Laron on the Takaka Hill in New Zealand

About Laron G. S.

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I grew up on the west coast of New Zealand; my mother was an astrologer and my father a dairy farmer. In the early 1990s we moved to Australia. My final High School years were spent within the Steiner education in Perth.

As the new millennium arrived I began a career in the information technology field, first working as a network/system administrator and then in senior support roles in Government, in both Australia and eventually New Zealand.

Around 2004, I was gifted a book, When the Sky Fell: In Search of Atlantis. This began a journey which led to a fascination with the 2012 phenomena and the beginning of my awakening as I read more and more books on the topic, some touching on the metaphysical. I became quite knowledgeable on 2012, often getting interview requests and ended up being a moderator on the largest 2012 forum on the internet back then.

In my 20s I’d occasionally place my hands on a friend, or family member, and their pain would decrease or go away completely. I wanted to learn more about this ability so I studied the first two degrees of Reiki in 2007. Around these years I attended lectures by well-known figures such as Caroline Myss (Medical Intuitive), Brian L. Weiss (Past Life Therapist), Allison DuBois (Psychic Medium) and Dolores Cannon (Past Life Therapist).

In 2008 I attended a Gnostic group in Sydney for a number of years, learning about the original teachings of Jesus which had nothing to do with religion, but did have aspects of Buddhism and a few other belief systems in terms of the training. With more of a hands on approach rather than theory, I attended courses on out of body travel, mantras, meditation and ego. I studied my dreams very closely for years after.

I went on to learn The Journey healing technique with Brandon Bays and studied a Diploma in Energetic Healing which was a very in depth programme (1 year full time study), created and taught by one of Australia’s top healers and psychics, Steven Bishop. Before graduating I became a Reiki Master teacher (Reiki only has about 4 days of training).

In 2011 I travelled to Peru where I joined an international group and started a five week spiritual journey. I experienced the plant medicines huachuma (San Pedro) and ayahuasca, while visiting sacred sites along the way, in addition to five despacho ceremonies with two Q’ero shamans.

After returning to Sydney I continued on with my self-development using methods such as inner child and shadow work, spiritual based counselling, energy healing, kinesiology, and visiting past (and simultaneous) experiences through past life regression. Based on the information I received through many sources, including my inner knowing, I came to understand that I was likely a ‘volunteer’ soul.

While I’ve read many books, those of Dolores Cannon were an important part of my awakening. In 2011 I decided to learn Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (past life regression), in Melbourne, Australia, which was taught by Dolores in person. I learnt all of her levels of training and started receiving clients. In the preceding years I also studied two courses in crystal healing and a couple in tarot.

After 2011 I focused more on my holistic work, helping others through my services and content in connection to spiritual development. Over the years I’ve conducted energy healing (including animals), clearing spaces/property, tarot, dream interpretations and past life regression for my clients. I’ve taught Reiki to students, released a course on out of body experiences and was published as a co-author in an edition of Yoga for the Brain.

In 2018 I had access to a distant bio feedback naturopathic AI system, and for a while was offering reports to clients, helping them heal. I went on to use two other biofeedback systems, learning a lot about naturopathy and natural healing. In 2023 I started studies in clinical hypnotherapy, working on a diploma and continue to offer QHHT and past life regression sessions, energy healing and I teach Reiki online.

I’ve lived in New Zealand, Australia, Egypt and the USA, and spent time in Brazil, England and Peru.

I’m an INFJ with Myers-Briggs, and a White Planetary Wizard under the Mayan astrology dreamspell galactic signature.

Peru, 2011 (bottom right)