Feedback From a Group Past Life Regression

Feedback From a Group Past Life Regression

Yesterday morning I helped 54 souls access important memories and information during an online group hypnosis past life regression. Afterwards I invited sharing — some spoke on mic, others wrote about their adventures in the Telegram group chat.

Below is some feedback from them.

“Omg I was deep in Egypt”​
“I feel like I was in Romania, where I was adopted in this life time at 10 months old. I was a gypsy elderly women living the simple life.. did not expect to have those visualisations at all, was hoping for Atlantis or something love what you do laron, you are super talented.”​
“I went back to ancient Greece, then Egypt, Joan of Arc, then WW2……I felt like I needed to warn people what was coming……parallels of what’s going on today. I got persecuted for actions but I kept going.”​
“I was in Egypt where i am now. Met my life with a tribe called crystalchildren. thank you ”​
“I was looking after a child and was very community based, totally different, thought I would of had a chaotic life, cant wait to do more with you laron ”​
“I was underwater, very sedentary but could feel my body moving with the movement of the water. At one point I could see lights in the distance but mostly a feeling of of peace , lightness and graceful movement.”​
“Old Japanese man in feudalists times. I was a master gardener. I taught the wisdom of the plants to people of the area.”​
“I was a soldier with heavy combat armor patrolling a beach. I was carrying a heavy gun like weapon.​ There was a pile of rocks on my right arranged in an interesting pattern. For some reason I kept on seeing it when I walked up and down the beach.​ It is always a relaxing experience though Had a tight neck and back before the session. Now I can move better! ”​
“I believe I was a school teacher in 1859. Had a husband who somehow wasn’t there very long. I don’t know if he died or what. The important scene I was sitting alone in my empty house while people took everything away. The house was completely empty.​ At death I was in a less affluent home while my maid (from before) cared for me. She didn’t really have emotions or care. Just being the helping as I died. When I passed, she didn’t react much.”​
“I was a gypsy with all my crystals feel like it was one of my most peaceful lives and I actually lived off the earth the right way, which is exactly what I needed to hear with things going on in my life lately. And now I understand why these things like crystals and natural living bring me so peace calmness and clarity. Just in awe of this experience, I have had other brief past life regressions and this one has definitely left me feeling so content.”​
“Wow yes there was a higher being placing a beautiful blue – purple light to the third chakra to everyone in this session.”​
“In a nutshell, I was a caretaker of sorts on another planet or some artificial place. The landscape reminded me of Scotland. I knew it was another planet because the “animals” were nothing from this world. I also knew because I looked down and my feet were not human. I was wearing a flowing white robe. I may have had a birdlike appearance. I’m not sure if I was seeing a reflection or some other creature. I felt distinctly like I was the only one of my kind. My life ended when the planet was destroyed. I thought at first it was a meteor but I could actually see some sort of manufactured weapon as it approached the location. I did not feel the impact. I just became one with the destruction.”​
“Thank you so much Laron for this shorter past life regression session. I want to share to all of you that the online past life regression session I had in “june” 2021 [with Laron] changed my life. My Health issues are gone my cats health issues are gone to. And my son is doing much better now. The deepest experience for me was that I fysicaly felt that life is a dream. And that made me so much kinder towards myself and my life in general. A big relieve. So it was totaly worth it. And I very much recommend it.”​
“As a light being I was able to move around easily and found myself first in a forest with snow and lit by moonlight. Saw tanks rolling through in the distance and followed by soldiers. I think it was Europe in WW 2. While not interacting but more in observation, I did have an interaction with a young soldier who was mortally wounded. He was so frightened and in pain, so I did help calm him as he passed. I was not really supposed to interact, but I could not just leave him. Next was place was observing one of the atom bombs on a island, which may have been Japan. I could not get near – the level of destruction was incredibly intense – bridging beyond the physical level. My passing was returning to the cosmos and letting the pieces of me flow away.​
Why this is important – I asked the question about what I am to be doing at the present. I sense the energy of me as that being is available in the present in calming and unifying people, which has been a part of the dreams I’ve written about. Also, it is the source of the “little boop” energy that allows me to move my body to not be injured.”​
“There’s an immense amount of stress in my home life so a lot of background noise, I asked everyone to keep it down & managed relax deeply. I’m a holistic therapist so used to grounding myself & others but I particularly liked the circles of energy techniques to relax.​
I only remember parts of the session, I was taken back to times where there were unicorns, there were crystals in the ground & everything sparkled, everything was pink & purple, I was amongst their herd, they glanced to look at me unconcerned, as I looked at my feet the for a second I thought maybe I was one of them? But I was wearing shoes made from straps that cross crossed my calves & a white almost Ancient Greek white robe. Then somehow I was riding an eagle above a cheering crowd. Then two people I’m trying to desperately remember (men I think) said something I knew was important but can’t quite remember, it was either so you get it now or are you going to let it go or something like that.”​​


Rebecca, one of the participants yesterday, as seen in the photo at the top, journaled her experience which she shared with me. ‘Bear’ sat on her belly. I’ve had cats do this with my clients before.

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I conduct online past life regressions so reach out anytime if you want to inquire. Most of my sessions these days are online.

What are the benefits?

• Find your life purpose and answers to any questions you may have.
• See the connection to this life to help understand emotional patterns, health issues, gifts and odd events — which can lead to healing and improved health.
• Contact loved ones, spirit guides, star seed family and any being, or collective, you might feel a connection to.
• Expand your consciousness and spirituality.
• Find the truth which may be forgotten, or lost, beneath false memories, which could include strange encounters you’re looking for answers on.
• Establish a connection to a higher aspect of self to find information and healing