Laron G. S.

QHHT, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Online & Distant Energy Healing

Sydney, Australia (Avoca North)

Since 2011 Laron’s been facilitating QHHT and past life regression sessions, with knowledge from multiple techniques including LBL (Michael Newton), and incorporates aspects of clinical hypnotherapy. Info and bookings

Since 2005 Laron’s been using forms of energy healing, including Reiki, to work with client’s health issues, and to help with emotional and spiritual issues. Holding a Diploma in Energetic Healing, trained in The Journey by Brandon Bays, and being a Reiki Master teacher, Laron offers distant healing sessions: Info and bookings

To connect with Laron and ask any questions you may have before committing to a four hour regression session, schedule a free online fifteen to thirty minute video call consult over Zoom. Schedule here 

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Distant Healing: Two Case Studies From Clients

With permission to share these experiences anonymously, here’s information on two recent distant healing sessions I’ve performed, including what I experienced and the feedback from the clients in the days afterwards. Note that I’ve been doing energy healing for about 18 years, with an emphasis...
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Awakening Update (Consciousness Shift) & an ET Life | QHHT Session Summary

Patrick Rowlinson, a full time psychic and clairvoyant, came to me for a QHHT (past life regression) session last week here in Nelson, New Zealand. (Note I’ll be moving to Melbourne, Australia next month) He’s given me permission to share information about his session. He...
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A Slave, a Silk Road Trader and a Maori | QHHT Session Summary

On Saturday I visited my QHHT client at her home where I conducted past life regression session (using Dolores Cannon’s method) to provide the space and opportunity to heal a number of health issues, and find answers to some important questions pertaining to her current...
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Laron G. S. is a past life regression hypnotherapist (taught QHHT in 2011 by Dolores Cannon), an energy healer, out of body explorer and teacher, shamanic practitioner and spiritual coach from New Zealand. In 2020 he was published as a contributing author for the Amazon best seller, Life Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain.

As well as being a poet and writer, in earlier years he worked in Australian and New Zealand Government within IT, including system admin and technical writing.