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Past Life Regression (QHHT)

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I facilitate past life regression sessions using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) method. I also offer past life regression via the internet using Zoom video calls.

Feel free to contact me through the site here, on Facebook or Telegram for questions. I charge US $300 for a 4 hour session. Second session is US $180 and the third is free. If you live in New Zealand or another country that does not have a strong economy in comparison to the US, I do consider a lower price, so reach out. Note that I am based in Nelson, New Zealand.


I have been practicing the QHHT / past life regression method since 2011, when I was taught QHHT by Dolores Cannon in Melbourne, Australia. I was a student of her first level course and also her advanced course focused on additional induction techniques. I’ve learnt Life Between Lives, a method taught by past life regressionist Michael Newton, but I stick with QHHT as my preferred past life regression technique. I’ve also studied other past life techniques and multiple books on hypnosis.

The reason I never got around to training in level 3 QHHT is because it’s just a review, not actual training, and it was introduced after Dolores passed on so did not involve her.

For more information on how QHHT works, see the official description here over on Dolores Cannon’s website, and to learn about past life regression in general, see this article of mine. Note that my sessions can take around four to five hours in length, but sometimes longer depending on the situation. In 2021 I’ve found the average session time to be around 4 hours.

One of the unique aspects of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is that it’s important to have a long talk beforehand to learn about a person’s life, which also assists with working out what is important to bring up within the session, including any questions (about an hour).

YouTube & Rumble Video Sessions

As of August, 2021, I’ve started to upload client sessions (with permission) on YouTube and Rumble. I’ve also got interviews included.



Transcribed Past Life Regression Sessions

I have a number of sessions transcribed, including some of my very early sessions when starting out, over on, a metaphysical and holistic health focused community I founded in 2011. Also listed are other transcribed sessions from QHHT practitioners.

I highly recommend my nine part Cosmic Journey of Lai series. In part seven we made contact with Dolores Cannon, after she had passed, which was an excellent session that added some additional information to what happens after we die, based on what Dolores personally went through.