Earthbound Spirit Attachment & Two Past Lives | Session Summary

Earthbound Spirit Attachment & Two Past Lives | Session Summary

In Texas, USA, my female client in her 60s had a powerful online past life regression yesterday, helping to lift a very negative pattern that had not only played out in her current life, but past lives, a bit like a karmic curse. Over the years she’d received energy healing and clearing from multiple healers, including one I often recommend who I consider to be one of the best, yet could not rid herself of attracting unhealthy relationships, bad luck and hatred from others including family until this session. An earthbound spirit was attached to her energy field causing these negative situations, which we removed.

While I understand that some issues we face need to be recalled through regression — this is why I expanded beyond energy healing into regression — which can include memories relating to experiences beyond this one, and communicating with that which is causing the negative pattern, it’s always helpful to have direct examples of this for those out there who just can’t resolve certain problems.

She came to me looking for answers as to why she kept having relationships break down, negative people constantly coming into her life in relation to work, family and friends. She also had a pattern of losing things, having homes taken from her, money and so on, while gaining very little. There was separation between her and her family because of the judgement and negative attitudes from them. She had unusually strong desires to have a home of her own and be in a loving permanent relationship. Lower back pain was also a major concern for her which she’d carried for years

She first found herself in a life in Egypt as a female around 35, locked in a room in a palace. The balcony had hanging gardens with a river nearby that she could see. The building was the highest in the city. She missed walking amongst the trees in nature and had become quite sad and lost. There was a bath type area in her room that had a constant stream of water which she often spent time running her hands through, as it made her feel more at peace. Back in her current life she had a passion for trees, water and plants, which connected into this life.

There was only one entry to the rooms, and there was a large door. Through the door she felt a lot of fear, as on the other side were two people who were responsible for keeping her there.

She shifted to when she was younger, 19, and was being crowned as queen. She was in an auditorium type setting with five hundred or so witnessing the event, and about ten kneeling down in front of her. Beside her was the man who was the reason she was kept captive in the palace. She felt much evil in him.

At age 25 she was being forced to marry. She had no attraction to the older overweight man, who had a lot of power and was wealthy. She again felt the sadness of the experience. She was strong though, and didn’t end up marrying him, going against those which controlled her.

At age 77, she recalled her life, how she had escaped the Palace in her 40s into the city, where no one recognised her. She had struggled trying to survive for many years on her own, but she was free. Before the age of 19, she did have a lover and had lost him because of the situation she was in. When she was older, after living in the city for some time, she decided to return to the palace because of her struggles being on her own. She was free to come and go and this stage and was respected and looked after.

She passed in her sleep while dreaming at age 85 (I explored the dream in the session too.) After the life she felt that the water and the plants were her only friends for years. She recalled her lover and how she had lost him early on in the life, for age 19, which connected into her desire for a permanent relationship in her current life. The lover was someone she knew back in her current life.

Higher self said, “She is grandiose. She never has to feel small for making others feel safe. She has to raise what she is, no matter where she is. Not living in the big palaces will make her happy. Not living in the material world will give her what she wants. What she wants is to be connected to nature, but she should not let her heart get trapped in a building — in a material trap — and to not let herself live by anyone, just by her heart.” I asked for further clearing for that life. “Let go of the past, do not live your life with the memory of the past. An ending doesn’t have to be for the rest of your life.”

In her next life she was 27, a female living alone out in the country, around the 17-1800s. Her home was simple and basic. She looked after herself, surviving on her own, which took a lot of work. She felt she had a clever mind and was powerful. She loved to bake. The town was quite a ways away. When she was 19, she was with a boy and got married. This was their home. Six months after their marriage, he had an accident close to their property, and died.

She could not let him go and kept living, for many years, as if he was still alive, which includes cooking for two. It had driven her mad as she was very much in love with him. At age 75, she was sitting outside on the porch, and had given up with life. She hadn’t eaten in a long while. She never moved on from her lost lover and had lived in the same home the entire time. Her lower back was very sore at this stage of her life, the same spot as the back pain in her current life.

