Past Life Regression

Group Past Life Regression Feedback (13 May, 2024)

On Monday morning I conducted a past life regression with about fifty on a Facebook live, in my Soulful Waters group. Here’s the feedback from the session below. I’ll be scheduling one for the UK/Europe time zone within a week or so. We had folk from eastern Canada; upstate New...

Caveman, Apostle, Egyptian Slave & A Puma | Past Life Summary

Last week my online past life regression hypnosis client put his head back on a pillow in his camper van, somewhere in New Zealand and started his journey with me. Originally from Europe, and in his 30s, he had been traveling for over a decade, exploring self and life, while...

Awakening Update (Consciousness Shift) & an ET Life | QHHT Session Summary

Patrick Rowlinson, a full time psychic and clairvoyant, came to me for a QHHT (past life regression) session last week here in Nelson, New Zealand. (Note I’ll be moving to Melbourne, Australia next month) He’s given me permission to share information about his session. He came with a number of...

A Slave, a Silk Road Trader and a Maori | QHHT Session Summary

On Saturday I visited my QHHT client at her home where I conducted past life regression session (using Dolores Cannon’s method) to provide the space and opportunity to heal a number of health issues, and find answers to some important questions pertaining to her current situation in life. She had...

Feline Alien & Indian Lives | Summary of a Past Life Regression

Yesterday morning my past life hypnotherapy regression client in Estonia had an excellent session with me over Zoom. Her first life was as a North American Indian who’d decided to end his life after a loss, and her second was as a feline based ET (spiritual leader) on another planet...

QHHT Life as a Pilot & Healing Anxiety | Regression Summary

Here in Motueka, New Zealand, my QHHT client had a past life regression session over four and a half hours a few days ago, helping her to clear obstacles and empowering her to achieve her life purpose. With a breathing issue limiting oxygen through the nasal passage, regular anxiety, stress...

(Video) ET Contact in the 1700s & Their Spiritual Teachings | Past Life Regression

While you may have already seen my summary article of this past life regression session about five months ago, here’s the audio recording of the session which is around two hours long, over on my YouTube channel: To recap, my online regression client in New Zealand had a powerful...

Neuromyelitis Optica Healing & Questions Answered | Regression Summary

Yesterday my online past life regression client was paralysed as a result of Neuromyelitis Optica, also known as NMO or Devic’s disease, which is a rare yet severe demyelinating autoimmune inflammatory condition affecting the central nervous system. Near the end of the session, as a result of the healing during...

What is Past Life Regression?

What is past life regression? I was recently asked that and here is my response, which I expanded on a little. I thought I’d share it with you as this is my work and I’ve got a great deal of experience from doing it for over a decade. Firstly, it’s...

Healing a Healer & Returning to Source | A Regression Summary

Yesterday my regression client in Australia, a new student of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT training, had her second online session with me. Originally from Poland, in her 40s, she’d included questions on her health, her purpose, family issues, how to know for sure when she’s getting messages from her guides and...
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