Spiritual Coaching

Booking a Session

To book a one hour Zoom video session, where I listen and provide information, guidance and advice, head here.

I charge $120 AU (Roughly $80 US / 63 Euro)

To inquire before booking, feel free to contact me for more information. Note that I offer free fifteen minute consults which you can schedule here.


You can find out more information about me here.

Are you going through difficult times? Do you have an important decision to make? Have you reached a point where you know there’s more to life than the full time working week? Are you trying to find your soul’s gift? Or do you just need to talk to someone?

For over a decade I’ve been helping people with spiritual matters via different mediums, including courses, articles, videos, client sessions, and one on one.

Back in 2013 I started receiving past life regression and energy healing clients. Since then I’ve moved into tarot, dream interpretations, clearing spaces of energy, and teaching people how to achieve out of body experiences.

I’ve had an extensive journey over the years of personal development which has included plant medicine, exploring out of body through astral projection, reading many books, ego work, meditation, attending seminars and talks, being the client with many modalities of healing, and actively helping others after education and training in a variety of healing related methods.