Caveman, Apostle, Egyptian Slave & A Puma | Past Life Summary

Caveman, Apostle, Egyptian Slave & A Puma | Past Life Summary

Last week my online past life regression hypnosis client put his head back on a pillow in his camper van, somewhere in New Zealand and started his journey with me. Originally from Europe, and in his 30s, he had been traveling for over a decade, exploring self and life, while working part time in hospitality. He also helped people with dream interpretations and was looking to expand and find out how else he could work with the unconscious in this session.

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At this point in his life, he’d done a great deal of work on himself, including ego and healing past trauma. Typically, I find such clients tend to have quite interesting experiences come up since they have dealt with the usual stuff through other ways and that was the case in this situation — any ‘mundane’ lives were not needed to be relived.

Also with questions including health issues, relationships, how his grandmother was after passing, his purpose, and work, in his first experience that came up he found himself with very hairy feet and naked. Nearby was his family gathered around a fire. He noticed how strong his jaw was as more information came into the scene. He was an early human, a cave dweller. His partner was someone he knew back in this life, a close soul mate. In this scene he learnt that she was one of his guides and teachers, and was quite an evolved soul.

Later on, higher self said it was important for him to experience and be reminded of that family situation, how important relationships, the warmth of home and “what we create” were. It was a key memory to help him flourish back in his life.

It wasn’t important for him to go through the entire lifetime, and his partner in the experience directed him from there where he ‘jumped’ out, traveling through time and space to an interesting spot resembling source. After spending some time there he was guided to another life. Of course, back in that cave dwelling lifetime, that’s not what happened, but occasionally a memory changes to a real-time moment, especially when a guide/teacher is involved.

After seeing a camel, he found himself in a desert type environment where at he was alone. Being alone was a reoccurring theme in the session, and something he was having to deal with back in his current life. This was addressed and explained in the session, which helped him deal with the feeling. While within source just before this life, he had a strong message saying, ‘You are not alone.”

Moving to another moment in this life, he was meditating next to an oasis. He felt strongly the energy of Jesus, perceiving him not in the physical form though. Behind him were followers and he came to understand he was a messenger for Jesus, sharing Jesus’ knowledge. The next scene was him sitting in a circle of 11, with people nearby. These 11 were all performing a similar role to him.

In this group he was now directed to a tree with fruit, but this seemed to be symbolic for the psyche and his work with helping people through the unconscious. Some information came in about the nature and structure of the human psyche in relation to the work he does back in his current life, as he had brought forth the gifts and abilities/experience from this past life to help him achieve his purpose helping others. One message came through here for him, “Must develop his own way.” Also in this scene, I decided to get him to ask questions that were directed at the energy of Jesus, so we got more information around what was going on and how he could help people.

Later on, higher self said it was important for him to know what was his, what to do, and why he was here in this life. The structure of the human psyche was explained more as he was told he knows what to do with it now, including how the inner and outer worlds are connected. (Part of his purpose in this life is to bring the structure of the psyche to the world.) More information would come through to him in the coming years, especially once he connected with his body more (covering more on that soon).

Similar to the first, it wasn’t required to go through the entire lifetime and he suddenly found himself elsewhere after an arrow of sorts appeared which he followed. In the next experience he found himself in a village of Native Americans around the 16th century. He was being welcomed. He was visiting. He was not there as one of them, he was ‘a messenger from the universe’. He brought with him gifts and had visited this tribe in the past on multiple occasions.

He felt like he came to get experiences, but knew them — they were his people. Where he was from was not human, he came in to the physical body temporarily when visiting. When he was not there, a part of him remained so he could continue experiencing their way of life. The people knew he was a messenger and was different. “I feel like I am there, but not as a form, where they can still communicate with me. I travel and it’s my job.” He felt that his soul mate that came up earlier in the session was there and it was part of the reason why he no longer wanted to travel, but come into a body on a more permanent basis, which was his life now back in the room.

So part of going through that memory was to show him one of the reasons as to why he decided to have a human life just now.

Higher self said “To give people what they need spiritually. It’s part of his job—messenger, he’s a deva and gives people what they want. It might not be what they want as in what their ego wants, but it’s spiritual, for growth.

His next experience was a 15 year old male, a slave in Egypt working on the pyramids. But this life was short. As a slave he felt used and as a result, he didn’t care about his body as much as he should.  He soon found himself being eaten by a crocodile. Part of the purpose of going through this again was to show and remind him how he needs to sense more into his body, and in future lives it would be important to him for his work helping others. He was able to feel more into his body, back in his current life.

It was quite interesting and unique how he left this life: as consciousness he waited in the dirt after the body was buried to observe how the life around it reacted to his remains. He noticed the energy of the soil and the trees above changing. He felt an urge to examine everything in this new form.

Then he was pulled up into the light and connected into a large ball of consciousness. From there, I explored his life plan for his current life back in the room.

By doing so I was able to help him understand his purpose for coming in, and also look into future possibilities to help him manifest and keep him on track as per his plan.

In relation to the life in Egypt, higher self said “It’s part of his energy. He’s a slave of the bigger picture. It made him feel like a victim.” In terms of incorporating that into his current life, “He should not be influenced by thoughts, shadows and everything coming out of the unconscious. He needs to be stricter with what he should be focusing on.”

His last life/experience was a black puma in a jungle. He felt into how free this cat was, but also how it naturally connected with his physical body and senses. Again, this was a reminder for him to do this back in his current life and to show him that he is capable of it. Higher self said, “He’s one small part of everything. How he lets everything influence him is in his hands. He needs to feel more into his body and self, what movements and what he should be doing.”

After moving him into the trance state with his higher self and addressing what came up earlier in the session, I moved onto his questions where we found the answers and healing he was looking for. A big part of a number of his health issues related to him not listening and connecting into his body, so this session helped a lot with that, and went towards him healing the issues himself by connecting in. We also found out how is grandma was doing in the spirit world—she was fine.

* * *

For those unfamiliar with this healing modality, by using hypnosis I guide clients into past lives and other memories, sometimes future, and sometimes simultaneous experiences, then shift them into a trance state from which their higher self can speak through them. In addition to the healing and releases from seeing these memories, the higher self has the ability to provide healing right there in that moment, or over a period of time, and answer any questions. Occasionally other high level beings and collectives communicate through clients, including guides, councils and source.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of around twenty books, taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 before she passed on. I’m now situated in Avoca North, NSW, Australia (just out of Sydney) and offer sessions in person here. I offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton’s LBL (life between lives) and more. Most of my sessions over the past 3 years have been online. I’m also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, see my website