Past Life Regression

Questions Answered by the Light Council | QHHT Q&A With ‘Rhea’

Over the past few days I’ve been putting together short videos from a QHHT session I conducted last week with Rhea, a friend of mine in New Zealand. It was her fifth past life regression with me. You can find links to her past sessions at the bottom of this article....

Group Past Life Regression on Telegram (March 13, 2022)

I’ll be guiding a hypnosis based group regression process, allowing you the opportunity to access and experience memories of who you are beyond this physical incarnation. What is this similar to?—a guided meditation, but you will go deeper. There is an event on Facebook if you want to let me...

Feedback From a Group Past Life Regression

Yesterday morning I helped 54 souls access important memories and information during an online group hypnosis past life regression. Afterwards I invited sharing — some spoke on mic, others wrote about their adventures in the Telegram group chat. Below is some feedback from them.   “Omg I was deep in...

Group Past Life Regression Free Event This Weekend

Join me, and many others, for the opportunity to access and experience memories of who you are beyond this physical incarnation. What is this similar to? — a guided meditation, but you will go a bit deeper. Note that you can find this event on Facebook here if you want to...

Healing Abandonment & Queen Semiramis of Babylon | QHHT Session

Here’s a QHHT (past life regression) session with an online New Zealand client, which is available on YouTube and Rumble. With detailed memories of the first life, and some help from his higher self soon after, the client was able to clear a pattern of abandonment which resulted in trauma...

Death to Life: A QHHT Transition to Another Experience

The 12 minute video below is from an online QHHT (past life regression) I conducted with a client in New Zealand 2 weeks ago. I’ll be posting the full session on my YouTube and Rumble channels in the coming days. Subscribe to get notified. In this video the client makes...

Life as a Dog, The Orphan & A Forced Marriage | QHHT Session Summary

She said it felt strange wearing fur. As a hunting dog my QHHT client in Australia experienced agility and speed, running through a forest locating prey. Two days ago she went deep into three past lives before connecting into higher self. In her first life she was an orphan boy...

A Sage in Hell, Psyche’s Dark Influence & Higherself | QHHT Session

Here’s a QHHT past life regression I did earlier in the month with Karla, a friend in Mexico. This work helps people find accurate answers to any question. It creates the opportunity for healing (‘miracles’ can occur), and expands one’s consciousness leading to greater steps on the spiritual path. I’ve included...

Earth’s Future, The Shift, Life Reviews & Orion War | QHHT Laron G. S.

Below is a link to an online hypnosis based past life regression video recording that I conducted in August, 2021. The client Linda, from Florida, USA, works in natural health and is currently studying to add to her knowledge on the topic. This session helped to provide important answers, healing,...

The Hell Realm & Influence of the Dark – QHHT Session Summary

My QHHT client in Mexico just had quite the empowering past life regression session with me. While health issues including cancer were addressed and healed by higher self, what stood out to me was the first scene where she found herself in a realm associated with hell — not what...
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