Lack of Information in a Regression

On rare occasion you might not receive any information from the other side during a past life regression, or you may go fine with experiencing past lives, but not be able to connect to your higher self.

Right Brain Development

The right brain is likely not as developed and used as the left. This is all about your creativity and not analysing through constant thinking. Thoughts are what create disease in the body, based on a trauma response from events we go through, whether in this life or another.

Those in full time jobs for long periods of time, such as accountants and lawyers, programmers and so on, are always in their head analysing and problem solving, they would normally have stronger left brain development.

The Awakened & Healing

For some, they’ve begun the awakening process and have started to investigate their spirituality through what resonates. They see answers. Over time, they are likely to grow spiritually, raising their vibration through direct experiences.

The longer you have been ‘awake’, questioning your reality, the higher the chance you will go deeper and access information. One would be investigating healing, which removes energy blocks in the energetic system of the multidimensional human body.

One would be trying guided meditation and hopefully single focus meditations, along with watching and reading information which leads to expanding one’s consciousness.

There’s many modalities of healing from equine and art therapy to reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology, energy/spiritual/reiki healing, to past life regression. All of these help remove the emotional based energetic blocks, and also other blocks, that create illness, but also open up the connection we have to the other side, where we get the information from.

It’s important to learn about, and heal, the inner child, to find shadow aspects, let go of some and embrace others. All of this relates to not only spiritual development, but opening yourself up so you can connect to your guides, higher self and information from spirit.

Females & The Sacral Chakra

Females tend to go deeper in past life regression sessions on average. Think about how they more easily express their emotions and feelings than males. The sacral chakra is the centre of our creativity and usually plays a larger role in the chakra system for females with their life energy being stored there.

It’s a more developed chakra for females as a result of that natural ability to mother and care for children and express emotions. In other words it’s perhaps not as blocked as the average male, who would need to put more work into developing it —including expressing creativity and sharing how they are really feeling. All of this relates to our intuition and being able to connect into the other side.

Entities & Attachments

While not so common, I’ve had clients, and so have many other regression therapists, who have entities and attachments creating blocks to their higher self, and the spirit side.

Such energies need to be removed first to help the information flow and a clear connection to be established. This is a service I provide through energetic healing, but I also recommend a specific psychic surgeon in some instances.

The Facilitator

Having an experienced and appropriate facilitator of the past life method is obviously important too, as some may give up early and not use other methods to help the client get information coming in. Are they compatible with you? Do you have a healthy level of trust with them?

As a client, it’s also important you don’t try and control everything in a session and let go. If you are not following the suggestions and instructions within a session, it makes it hard for the session to progress and flow. For example, the facilitator may ask a question and if you are not properly focused in on letting them guide you, that question may not lead to more information coming in — info which was not there before.

With QHHT, I recommend that you find a facilitator that’s level 2 — don’t worry about level 3 as that is something introduced after Dolores passed and has no teaching component, it’s just a review for the facilitator, and someone who’s either trained in hypnosis, or, has a background in other modalities of healing so they have broad knowledge on the subject of spiritualty and metaphysics. The types of questions asked, while not leading a client, are very important.

But remember, even if you end up with an inexperienced facilitator, you are helping them too, just like they are helping you, as the more clients they get, the more confidence and experience they will have. Life is about helping others. Try not to be negative if you have an experience that did not meet your expectations, and this goes with everything you do in life.

Moving Forward

Read through these article of mine which will provide you with more self-awareness, but also help you get an idea of where to go from here. Note that I do offer spiritual coaching here.

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With a QHHT session, I send a preparation document a week or two before the session so the person can prepare. This includes advice on diet changes and instructions on focusing (visualisation), relaxing (a gateway for many things) and single focus meditation (critical).

But this can take time, such as months to years. While I do my best to prepare clients, normally a week, or two weeks, is not enough time to make a big enough difference if they are in a situation like I’ve explained above.

Also, the more sessions you do, the deeper you go each time. Normally you would only need one session but there’s always benefits from every session and it’s an excellent way to work on yourself.