Laron G. S.

Regression Hypnotist, Energetic Healer & Shaman 

Nelson, New Zealand (all services are also online)
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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (Dolores Cannon) | Dip. in Clinical Hypnotherapy (studying now) | Dip. in Energetic Healing (350 study hours)| Reiki Master | The Journey Technique (Brandon Bays) | Certificates in Tarot, Crystal & Crystal Wand Healing

I facilitate past life regression sessions with knowledge from many techniques including QHHT (Dolores Cannon) and LBL (Michael Newton), and also aspects of clinical hypnotherapy. I have 10 years of experience using QHHT.  More

I offer distant Energy Healing that focuses on the energy centers and subtle bodies. I implement sound / healing bowls, and crystals, with my sessions. More

I offer guidance, mentoring and coaching on spiritual matters and life situations that you may require some help and advice with. More

clearing energy laron g.s. v4

I offer distant space and energy clearing. This can help with removing unwanted entities and beings, including earthbound spirits, and also help with Feng shui. No interaction by the client is required during the remote session. More

I’ve created a self paced course on astral projection, which is also known as an out of body experience. More

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3 Past Life Regression Client Sessions in March, 2023

On my social media, including Facebook and Telegram, I occasionally share short summaries of past life regression and QHHT sessions I’ve conducted which I don’t post on here. Below are three from March, 2023. March 27, 2023 A week ago my online hypnosis regression client...
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QHHT Interview with a God: The Carer of the Deserts of Time

Last week I facilitated a QHHT (past life regression) which is now available as audio on my YouTube channel. I’d say it’s probably the most interesting I’ve come across in recent years, in terms of higher level information with my clients and anything else I’ve...
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The Carer of the Deserts of Time | A QHHT Session Summary

The Carer of the Deserts of Time < That’s the working title for my upcoming audio release of a QHHT (past life regression) session I did two days back, which will be posted on my YouTube channel. Here I’ll attempt to summarise the session. I’d...
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