Feline Alien & Indian Lives | Summary of a Past Life Regression

Feline Alien & Indian Lives | Summary of a Past Life Regression

Yesterday morning my past life hypnotherapy regression client in Estonia had an excellent session with me over Zoom. Her first life was as a North American Indian who’d decided to end his life after a loss, and her second was as a feline based ET (spiritual leader) on another planet who had a natural ability with OBEs and communicating with spirit. She then connected with source, rather than her higher self, where she gained further insight and additional healing.

Suffering from psychosis and ongoing problems with her legs and feet, she came to me seeking healing and answers to a number of questions, including work, why she met someone she felt such a strong connection with, a strange pulsing feeling in her third eye, her purpose, why she had never had a relationship and a few other personal questions.

In her first life, as a male in his fifties, he was walking through a barren landscape with a snake bite to the foot. He decided to sit on the ground. Wearing a leather loin cloth and feathered headgear, she said he went there to die. A spirit animal appeared, which was a buffalo that provided support. He had lost his partner and couldn’t handle living any longer.

This caused a lot of trauma and suffering, which was carried through into other lives including her one back the room.

After the Indian passed, she said, “I feel like I brought this pain with me,” and, “the love is so deep.” At this point she knew this person she’d been with, was the male shed very recently met in her current life who she felt such a strong connection to. Source explained later that this was why she’d never been in a relationship as she didn’t want to be unconsciously — she was waiting for him.

After passing, she noticed the sunset and was hypnotised by it, lingering there from a new perspective and beauty of the moment.

From there she moved on, however, she found herself back on earth in ghost / spirit form, watching memories of when she, as the Indian, was with the partner he’d lost. She felt like it was a personal hell of sorts. She noticed her form and energy was quite dark. “I tried to get away from it by killing myself. This hurt.” I brought in her spirit guide. At first she heard some strange sounds in her headphones, which wasn’t me. Her spirit guide was felt throughout her body energetically and helped her shift this, and the emotions that had resulted from that life after I made these requests.

At this stage, with her guides help, she had the understanding that her leg issues in her current life were a result of what happened to her as that Indian. This was cleared and healed.

The pain was released as well as the trauma. During this process I also asked her guide to give her a message about the situation. “It’s like over multiple lives, the lesson is that you can’t escape pain or heartache from killing yourself, because it will have to be resolved anyway.”

Later on, while in trance with source, I asked about this life. Source said, “To show her that her partner in that life hasn’t gone away. She has the opportunity to be happy in this life. Death is not the answer to problems. You will have to solve the problems anyway, either you do it during this life, or another. There’s no escaping from lessons.” I then asked if any healing was still required for that life and the answer was no. Source said the memory of the life and what I did earlier was all she needed.


In her next life she first saw dragon based paintings and large buildings that reminded of China somewhat, but in pyramid forms. She wore a crystal crown and was carried on a type of palanquin by four beings (which she couldn’t see just yet), one on each corner, as she sat on it. “I have feline features,” she said.

I asked her to look at her feet. “I look like a cat.” Examining the crown more, it covered the head coming down the forehead to the nose, with a triangle shape covering the eyes. Transparent thin crystal shards covered it.

“I have a cat face. I see cat feet but it’s not a cat that walks on all fours. It’s more intelligent than a cat.” I asked what her name was. ‘Lula’, is what came to her. She wore a silky outfit, covering the hands and upper body and arms, and covering most of the legs.

She was being carried towards a glass building shaped like a large bowl. It had shards of stone surrounding it. “It’s like pieces of mountain are bent around the bowl.”

I asked about the palanquin which had stairs and an area to sit. It wasn’t fancy, but a wooden chair with some decorations. “The design is not about showing off wealth. It’s simple. It seems a bit more spiritual because of the simplicity. ”

With regards to the four carrying her, she received a symbolic impression of Anubis, with a head of the jackal and figure of a man, but it was the feline people that lived there and resided on this planet. (Anubis was the Egyptian deity of cemeteries and embalming as well as the protector of graves.)

She was now in a temple. In the middle was a stone statue of one of their people, a feline with its hands on a sphere that was held by a wooden sceptre of sorts (attached to the ground). The sphere had the ability to change the state of the mind. She then knelt and prayed in front of the statue. Her intentions were on helping a royal couple with their fertility and bringing in a new generation.

While going through this life, she said, “I’m learning through multiple lifetimes how to help others connect to spirit.” I also asked her to see if she could determine the differences between humans and them. She said, “They see empathy differently to humans,” and went on to explain how the cat people born with a physical disability or mental disability, are put to death, where with humans they are kept alive to go through the experience in life with it. However, they understood death differently, having a closer relationship with it and no fear — a spiritual understanding.

