Laron G. S.

Infinite Life Force Virtual Retreat With Laron G. S.

In September I was invited as one of five teachers/speakers at Corrinda Tailor’s virtual retreat, Infinite Life Force: Reduce stress and supercharge your energy to thrive. This recording is my session with Corrinda during that retreat which is now available on my YouTube channel. I covered a range of topics...

Energy Healing at an Ayahuasca Ceremony

I suggested to a friend of mine, who had an upcoming ayahuasca session, that I could connect in distantly and do a healing and he agreed. While he was at his peak, last week I did exactly that and here’s my feedback on the experience. It was the first time...

The Shapeshifting Shaman & Fighting the Dark | QHHT Session Summary

A QHHT client here in New Zealand had a very interesting past life regression session with me on the weekend. (Note that I do regressions online for anyone wondering. I’ve conducted a large number of sessions this year online.) He came to me with a number of important questions he...

A Sleep Energy Healing Experience

Last night a friend mentioned that her 3 year old would not go to sleep. The toddler had been up for 9 hours, which wasn’t normal for her, and had been cranky most of the day. She’d been trying for an hour and a half. Something was up. I’d never...
Burning Bush, Saint Catherine. Photo by Dale Gillard (CC)

The Removal of Etheric Implants & Walk-Ins in Peru and Egypt

I was conducting a distant house clearing the other day and was surprised to be shown another scene, one relating to my client. An implant was being removed. My client is in the USA. I’ve helped her with distant energy healing and a few house clearings at multiple properties. I’d...

An Example of Intuitive Energy Healing

A distant healing client today had 3 issues for me to focus on, but after starting I was immediately drawn to her back. This is hard to describe in words and if I was an artist it would be so much easier, but I saw this blob like white layer...

Space Battle of the Reptilians & the Seed Planet | QHHT By Laron G. S.

In early August I conducted a hypnosis based past life regression using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method with my client in New Zealand. He was looking for healing and information on a number of different issues, including: • reoccurring dreams since he was a child, • what the ritual/ceremony a neighbour...

Grey Alien in an Underwater Base | QHHT Session Summary

My QHHT (past life regression) client, who had been diagnosed with fibromyalgiam, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), Sjögren’s syndrome, alongside a variety of other health issues — addressed at the end of the session with the help of her higher self — had a very interesting experience I wanted to share....

Soul Talk by Monica Ramirez Warrior of Love with Laron G Smith

Yesterday I was interviewed by Warrior of Love, Monica Ramirez on her podcast, Soul Talk. We talked about a variety of topics including the work I do in the holistic field. You can find the interview below. About Laron Laron G. S. is a past life regression hypnotherapist trained in...

The Pleiadian Homeworld & Sparking Of Souls on YouTube (QHHT Audio)

I’ve just edited and released the audio recording of a previously transcribed QHHT session. In May, 2016, I visited a friend in Mississippi, USA, and conducted this past life regression session using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method. She did not recall any of the session afterwards. I’ve known Leah since 2012. She’s...
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