Past Life Regression

Experiencing Source, Egyptian Past Life & Soul Review | QHHT Summary

A few days back in Rotorua, New Zealand, I conducted a past life regression (QHHT) with a client (married with children), which I’ll summarise here. She had an in depth life in Egypt as a high priest, then met two of her guides in-between lives, including planning of her next...

ET Contact in the 1700s & Their Spiritual Teachings | Past Life

My online regression client in New Zealand had a powerful session yesterday, which helped her reconnect with her origins, and release false beliefs that held her back from making authentic connections with others. She had a past life in the 1700s, married to a Lord in England who had close...

Earthbound Spirit Attachment & Two Past Lives | Session Summary

In Texas, USA, my female client in her 60s had a powerful online past life regression yesterday, helping to lift a very negative pattern that had not only played out in her current life, but past lives, a bit like a karmic curse. Over the years she’d received energy healing...

An Alien Overseer & A WW2 Past Life | Releasing Blocks and Fear

Yesterday my online past life regression client had some major breakthroughs thanks to her session, clearing away blocks and fears relating to moving forward from a corporate environment into her holistic work. She had a life in WW2 as a male, and one on another planet as a psychically gifted...

Past Last Life in Atlantis & A Missing Child | Hypnosis Regression

Yesterday my past life regression client (in her 70’s) had an excellent online session with me. In Colorado in the US, we explored a life where she was a male with a family a few thousand years ago, and had left home to search for his son who had gone...

3 Past Life Regression Client Sessions in March, 2023

On my social media, including Facebook and Telegram, I occasionally share short summaries of past life regression and QHHT sessions I’ve conducted which I don’t post on here. Below are three from March, 2023. March 27, 2023 A week ago my online hypnosis regression client (from the Gold Coast in...

QHHT Interview with a God: The Carer of the Deserts of Time

Last week I facilitated a QHHT (past life regression) which is now available as audio on my YouTube channel. I’d say it’s probably the most interesting I’ve come across in recent years, in terms of higher level information with my clients and anything else I’ve stumbled upon. Immediately a being...

The Carer of the Deserts of Time | A QHHT Session Summary

The Carer of the Deserts of Time < That’s the working title for my upcoming audio release of a QHHT (past life regression) session I did two days back, which will be posted on my YouTube channel. Here I’ll attempt to summarise the session. I’d say it’s probably the most...

Life Review With Jesus & Bone Dancer Plant Medicine Shaman

My online regression client from Saturday, Melissa Sparrow (Winnipeg, Canada), who’s a spiritual healer, akashic record reader and who holds sacred healing ceremonies, came to me with a strong curiosity about her past lives and other aspects of what lies beyond. Her session involved a life review where Jesus was...

Nomadic Life & An Alien Presence | A Quantum Hypnosis Regression Summary

Here’s a summary of a recent regression session with an online client in the USA. She had questions around ongoing health issues with a limb, clarity on where she’s heading, fears she had when she was younger, a dental issue and back pain. She first found herself in the body...
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