I moved her ahead, she was having an out of body experience and observing hundreds of her feline people in front of a stage where there was a celebration around one of their royal ones becoming pregnant.

After returning to her body, she was in a temple, which felt like her personal one. It had a pool like area with plants similar to water lilies and a type of alter for rituals. I then asked about age. She said 80 with their end age lasting into the hundreds. Sirius was the star system that came up when I asked the location.

She had no partner and was not meant to interact with family as much because of her position as their spiritual leader. There were royalty that were considered higher than her, and she wasn’t part of that.

I moved her ahead. She was out of body again, flying to her ‘spiritual home’. While it was hard for her to put this into words, she mentioned is was an area where she felt peace. “I enjoy the emptiness,” she said. “I’ve done this a million times,” she replied, after I asked her if she’d gone there before. She felt a connection to the divine. There were figures of light. “There’s a lot of communication I have to do with other beings. I don’t know how I got this ability. I renew myself here and restore my connection to the define.” The space rejuvenated her.

It was time for her last day. Her body was in a temple lying flat. She was alone. This was a ritual. She stepped out of body, but was leaving it for good. It seemed she had the ability to have out of body experiences at will, similar to some people in today’s world such as Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE. This was her ritual to end her life because her body was ready for that. “It’s as simple as walking for me. Since I’m this important spiritual cat, I have this alter made for me and my leaving is important to the others. It’s a ritual, a passage, where you consciously step out of the body into death.” She was 300 years old.

“What was one of the first things you noticed when you stepped out of the body,” I asked her. “That was easy,” she responded. “I felt the process of coming out of the body, and then I’m out.”

Having had out of body experiences before, and also being a teacher of this ability, I totally understood this as where we go after death is where we can go anytime while alive through conscious out of body experiences.

I asked what she thought her lesson and purpose was for seeing this life: “To understand another side of empathy and compassion. To understand it on a deeper level. Also, the spiritual learning.”

After this life, she went directly to source. She didn’t feel it was a place to travel to, but a place to connect into, but she felt a shift of sorts into it. She felt source was rejuvenating with a lot of space, a lot of freedom to just be. She felt a balance in terms of her emotions or feelings. I asked her to visually describe it: “I don’t think it looks in any way, as it’s just energy which can take whatever form you want really. Otherwise, it’s just this very pure energy where you can just bathe and rejuvenate. I feel as pure consciousness.”

It was time to bring her into a trance state with her higher self, but instead I asked source to connect in to ask questions and find healing.

I asked about the feline life and why she had that come up today. “She’s had three out of body experiences [in her current life] and she doesn’t seem to understand her capabilities.” I asked if she should learn this ability and the response was ‘definitely’. (I provided her with information after the session to help her with this.)

In relation to that life, source also said, “She has come to Earth to do a similar thing to that life, but from another perspective. It’s kind of easy for her anyway. It’s supposed to be an easy and fun life, not suffering like she likes doing.”

With regards to her other abilities in the feline lifetime, I asked source how she could use those abilities in her current life. She was told she can teach people how to do these types of things for themselves and was encouraged to do more with tarot as her abilities would develop further from its use. Source said she would create her own system with the cards.

I then went on to ask other questions relating to this life and the spiritual home she visited during her OBE in that life, then moved onto her questions.

As for the reason for the psychosis, there was a past life where she was power hungry, using her psychic abilities in the wrong way, and this created karma for her to have to understand. “There are karmic consequences for messing with other people’s minds.”

She was told that developing her intuitive abilities would help with her condition, which would get easier, but she was meant to live with part of it as per her contract and karma, and wasn’t something she could fully fix.

She had a few concerns about her session leading up to it. Two nights before she had a dream which I was in. She said I helped her have ‘a really deep rest on levels beyond this realm’. She did great in the session, especially considering her situation which included medication she had to have daily for her psychosis.

She also mentioned afterwards, “that the thing about my condition was that I am not really ill but with the sensitivity I have, in this particular civilization or culture I have to take medication to help me function. If I was born into a culture where my abilities are recognized, and my place in society, I wouldn’t need them because I would live in conditions suitable for me. But it is about my karma as well.”

* * *

For those unfamiliar with this healing modality, by using hypnosis I guide clients into past lives and other memories, sometimes future, and sometimes simultaneous experiences, then shift them into a trance state from which their higher self can speak through them. In addition to the healing and releases from seeing these memories, the higher self has the ability to provide healing right there in that moment, or over a period of time, and answer any questions. Occasionally other high level beings and collectives communicate through clients, including guides, councils and source.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of around twenty books, taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 before she passed on. While I offer QHHT in person (Nelson, NZ) I also offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton’s LBL (life between lives) and more. I’m also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, visit my website here, http://laron.nz/