Spiritual Development

Spiritual Development

When feeling into the topic of spiritual development, I get that the answer is lengthy based upon the many levels for each individual spirit and soul that decides to have an experience here.

To properly answer the question would require the medium of a book, however, at a higher level I have covered what I consider—and have had come to me—the key components.

Topics covered: Volunteers & Earth Regulars, High Spirit Frequencies, Differing Levels Of Being, Primary Methods of Spiritual Growth (Plant Medicine, Life Path, Astral Projection & Out Of Body Experiences, Plant Medicine, Healing & The Chakra System), Meditation & Ego, Dreams, and What is The Ultimate Destination And Point Of Life?

Volunteers & Earth Regulars

There are souls which make up most of the population of the Earth right now who have been here many times by having experiences within many lives, and when I say lives that doesn’t mean Earth only lives; this is why this planet is often referred to as, “The Earth School.”

There are also volunteer souls who have come here to help with the shift in consciousness, including raising Earth’s consciousness which is tied into the “new earth” situation and label. These souls, or spirits to be technically correct (I use “soul” to refer to the next level up), are also here to fulfil other planned roles, as part of their life purpose, such as helping certain humans achieve specific goals, in addition to living out their planned lives.

In both instances above, spiritual development relates, but for volunteer souls it tends to be easier as they are already at a higher frequency and vibration on a consciousness and spiritual level. To achieve their potential they are faced with harder challenges in life and are likely to suffer more as a result as they go through the years; from succeeding and overcoming life’s trials, they not only mentally and psychologically grow in power, but take steps ahead in terms of clearing their energy and chakra system, which in turn means their frequency raises and they positively impact their environment, and the world, more efficiently.

In this past life regression session I conducted using the QHHT method, a section with the heading “Volunteer Classes before the Earth Experience” talks about the above situation in reference to volunteers planning their lives based on challenges, but also from events that have occurred for regular earth souls who have committed suicide. 

Volunteers can also be souls who have graduated the Earth School in the past, so while they are volunteers they may have had many lives on Earth previously.

It’s important to note that our higher self consists of many souls, meaning some of those souls would have also graduated the Earth School, so it’s possible that while you are separate to another soul, you are also the same, and sensitives down here can pick up on past life connections which are not actually connections directly related to your soul spark.

High Spirit Frequencies

When our frequency is of a higher state, whether we are a volunteer or not, we not only help the process of the shift in consciousness and new earth from just being present—without actually doing anything—but positively assist those in our vicinity, including any personal connections we make with people distant to us.

If you consider how crystals function, certain types such as clear quartz are great at filtering out negative and electromagnetic energy from devices, simply from being placed in close proximity. This is how it works with spirits who have advanced and hold a higher frequency.

If you have ever been in the presence of a well-known guru, or spiritual master, you may have picked up on their energy and presence—an example of what I am referring to above.

What helps raise your frequency? Spiritual development and consciousness exploration, which also includes many aspects of life, such as our health, diet and lifestyle.

Differing Levels Of Being

Like previously mentioned, we are all vibrating and existing at different states and levels of being.

This means that while there are some key activities and changes you can make, each person won’t find an immediate answer on how to fully “fix” themselves and grow spiritually on the spot.

Doors will open, with some only slightly being ajar because of the life the spirit and soul has planned for this experience—certain things won’t be possible because of life’s circumstances and the condition that the spirit and physical body is in. Sometimes money will be a factor, but only if you make it one, as you don’t need money to advance or be “spiritual” (Everyone is spiritual in nature after all).

Please see this thread and article here, which talks about money in connection to spiritual growth.

You are in your situation for a reason, so any excuses you come up with are not valid, no matter what they are, and only go towards creating an energetic barrier for progression.

See the victim archetype by Caroline Myss here.

One of our important spiritual lessons that we need to overcome is to move beyond being the victim, which includes thinking in a negative way on a regular basis. Through what we say to others, or even ourselves within our thoughts, whether it’s something as simple as “I can’t do that, because…”, we can end up causing major blocks for spiritual growth if this is repeated on a regular basis, as our thoughts and actions are directly tied into manifestation and what we unconsciously attract.

The foundation of our health is based around our thought process, in connection to karmic links, ego, and conditions we have planned to experience but which can be overcome through controlling our thoughts and detaching from energetic ties.

See my article, Why do we get sick? | Our Psychological Foundation & Immune System, for more information on our health.

Each soul plans their life here and has to go through differing circumstances over multiple lives to fully experience many conditions which assists spiritual growth.

If you were a younger soul back up in the spiritual centre and decided to split off for a life on Earth, which may be your first, or possibly tenth (still considered “young”), then you would take many lives to adjust to the Earth life, in addition to mastering the components of what it is to be human, but you don’t have to “master” every single one of them, as that is why the higher self has many other instances/souls to have experiences.

Therefore the regular souls who inhabit this world, time and time again, have stages of growth based on their past lives, however, now is a great time to step up and move beyond this cycle if you feel ready to do just that.

There are many spaces out there within, and beyond, our universe where soul growth can occur—that is not the end of your learning as a conscious being even if you do graduate and/or decide to stop coming back here to Earth. There are so many other opportunities and roles you can take up. But what tends to happen is that you will be attracted to roles closer to your previous experiences unless you have “been there and done that” before, or have completed many roles in total.

If you had spent many lives on Earth you will likely want to be connected into a role linked into the Earth, or at least the Universe experience and energies.

Primary Methods of Spiritual Growth

Life Path

This may come as a surprise but if you are following closely to the life path you planned out, then you are experiencing exactly what you need to experience for spiritual growth and development.

How do you know if you are on the right path? Well, we are guided by not only our spirit guides and helpers, which includes guides influencing people you know that have an effect on you, but also our higher self through a multitude of means and methods, and most of that is not consciously apparent to us. So unless we are badly struggling in life without a clear sense of direction, we are likely already on our path without even realising it.

Sometimes we require comfort through confirmation, and that is why we go and search for answers through such means as exploring the metaphysical side of life, which may include reaching out to sensitive’s and having past life regressions, as well as going on a few spiritual journeys.

You can find some accurate and reliable answers, but then even if you find yourself fulfilling your planned experience, which likely includes helping people in your life that you planned to help beforehand in some way, you may be left with an inkling for more—such as exploring more of who you are on a spiritual level, which requires direct attention and effort on your part.

Astral Projection & Out Of Body Experiences

One of the quickest and most efficient routes to not only finding out who you are, where you come from, and what you consist of, is to explore out of body through astral projection.

Like with everything in life, not all options will resonate and this is for good reason. Anyone can learn to project out of body, but for some it will be easier, and for others much more difficult.

When a person has a NDE (Near Death Experience), they are in the same space you can consciously be through astral projection, and this space is where we will head when we finish our lives here—it can be of great comfort to experience that beforehand, especially by choice.

By developing your ability to leave your body, you come to realise that you are existing as energy on all levels, including your physical body right here and now. Fears begin to drop away and your consciousness expands that little bit more, alongside increased spiritual growth, as you keep on exploring the layers external to your Earth existence.

Not only can you find answers to anything you want, but you can be guided by teachers, and higher self, through your journeys out of body to help you back on Earth to develop more spiritually, which would usually include ego work and a great deal of healing and unblocking and clearing your energy centres.

For more information on astral projection & out of body experiences, head on over to the Out-of-body Experiences, NDEs & Dreams board on the Roundtable Forum—a community space for transients.info (metaphysical  based site I run)—check in on the pinned threads at the top.

Plant Medicine

Ancient cultures, including many indigenous races, have used Fungi (kingdom of mushrooms) and Plantae (kingdom of plants) to have spiritual experiences and to heal. While more information is coming out in recent times, a lot of people don’t realise that their use is also for health and healing.

Ayahuasca is the most well-known “plant medicine” at the moment, but there are many options out there. A lot remain illegal in most countries around the world, which makes it difficult to be in an appropriate space to experience safe and guided ceremonies.

From my experience with plant medicine, which has included the cactus San Pedro and vine Ayahuasca, I will briefly summarise the results and benefits.

