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What is Past Life Regression?

A past life regression practitioner guides their client into a very relaxed state where their left brain becomes less dominant. A connection is established where specific information, through experiences, becomes available. While visual scenes are most common, not everyone receives information in this way.

The information, which I feel is controlled by one’s higher self and/or guides, usually relates to a previous life on Earth, but what is perceived may pertain to experiences elsewhere, including: simultaneous existences, future lives, and situations beyond the physical universe — sometimes called in-between lives. I have had clients who have been shown the experiences of others, instead of their own, for learning and greater understandings.

Typically past lives come up which are directly related to the intentions and/or issues of the client, which can be broad. There may be a health issue that needs resolving. There could be a current life situation which they may not have told the practitioner about, but ends up being the purpose of what is seen. There could be an event that occurred in the current life which they want answers around, such as seeing something strange, or even a screen memory relating to an ET experience.

While the term, ‘past life regression’, makes one think solely of past lives, this is not accurate. The varying situations around sessions apply to many instances in, and outside, of our time and space.

Depending on the regression method, a person will be guided through a number of key events in the life or experience, up until its end. Afterwards the practitioner will ask their client what they learnt, as each life has a primary spiritual lesson and purpose in relevance to a soul’s growth. They may then be guided to another life, or experience, or they may be taken to the spiritual centre, which is a term I use to explain a location in the afterlife — the space or realm, where life review, meeting one’s guides and soul group, as well as other important events take place.

With the method I am trained in, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, which was created by Dolores Cannon, a client is taken through a few different lives — depending on time — then their higher self is called in. Their higher self, which I have found to be a collective consciousness very close to source, talks through the client in a trance based state. Very accurate information comes through based on questions asked. Healing can take place after the emotional and/or karmic situation surrounding any health issues are acknowledged, and has been known to occur immediately within the session; a health issue can be resolved on the spot — no matter what it is — but can also take time, such as over a few days, weeks, or even months, depending on the circumstances.

The situations surrounding the cause of health problems can vary greatly. One of my clients had experienced a pain in her knee for a few years, which doctors could not find a solution to. Through a QHHT session, I found she was shot in the knee back in World War II. After finding this out, and clearing the energetic element related to that life, the knee was healed.

Each past life regressionist will receive a pattern of clients. This pattern is not random. It moulds their wisdom. For those that become well known, they can provide a unique angle into the world of past life regression, such as through published work, and/or talks and lectures. This is why there are differences between practitioners because of the patterns of information they have each accumulated.

Through my work, and the work of others, we have come to understand that there are souls who are part of the incarnation and karmic cycle on Earth, that make up most of the population, but there are also volunteer souls with ‘imprints’ (copies) of other lives to help them function as first timers. For each of them, the reason is always found that their main purpose is to help with raising the vibrations for the shift in consciousness; a term I use to refer to the combination of differing explanations around the great changes within society, the earth, and climate — but which I think is best explained as relating to the astrological ages, which are a series of cycles based on the Earth’s precession of the equinoxes.

It is very important for people to have direct experiences and find their own answers, rather than be told a certain thing by someone else; such as who they are, where they have come from and what they have done. This is where past life regression can help greatly. It’s a very effective and powerful method to resolve not just health issues, but to also answer key questions that can positively change lives. Most people come into a session wanting to know what their life purpose is; depending on the method and practitioner, this is one of the most reliable options to find out such an answer.