QHHT: Messages from Source & Shift in Consciousness Update

QHHT: Messages from Source & Shift in Consciousness Update

This QHHT session was conducted on Friday the 19th of May, 2023: After a past life in the 1800s which connected right into some of my client’s intentions and questions for the session, helping her to heal and make breakthroughs with a number of issues, she then explored the spirit side, first meeting her guides, her higher self and then I took her to source where I asked some questions with the intention of sharing with all of you.

She went straight into a trance state, after meeting her guides, giving us the opportunity to address questions around the past life that came up, and some she brought with her to the session, which I decided upon based on their relevance to the role of her guides. After this, I brought her to her higherself, where I finished asking all of her questions.

I had a feeling it would be a good opportunity to connect her to source after that, which is where this recording starts off.

First I’ve included what it’s like for a person to enter into the source energy. Here’s a rundown of the questions I asked after that, so you know what is covered in the recording:

  • Reasons why people may not be ready to experience source directly and the call we have back ‘home’, which is source.
  • Advice to everyone, based on the conditions on Earth just now.
  • For anyone that’s really struggling right now, maybe living in a negative state with a lot of fear, what advice do you have?
  • With the shift in consciousness going on in the world, how would you describe it’s progress and what’s to come?

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