  • Helped to heal inner child and shadow-self issues.
  • Based on intentions I took in, I’ve been able to further develop psychic / metaphysical abilities.
  • Assisted with healing physical health, but also long term emotional issues.
  • Raised my kundalini and further helped to heal and clear my energy centres.
  • Provided many out of body experiences, which further assisted with removing fears as well as so much more on an unconscious level (hard to put into words…).
  • Taught me a number of important spiritual lessons based on what I was shown, and how I felt while being presented with certain situations.
  • Gave me concepts that cannot be learnt and experienced through the human mind back on Earth, including how I fit into what makes up everything (source and the multiverse, basically)
  • Provided answers to many questions I asked at times in the ceremonies.

Plant medicine such as San Pedro and Ayahuasca, to name just a few, has been known to cure cancer and many other health issues, but it’s important to understand that sometimes we plan certain illnesses and conditions before coming here, so not everything is meant to be healed, whatever method is chosen and used by the individual.

Intentions and motivations are important when it comes to the use of plant medicine—a term I use which also includes the Fungi Kingdom—as well as having an experienced guide and/or shaman to assist the session, depending on the type of plant or mushroom, the stage of spiritual development the person holds, as well as their experience with the use of whatever it is being consumed.

I consider the space and location to also be very important, so if something is illegal and heavily frowned upon in your country, then that in itself can cause a not so positive energetic situation to have such an experience, so it may be more appropriate to travel to the right place in another country, with the right people to host that space.

A great book that covers this topic is Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind, by Graham Hancock. While this book is really western based, Hancock approaches it from a scientific angle as he tends to hold no judgement and goes on his own spiritual journey trying many methods of plant medicine. I feel that this research he did greatly improved his spiritual level and helped him get to where he is now.

You can find my write-up of some of the memories based on the plant medicine experiences I had in Peru, back in 2011, right here.

Healing & The Chakra System

Spiritual developed requires inner work, and this doesn’t just mean connecting into who you are through meditation, but also a great deal of self-development and reflection on your weaknesses.

When it comes down to it, what we are each trying to do is restore the state of our energy system back to a more natural way, as through growing up in this life our chakras (primary energy centres) develop more fully up until early adulthood. Later on this is reflected through our behaviour, psychological and mental state, conditioning, and so on. We all require healing as a result, as it’s very unlikely that the conditions we had were perfect, based on the world we live in right now. Our education, family beliefs and values, as well as our culture local to our local, all tends to also condition us into who we are, which we need to break free from so we can expand and grow more fully.

Inner child and shadow-self work can be achieved through group workshops, as well as intuitive based counselling, to name just two methods which are more efficient with dealing with such things, I have found.

healing can also take place through energy work, which can be done on self, or through a practitioner of healing who may have a special qualification.

There are many modalities of healing, from Equine Therapy, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Bowen therapy, Reiki, Recconective Healing, and so on.

When coming to understand healing, it’s really important to be aware of your energetic system. I have an extensive and detailed article written up here which covers the chakra system.

Self-healing can take place, but most of the time people feel more comfortable having someone else guide, teach, and facilitate healing. The Journey method by Brandon Bays is an example of self-healing, but there are many differing ways to do this, however, each tend to explain the same thing from a different angle, I have found, as all roads do lead back to Rome, I have to say.

Energy Work by Robert Bruce is a great book for learning how to work on your own energy centres, and in-turn perform self-healing, but also help to develop latent psychic abilities and increase the chances to projecting out of body. It’s also important to come to acknowledge past events, some of the time, in terms of the emotional connection for resolving certain health issues, but if you are spiritually advanced enough you can step away from requiring validation, or confirmation, of what caused the health issue (the emotional based event), and detach, as you restore your energy back to its natural state through whatever technique and method you end up using.

Meditation & Ego

Meditation is the foundation of everything else connected into spiritual growth. People perform and take part in many activities and processes in everyday life, and on occasion they are meditating without even realising it, such as with a martial art, general exercises, somatics, painting, and so on, but there are more efficient methods to purposefully meditate and train the mind to help with spiritual growth.

On average, the mind is constantly filled with thoughts and these thoughts are blocking and stopping us from connecting into what lays beyond. Not only do these thoughts bring stress, anxiety, fear and worry, but they are also the primary reasons behind why we get sick, as our emotions and moods lead to illness, and this includes emotional connections not past lives.

