Group Past Life Regression Feedback (13 May, 2024)

Group Past Life Regression Feedback (13 May, 2024)

On Monday morning I conducted a past life regression with about fifty on a Facebook live, in my Soulful Waters group. Here’s the feedback from the session below. I’ll be scheduling one for the UK/Europe time zone within a week or so.

We had folk from eastern Canada; upstate New York; Switzerland (that would have been late!); Le Mars, Iowa, USA; Far north QLD, Australia; Carmel, Ireland; Ohio, USA; New Mexico, USA; two in Nelson, New Zealand (my home town); Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Orange, Virginia USA; Montreal, Canada; Sydney, Australia; central Florida; Sarasota Florida; Te Puke, New Zealand; western North Carolina, USA; Jersey City, New Jersey, USA; Arkansas, USA; Christchurch, New Zealand; Vancouver, BC, Canada; Perth, Australia; Denver, Colorado, USA; and Missouri, USA.

Note that I’m available for QHHT (Dolores Canon’s hypnosis regression m method) in Avoca North, above Sydney in NSW for those looking for a session in person, but note that most of my regression sessions are done online—see the end of this article for more information.

With these group sessions, you normally would not go as deep as a full one on one session, unless you’ve previously done a lot of these in combination with one on one sessions. That was the case for one of the people that shared their Feedback below (she sent me an audio message), so a lot of detail came up.

While a group regression is typically a lighter experience, I’d like to remind everyone of the point, and benefits of having a full session.

  • Find your life purpose and answers to any questions you may have.
  • Soul retrieval (soul fragmentation) and entity clearing.
  • See the connection to this life to help understand emotional patterns, health issues, gifts and odd events, which can lead to healing and improved health.
  • Contact loved ones, spirit guides, star seed family and any being, or collective, you might feel a connection to.
  • Expand your consciousness and spirituality.
  • Find the truth which may be forgotten, or lost, beneath false memories, which could include strange encounters you’re looking for answers on.
  • Establish a connection to a higher aspect of self to find the information and healing

The Feedback

“Before doing this I suspected I might remember being on the Titanic. One of my sisters, my cousin & I all have a strong connection to the ship. This contributes to my belief that souls tend to stay together throughout time in this human phase & probably throughout ascension to the next phase. However, to my surprise, it was nothing of the sort. My first perspective/memory was through my own eyes. I was a knight holding my sword toward the ground as children gathered to look. I was willing to let them look but not touch because they might have gotten hurt. What I wore was rather rustic and not at all like the movie “knight in shining armor” we have come to know. My memory then flashed to a celebratory feast. Oddly, although I could see myself sitting at the main table for the celebration, the only feature I can recall was light brown curly hair. I was thinking “I’m not old enough to retire, I’m 30”. Then, just as Laron ended the session, the name Jonas came to me. Thank you, Laron. This experience was unexpected and intriguing. Looking forward to doing this again!”


“I did a little sketch of myself. I wrote in short hand, I was a influential Private Detective.

I was on the streets of Paris and while watching people then I was picked up in a black car, a driven away. The man seemed very important — together we flew to Berlin to this meeting during the start of a war, and I was witness to the significance of signing papers about the war. She seemed to be keeping information. Interesting I was smoking a very fancy cigarettes in a holder with ivory handle. I was watching and I was watching and observing people of importance. When I jumped forward to her end of her life she was still writing but had to be on oxygen, there was a nurse helping her.

Write her memories, memoirs. She was famous.”


“Not much happened, some woman, then a knight. very faint. but th the end there was a wonderful fragrance”


(This is from an old friend of mine who’ve ive met in person) “I was a little girl with braids riding a red tricycle with red Mary Jane’s on my feet and a turtle behind me. I was riding on the footpath passed a white ornate timber church on a beautiful day. Then I was inside the church with noone else sitting looking up at the structure and sculptures around wondering why such beauty is only in churches.

After that I was a teen at a carnival with clowns everywhere, it felt like the 70s. I didn’t like the clowns as they feel like fake people. False people.

Death day I was very very old and thin in a large hospital ward. My bed next to the window. A bird was on the window sill looking at me. I left my body and soared with the bird over the world then joined source energy as sparking electricity orbs.”