As the soul left the body, back in the room the client’s back started hurting and she understood the connection between that life, and the current pain she’d experienced for years in the same area. I helped her with a technique to move the energy of this, which she felt in her legs and then her hips, but there was still something there, even after we had cleared this life.

I asked her what she thought her lesson and purpose was in this life she viewed. “Not get stuck, I need to get moving. Because if I get stuck, then I can’t go back to my family. There could be a moment where I lose it all. I will not have anyone to go back to and I will lose myself like her. I need to let go. I get stuck with people that I want to love forever.”

Higher self (HS) said, “She has many lessons and she’s still attached, waiting, knowing that there’s no time to wait anymore.” I asked HS to clear away anything remaining in connection to that life, including energy and repeating patterns.

Next she was shown her grandmother when she was younger. Information came through on future events in her grandmother’s life. Her grandmother in her current life had a very similar pattern where she couldn’t let go of a lover that she’d met early on, who left her and she was always waiting for him to return to her after having a child with him.

I asked her to start communicating directly with her grandmother, who had since passed over. “She’s telling me not to wait for anyone to come back. She’s crying, because she waited for him and he never came back. She says she’s always looking for me, she’s following me.” I investigated this further and we found that the grandmother’s spirit was living inside my client, in her energy field — attached.

I asked if the grandmother ever influenced her choices and decisions in life and she confirmed that she had, which included influencing her to stay in unhealthy relationships that were not working, as it was what she used to do. “She’s telling me not to do it anymore.” I asked if her grandmother is going to stop doing it as well. The grandmother said that she would no longer do that as  my client taught her not to wait any longer when she recently moved out of a home with a partner which was quite the unhealthy relationship.

Separate to this session, about a year ago I was helping this client in that situation and had advised that she leave the relationship at the time, so leaving it was a big breakthrough for her in the end as it broke an important pattern.

However, it was important to remove the attachment from my client’s body, as it was partly responsible for that ongoing back pain in combination with that past life, but also the negative situations my client was attracting. The spirit also needed to move on and return fully to the spirit world.

After receiving further information from her grandma, including mention of how a permanent partner was going to come into my client’s life next year because this pattern was broken, I worked with her, providing her with a method to use to help shift the energy of her grandmother out of her body, which I also assisted with distantly (distant healing/energy work).

I checked in with higher self to make sure she was fully clear of her grandmother’s earthbound spirit and we got the message that she is still here, as in still hanging around (not inside her). I asked for help from her higher self to help the spirit move on to the other side which HS did. All up, it was not a simple process to move the energy and spirit on and took some patience as I followed through with different questions and methods of approaching it.

Today, the day after, I received this message from my client, “This morning, things were easier than usual. I had a complete deep night sleep, woke up relaxed with no dreams that I can recall, I usually wake up after 3-4 hours of sleep, and last night I slept around 8 hours, for the time that I woke up, and I was energized, had time to meditate, do yoga, and even dance around some music that I just remembered this morning, that I used to listed before to uplift myself. I felt that something that I was carrying was taken away from me. I even felt my face gestures were softer, when I looked at the mirror this morning, and I haven’t felt the pain in my lower back as I used to. It has been really a nice day, like my mind is living in the present moment without attachments or memories.”

While I’m located in Nelson, New Zealand, I conduct around 90% of my hypnosis based past life regression sessions online. Reach out if you’re ever interested (free consults). I’ve been facilitating sessions for around 12 years, with 10 purely using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method. I’m finishing up clinical hypnotherapy studies and I’m trained in a number of different regression methods including Michael Newton’s LBL, and my sister Dawn Grace Kelly’s technique, who is one of New Zealand’s top past life regression trainers. My sessions include everything they taught, and more, to keep up with modern times as this astrological age shifts into a new cycle. For more information on these sessions, head here,