Our thoughts also tend to control our ego, and our ego—while a very important sub-system that helps us experience as many things as possible each time we have a life on earth as a human—is one of the major blocks towards higher level and advanced spiritual growth.

If you feel you need to have your ego control you, then that doesn’t have to be an indicator that you are not ready to step higher up on the spiritual ladder, but that you may be on a path in life that you can’t afford to take and dedicate anymore time away from—you could easily still be on a final lifetime here and graduate the earth school afterwards without focusing on ego, simply based on having done that in another life, or through a combination of many lives where you advanced enough spiritually to make up for not needing to move away from it.

After all, everyone comes into this life with the ego attached to them, as that is part of this system, even if you have learnt to move beyond it in previous incarnations. When saying this, there are always exceptions to everything, most of the time, so if you consider someone like Jesus, he may not have had the ego system as part of his makeup, because of how he came into the world and was conceived.

Our immune system and health, including the experiences we have gone through, directly ties into our chakra and energy system, which needs to function in a more pure way for us to successfully expand our awareness and reach higher levels of spiritual growth.

Some people arrive in this world with natural psychic based abilities, and some can activate dormant abilities that they have previously had in other lives, but such abilities can be more easily developed through clearing and re-aligning the energy system of the body so it is once again back and running at its natural state.

For more information on meditation, including the most efficient methods to train the mind, also including binaural beats, see my journal article here, True Meditation & The Most Efficient Methods.


Our dreams are not only important to record and monitor for astral projection and our of body exploration, but they provide us with information to help heal and improve our life, which really relates back to growing and expanding more on a spiritual and consciousness level.

Most dreams are indicating to us, through archetypes and symbology, what we need to work on in our lives in terms of situations that can help us grow.

Elements of our ego are reflected through our dreams as well, so we can begin to identify what we need to leave behind and stop controlling us, so we no longer act through emotional based ego, but through our true self, which could be referred to as your heart space or soul essence, but can have many labels.

It is not uncommon to have prophetic dreams of possible futures, but looking into the future, one that is not set in stone because of the existence of freewill in this world, is not as important as looking in on yourself.

From my experience of extensively monitoring my dreams, future dreams did not at all connect into my growth, but was more about providing some guidance around what may happen and what I could plan for, but each person can have a different experience here. For example, remote viewer and head of the Farsight Institute, Courtney Brown, has found that his dreams have shown him situations that he could change through his actions in life.

You can find more information about Courtney’s dream analysis here.

Note that from time to time, out of body experiences will become mixed into dream memories and it can be hard to differentiate the two, as well as simultaneous and past life experiences on occasion.

When traveling out of body consciously, we not only experience the moment which becomes memory based on time at a later moment, but at the same time our physical body continues to dream, as our conscious state is a copy, so we can retain at least two memories based on the same period of time that has elapsed.

What is The Ultimate Destination And Point Of Life?

What is the point of spiritual development? Where does it lead us? The answer will come to you naturally as you progress, and from clearing and healing your energy centres you will have a stronger and more pure connection to the other side, and in turn your source of existence.

You will begin to feel a calling, if you don’t already, and this will become stronger.

As to the final destination, some may say the answer is to return to source or higher self, but what does this mean to you? Hearing this said really doesn’t mean much in comparison to experiencing it yourself.

The most efficient and accurate explanation of the point of all of life that I have found, from a logical, and in this case scientific point of view, is by a very advanced out of body explorer, physicist Tom Campbell. He has written extensively about this in his three book trilogy, My Big TOE (TOE stands for “Theory Of Everything”). For more information on Tom, see the section about him in the menu under recommended teachers, on transients.info.

In terms of an easier read, and one that gets more to the point, you may enjoy and appreciate out of body explorer William Buhlman’s latest book released in 2016, Higher Self Now.

It’s really important to head in your own direction in the end, as the answers are there for you to find. There are many hints that we are each given throughout life, including those leading us back to our own source.

I say relax, let go of expectations, and enjoy the journey; once you reach the end, it’ll be concluded—similar to finishing the final episode of a favourite series, or completing a joyful (and somewhat challenging) video game.

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