Recent Energy Healings: A Dog & Two Humans

Recent Energy Healings: A Dog & Two Humans

Over the past week with my energy healing work, I visited a friend’s dog who was not feeling so well with his digestion, and he’d had a long term condition causing his back legs to become week. I did a session with him and plan to do two more. Sometimes pets take on a condition that links back into their owners own emotional blocks.

I had a client I visited in hospital here on the Central Coast above Sydney, who’d first had a strange lump protrude through the base of her knee. She’d had a number of scans and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was causing it. One theory was a possible Baker’s Cyst (which would normally be behind the knee).

In the past I’d worked distantly with a client/friend in the US years ago who had a Baker’s Cyst for many years, which was causing her pain. Within two days of the distant healing session I did, it disappeared entirely.

With the client in hospital, she’d been in a lot of pain and her back had also become sore. I spent some time healing the area directly. She was discharged after two days and told the condition was probably with her fatty pad (infrapatellar fat pad).

With my third client, she’d developed a sore lower back and I did some distant healing to help relieve the pain.

Of course, all health issues are emotional based so I provided them with some information on that. Here’s an example of some of the info I sent:

In terms of the right knee specifically: Issues with a significant male in your life: father, brother, uncle, partner and so on. Difficulty moving forward in your career. Limited thinking. Fear of failure. Asking yourself, ‘Where am I inflexible in life’. In general, the knees are about control, blame, judgement, anger, resentment, frustration, inflexibility. Feeling stuck. Difficulty dealing with a person, issue, or situation from the past. Confusion. Frozen desires and unfulfilled dreams. Unresolved family issues. Difficulty making decisions and keeping commitments. Fear of moving forward. A great need to know what will happen next.

The lower back is about feeling insecure about how you will support yourself financially. Constant worry about your survival and how you are going to pay the bills. Holding onto unresolved anger from childhood. Feeling like a victim. Struggling, suffering, controlling. Focused on limitations and negativity and why you can’t do things instead of how you can.

In both instances there’s a process I go through with clients to clear that energy in addition to any healing I perform.

With around sixteen years of experience with energy healing, I also hold a Diploma in Energetic Healing (one year full time studies), I’m a Reiki Master and I have a couple of certificates in crystal healing. Reach out anytime if you ever require healing! I also teach Reiki online, so just require if you have a desire to learn. For more information, see my website here: