a person’s health and current situation, depending on the crystal properties. For example, citrine crystals have been known to reduce the effects of period pain. Rose quartz can provide healing assistance with emotional turmoil relating to matters of the heart.

The design and shape of a crystal, based on sacred geometry, can further enhance its effectiveness.