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Laron G. S.

Shaman & Spiritual Guide
Nelson, New Zealand
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I facilitate past life regression sessions using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) method.  More

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I offer distant Energy Healing that focuses on the energy centers and subtle bodies. I implement sound / healing bowls, and crystals, with my sessions. More

I offer guidance, mentoring and coaching on spiritual matters and life situations that you may require some help and advice with. More

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I offer distant space and energy clearing. This can help with removing unwanted entities and beings, including earthbound spirits, and also help with Feng shui. No interaction by the client is required during the remote session. More

I’ve created a self paced course on astral projection, which is also known as an out of body experience. More

If you’d like to schedule a free fifteen minute consult with Laron on Telegram, Facebook or Zoom, check out how here.

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ET Grey Abduction, Angelic Realm & Talking With Source

Last week I facilitated a very interesting session in an online past life regression with Monica Ramirez. Monica’s a transformational belief coach, artist, author, poet, meditation teacher, and holistic therapist. She’s also the host of Warrior of Love podcast and has interviewed me in the...
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Reiki Level 1 Online Training

Reiki, a Japanese word that translates to spiritual, or sacred, energy, is a method of energy healing developed by Buddhist monk Mikao Usui. Its origins lie in holy writings in India, Sanskrit formulas, and Buddhist sutras. Through a hands on method, universal life force energy...
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Psychic Surgery: The Entities, Curses, Cords and Earthbound Spirits Influencing Us

When you find your purpose, it always relates to helping others. Over time you become more self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your abilities and skills, and you also run into people who may do a better job than you in a certain area —...
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“If you want insight into your life and your soul’s purpose I highly recommend a session {QHHT} with Laron. He is a patient and skillful facilitator who expertly guided me through the session.

Before my session I felt like I had been wasting time, was not fulfilling my life purpose and frustrated with how things were going, however, during the session it became clear I was on the right track and I got much information as to how my past was working in this life and how everything would unfold in perfect timing the future. It gave me such a sense of peace and magic, knowing my life was unfolding as it should.”

New Zealand

“This has been one of the most empowering experiences I’ve had {QHHT}. I continue my healing work, and healing the fragmented souls that ask for it in the astral, through the deprogramming.

This healing has given me a totally new perspective on what our current reality is made of, and a level of peace, knowing that no form of evil has ever been natural or even intentionally within the depths of the soul.

Thank you Laron!!”


“Laron is a gifted and gentle facilitator. After my session {QHHT} I did much processing and was able to heal and make sense of much trauma that was currently in my life connected with the same people from before.

Highly recommended.”

United Kingdom

“With Laron’s space clearing, it really helped to change the energy of the house that sometimes is occupied for nonphysical entities that are draining your energy while blocking your way to the light. While you think those blockages are your mistakes, and you even feel guilty about these blockages too, adding to you, a lower energy that wants to keep you in the darkness.

While sometimes it’s an external energy provoking these bad situations, to “clear your space, helps to clear your mind”, and you let the bad go out, to let the good lighted energy come in.

Thank you Laron, for being a messenger of light by helping to reach a brighter path to walk the path with a lighted heart, to walk with Goodness and compassion, the path of Light, the path of God and his will. Amen.”

McAllen, Texas, USA

“If you are thinking of having a session with Laron, I highly recommend it! I had a session with him about 3 weeks ago and I am still so grateful and a bit in awe about my experience. It was beautiful, deep, a bit difficult but so important that I welcomed every moment.

I am a hypnotherapist also and through my trainings have had many sessions previously. My session with Laron was one of the best! I had checked out his background and some of his other sessions so I went in trusting both his skill level and who he is as a person. Trust is so important especially in this very deep state. Know that you can most definitely trust Laron for both his skill level and his heart!

My intention and prayer was to remember and be more of my True self and feel even more alive and freer. We absolutely did that and I am looking forward to more! Thank you Laron!”

Heber City, Utah, USA

“I have experienced the benefits of energy healing before but this was definitely the best and here`s why:

Very soon after the session started, my body and mind became so relaxed. I felt like my energy body was floating over my physical body. I also felt grounded and safe at the same time.

I saw a turquoise ball of light with a pattern inside, and soon after I recalled a dream from the night before which brought me to a past life — I felt energy blockages suddenly release in my body. It was as if I had lost wings and they had returned as I felt my energy body swing up and down.

The day after I had a lot more energy, but at the same time I felt much more grounded. My dreams became clearer also.

This energy healing worked on so many levels and I truly recommend this.”

Mariestad, Sweden

“After reading Dolores Cannon’s books on QHHT, I decided to have my own session out of curiosity and for spiritual development. I came in with an open mind, my list of questions, and my healing requests.

What I didn’t expect to feel is the higher energies that came through, which stayed with me for months. It was a spiritual awakening for me, along with a connection to Divine Love. Friends remarked on my being led by the Holy Spirit. I received intuitive messages, felt prayers, saw auras, and received healing. I used to have pain in my side which went away completely after a connection to a past life where I was injured by a wild boar.

I definitely recommend Laron to anyone seeking a QHHT therapist. He is professional and his calm nature and comforting voice helped me to relax and trust the process. I felt completely in control during the entire session.”

Houston, Texas

“For me, it was miraculous.

One day, I had a painful, large Baker’s cyst behind my knee, causing difficulty walking for at least a dozen years. The next day, I noticed that I was not feeling my normal pain during a long photoshoot walk. I examined my knee, and the cyst was gone.

What had occurred was a long distance healing performed by Laron. I did not request anything in particular for that healing, except for help with my fatigue. I am an elder who is not adjusting well to slowing down. I didn’t tell him about my knee.

The healing procedure for me was easy. We agreed to a time, I crawled into bed to be quiet and receptive, and I fell asleep during some of the healing time.

Since then, an orthopedic surgeon told me that sometimes Baker’s cysts spontaneously disappear. Technically, it could have been a coincidence, but I remain convinced it was Laron’s healing intervention: a miracle for me, for which I am humbly and entirely grateful.”

Massachusetts, USA