Past Last Life in Atlantis & A Missing Child | Hypnosis Regression

Past Last Life in Atlantis & A Missing Child | Hypnosis Regression

Yesterday my past life regression client (in her 70’s) had an excellent online session with me. In Colorado in the US, we explored a life where she was a male with a family a few thousand years ago, and had left home to search for his son who had gone missing. Afterwards she found herself on the other side, planning lives with her council. Her husband of 40 years, who had died of cancer last year, came in. Then a life in Atlantis which had information surrounding the cycle that occurred back then, which is repeating right now, specifically in connection to the reptilian influence. From there we connected in to her higher self to seek clarity on what came up earlier, and answers to her questions.

She came to me looking for a number of answers, including a request to meet with her deceased husband, questions about her family, a healing modality she’d become interested in, gifts to bring forth from other lifetimes, a health issue that had developed out of the blue in her arm, vows that may be keeping her back from past lives, and seeking general advice from her higher self.

In her first life, as the male, he’d driven his young son away from home because of his behaviour towards him and searched for a month. He never found him and held that the guilt his entire lifetime, not being able to let go, even though his wife and daughter had forgiven him. This guilt, and the issue of not being able to let go of past issues, was brought into her current life which we were able to help her to clear and heal.

In relation to that life, later on her higher self said: “To ask for forgiveness. To give forgiveness. She has a tendency to hold on to things and I just want her to see it’s not necessary. She was such a beautiful person in that life and he could just never forgive himself.” I then asked how she can let go of things more easily and advice was given.

While in the space of planning lives, she quickly viewed one as a scholar and why she’d chosen to have that life after the previous one, with the missing boy. There were a few others that were briefly discussed, then I asked for the focus to be on her current life. We learnt some information around her plans and how she’d gone so far, as being in her 70s meant she had accomplished much .She was told what she could have done differently, but that she still had time to adjust her life to complete the plans made for the growth of her soul.

I called her husband in. He passed on some important messages. They discussed a number of personal issues and she gained much comfort.

Lying on a carved stone table among a rocky area in nature at the age of thirteen, she was in Atlantis learning how to heal with energy from a teacher standing next to her, one with translucent skin. When older, she’d become the wise one, helping people heal through her consultations with them. In the scene that appeared, people were in fear, there was chaos. Many were coming to the city at the time and there was a lot of anger.

There was once technology in use which had been suppressed by beings that had come to take over as rulers. The people wanted access to it again. Many years ago she had used the technologies, which also enabled her to live double the lifespan of the average Atlantian. Overtime she’d developed a natural ability to help her live longer, without the use of such technology.

The tech enabled them to heal, among other things. But now, the people were suffering, their crops were dying. She was appointed as a representative of the people to talk to the new overseers. In the next scene, she was confronting one of them. It was a very tall reptilian being, with the face of a lizard. It would not speak and had a negative vibe. She stood strong getting over the fear and asked for what her people wanted. The being accused her and her people of not being worthy, and left.

The situation with what was going on was then described in more detail and it sounded very, very similar to what’s going on in the world today. She felt a sense of hopelessness as a result of this life, but she did her best and continued to live on, but did give up in the end, at around the age of 150 with those beings still in control.

I asked her what she’d learnt from that experience. “My personal power. No fear. The right use of anger because it motivated me to just continue on, to do whatever I could even though it wasn’t enough. It was hard but it was satisfying, a satisfying life. I never gave up. No defeat ever. A constant moving forward. Completely resourceful of myself.”

When connecting to higher self, I asked why that life came up. Higher self said, “For her to realise her frustrations going on right now in this world. To see that it may never change, but you just keep going and it doesn’t mean you are not going to have a good life, you’re constantly working on yourself. You’re not controlled by others because you don’t buy into the fear. She has no fear. Fortunately that’s gone. So she was, just fearless. She needed to be reminded. But not to be hopeless, it’s never hopeless. If you help one soul…, one soul, it’s enough.”

We also found the answers to her questions and identified a past life she needed to be aware of in relation to her health issue in her arm, to help the pain leave and clear that energy which created it.

My client is fine for me to share the session — I’ll be sharing her life in Atlantis on YouTube. I have a queue of sessions to share there, so I can’t say when it will be published just now

Note that I also work with younger souls, with the youngest being 7 so far. Next week I have an awakened 13 year old who’s looking for answers. You only ever experience what you are ready for. The higher self always guides and directs the information that comes through. It’s always a safe experience.

While I’m located in Nelson, New Zealand, I conduct around 90% of my hypnosis based past life regression sessions online. Reach out if you’re ever interested (free consults). I’ve been facilitating sessions for around 12 years , with 10 purely using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method. I’m trained in a number of different regression methods including Michael Newton’s LBL, and my sister Dawn Grace Kelly’s technique, who is one of New Zealand’s top past life regression trainers. My sessions include everything they taught, and more, to keep up with modern times as this astrological age shifts into a new cycle. For more information on my sessions, head here: