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Earth Star and the Transpersonal Point

Our energetic system is not only composed of seven primary chakras, but other major and minor energy centres. The earth star sits between one to four feet, directly beneath our legs.  Its primary purpose is regulating our level of grounding and our connection to Earth.

There are many methods which can help us ground, such as walking bare foot on the earth, eating certain foods and generally connecting with nature — these activities strengthen the health of this energy centre.

When we are not grounded, dealing with stress and everyday life can be more difficult; we can become very out of touch, and our boundaries may become too open when interacting with people. From not being grounded, we can also more easily pick up on the feelings of other people which can influence our own feelings, and in turn, our emotions.

Energetic based memory in relation to our past lives on Earth, as well as our lineage, sits within this centre, as the information flows through our feet and legs. When we travel far distances quickly, such as by plane, the state of our earth star will be affected. Jetlag relief can come from direct healing on this energy centre.

To help fulfil our life purpose, it’s very important that we are grounded and have a healthy functioning earth star.

The transpersonal point sits a few feet above our crown chakra. The state of this centre determines how clear a connection we have, to beyond our physical third dimensional experience. In a way, this energy centre is, ‘the seat of our soul’.

The transpersonal point acts as conduit for incoming information such as guidance and premonitions.  When we further develop our right brain thinking, we can access and better interpret such information. The energetic aspect relating to our soul’s ego and personality, resides within the transpersonal point.

The energy of cause and effect, and why things occur in our lives, relates to the transpersonal point — we come to learn that situations and events happen for our experience and learning. Components of our life purpose, and why we are here, are also contained within this centre.


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