(This is from a QHHT client of mine who had a session in person a while back) “That was amazing Laron, went into deep relaxation thankyou I was a male long hair my exit was beautiful I had a silhouette of many coming to meet me


“My last day of life I watching a ballroom dance  Thank you very much for the experience Laron ”


“This was awesome. I was transported to my dad’s birth. 1937 Sidon, Lebanon. It was so real. I was there, I even saw my grandmother and she was young. Then, I realized a day later that his birthday is on May 15th. He transitioned in 2013. This felt very healing to me, to see my father being born. Thank you for this meditation. It made my day!! I have to add that it was Mother’s Day here in the U.S., very interesting. ”


“Thank you Laron for making this first step introduction available. I felt safe with your gentle guidance, making it an easy and pleasant first experience. I believe this is the way to better understanding ourselves.”


“Was a knight in amour, on the edge of a forest clearing, down on 1 knee feeling great waves of guilt and sadness for the lives I had taken and for those I loved dearly that had been taken from me. I felt the presence of and being of light that allowed me relive the pain, accept it and forgive myself firstly and others also. . I believed this guilt and anger has been with me for many lifetimes and that it’s finally time to truly forgive myself and let them go ”


“I was in armor with a sword.. behind a known warrior with wings.. I was fighting for everyone.”


 “I saw a scene that I have seen a number of times before and I feel stuck and lost. I am in a vast bit of land and I am looking for my children. I feel they were lost to a fire as my clothes look blackened and dirty. I saw my wedding day in that life which is to the man I’m married to now. And I saw the baby in that life who is also one of my babies now. I received more messaged than I ever have before. About the sense of loss I constantly feel in regards to children in this life and where it comes from. I have raised 7 children in this life although only 3 are mine. So many revelations Laron. I have another chance in this life to make whatever meaning I want of it. Yet I keep living with the feelings of loss like I’m stuck there. I’m sure more will drop in as they day goes on ” (I followed up with this person and she’s going to have a regression with me online to explore what this is about. She’s had BQH sessions before but had fear around going into the memory.)


This is from a friend who’s a healer in Australia and has had many past life regression sessions before. She sent me a recording which had a lot of detail. I’ve written this up based on some of the information she shared (with permission).

Last year, in her current life, an important relationship of hers ended after 3 years. It became quite toxic with a lot of manipulation, blame, control and abuse from her partner. She cut off from him at the time.

This year she reconnected as friends, after doing a lot of healing from the relationship. She had been wondering if she should let him go again in terms of the friendship. In past lives that she’s visited before, he had killed her a number of times. In one life she’d died by accident while he was administering toad medicine (the dose was too high).

What came up in the group regression: Young woman, south America, hunter, bare breasted, lion grass skirt, hunting with a spare. Panther beside her which hunted with her (she raised it). She felt she was being hunted at the time.

The one hunting her was her recent ex from her current life — an older man who ended up finding her, raping her, and capturing her. At age 21, the man, who was around 40, forced her into a union of sorts; she noticed the hands being bound together and it felt like she was dying in that moment. What came to her was ‘Dying by being bound to him’.

Their lifestyle living in that environment was very clean, in the sense of diet, she noticed.

When reliving the memory in the group session, she felt like the words being sung during the union meant something important — like she was being bound to him again — a feeling of dread. She felt that her life was over and her spirit left her from back then. After the union, he continued to force her to fulfil his desires.

At the end of the life she saw herself jumping off a cliff next to a waterfall, but she leaped onto rocks on purpose. Her realisation was that that was the only way to escape this binding with him.

This was the oldest past life she’s had with him. The bindings felt like an old agreement, in combination with the laws of the people then and having to be bound in union. She also mentioned watching her life fade away and wanting to escape it so badly from him.

In conclusion, this helped her heal and let go of that binding — a curse of sorts — which had kept her back from completely healing their relationship and their past fully. She’d been stuck in a pattern of past lives with him, likely connected into that first one with the union, repeating a number of life cycles together and creating karma along the way that would require balancing out in future lives.

* * *

If you want to find more feedback from the group sessions I’ve been doing, here’s a couple of past articles, one here, and one here:

For those unfamiliar with this healing modality, by using hypnosis I guide clients into past lives and other memories, sometimes future, and sometimes simultaneous experiences, then shift them into a trance state from which their higher self can speak through them. In addition to the healing and releases from seeing these memories, the higher self has the ability to provide healing right there in that moment, or over a period of time, and answer any questions. Occasionally other high level beings and collectives communicate through clients, including guides, councils and source.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of around twenty books, taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 before she passed on. I’m now situated in Avoca North, NSW, Australia (just out of Sydney) and offer sessions in person here. I offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton’s LBL (life between lives) and more. Most of my sessions over the past 3 years have been online. I’m also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, see my website