What is Past Life Regression?

What is Past Life Regression?

What is past life regression? I was recently asked that and here is my response, which I expanded on a little. I thought I’d share it with you as this is my work and I’ve got a great deal of experience from doing it for over a decade.

Firstly, it’s a form of hypnotherapy that helps you recall memories, which might be from this life, including when you were in the womb, or another. It can take you places in the moment to form new memories, which could be source, higher self, your over-soul, the spiritual centre in-between lives where your soul group and council reside, a temporary ‘vehicle’ to inhabit while you visit physical beings you were with before your current life that are out there in the universe right now, and so much more.

There’s really two main reasons people get sessions, one is to resolve serious health problems and the other is to find out their life purpose and where they might be from, in a type of exploratory way.

However, there’s many other benefits and the method is quite limitless in terms of what it can achieve. It often brings breakthroughs in people’s lives, helping one go in new positive directions.

So, for example, we get sick because of our emotional response to an event which creates blocks in the energetic system of the body, focused around a specific chakra based on how we’ve handled it by feeding our thoughts.

Most of these health issues are from past lives and we are just repeating patterns. It’s part of our spiritual journey to come to a realisation that we made the choice resulting in our health issue, and this includes our response to events, as well as planning the life to include them. We therefore attract circumstances which include, people, relationships and specific behaviours from said people, in this life, as a result of not dealing with the memories that usually end up requiring acknowledging, forgiving and understanding of what occurred so we don’t keep thinking about the situation causing the health issue. Note that a lot of this is often unconscious and not that easily understood logically as we end up in situation after situation relating to that original event.

With the method I use, QHHT, which Dolores Cannon created, I also get the client into a trance state so their higher self speaks directly through them to answer any questions they may have, to clarify what went on earlier in the session, and to also provide healing. So it’s like having an energy healing from source/the original creator of everything (that is actually us). For online sessions I use a modified method that includes everything QHHT does, but more, as a result of my other training.

Some people want to find answers to specific events, like odd happenings earlier on in life, and that could be ET (abduction)related or related to something going on from the spirit side like a guide. It could be re-occurring dreams. They may want to talk to someone dear to them, such as a partner that was lost or a child. They might need to understand why they are terrible with money, why they keep having accidents and bad luck, why they can’t they find true love, and so on.

A lot of people also want to know where they are from beyond this life and where they are heading after it. It’s also possible to look at probable future events in this life, but also future lives.

I’ve facilitated sessions where many of my clients have been able to heal serious health issues from AIDs, cancer, auto-immune issues and so on, as a result of their recollection of memories which the emotional connection is linked into — doctors, actors, professors/academics, lawyers, nurses, accountants, psychics, hypnotherapist, business owners, and many others over the past decade.

It’s important to understand that not everything is meant to be healed, which is our choice (usually made before coming here), and you have to want to heal, as if you unconsciously, or consciously don’t want to heal, you may not. And it’s also important to understand that sometimes you will receive advice from your higher self to help with the healing process, which would normally include diet changes and the way you think, meditation and other things, and you may heal on the day, or soon after, but if you don’t follow said advice, health issues can return.

I’m trained in clinical hypnotherapy, I’ve learnt Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives technique, and a few other regression methods, and I’ve studied different forms of hypnosis, including stage. There’s such as variety of situations you run into when doing this work, so having bag full of tools helps. I’m also an energy healer, holding a number of qualifications including being a Reiki Master (which I also teach), and a Diploma in Energetic Healing (350 hours, part of a one year full time $8,500 course at a College). I include energy healing in sessions as part of my process.

There’s a lot more that can take place in sessions, but if I was to expand and include that, this would be rather lengthy and I think this summaries it well enough.

I offer QHHT in person (Nelson & Motueka, NZ) and past life regression online (most of my sessions are online). For a free Zoom online video call consult and/or to schedule a session, reach out and/or see my website here: https://laron.nz/