Life Review With Jesus & Bone Dancer Plant Medicine Shaman

Life Review With Jesus & Bone Dancer Plant Medicine Shaman

My online regression client from Saturday, Melissa Sparrow (Winnipeg, Canada), who’s a spiritual healer, akashic record reader and who holds sacred healing ceremonies, came to me with a strong curiosity about her past lives and other aspects of what lies beyond. Her session involved a life review where Jesus was present on a council of souls, a life as a shaman in a pygmy tribe where plant medicine was used to help souls pass, and a number of other lives that were briefly looked into including one with Jesus and one as a butterfly.

Her questions included what past life she started energy healing in, her star seed connections, two health issues including one her daughter had inherited, information on her role of helping souls transition, NDE’s in past lives, and some personal fears.

While I’ll summarise the session below, with her permission I’m sharing the video recording on my YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

She first found herself standing on red sand in a desert holding a spear with a dead animal on his shoulder. In his 30s, his face was covered in warrior paint and had long stretched out earlobes. He made his way back to his people, who were pygmy, and gutted the animal. He had a wife and two children, both she felt instantly were her children back in the room.

He’d gathered plant medicine which was being prepared.

Next up he was leading a ceremony, helping a soul pass who had recently died in their tribe. The family of the soul were in a circle around him. The circle beyond that were the people in the tribe and it was explained that their circle formed protection for the ceremony.

He was a spirit walker and bone dancer, a type of shaman.

Part of this process to help the soul pass, which had to be done within seven days, was to give the family a hallucinogenic plant medicine so they could see what he was doing in the spirit world, and this included seeing their loved one. He chewed leaves, as his own plant medicine, which were normally poisonous, but because of his role and abilities it didn’t affect him in the same immediate way. While he had a natural ability to perform this ceremony, he still needed the affects of the leaves to help him connect in.

After the ceremony he was back in his tent with his wife, who was washing his feet — a type of cleansing and clearing process, post ceremony; it helped to remove anything that lingered from the otherworld. He was also purging (vomiting) as part of the process of finishing the ceremony.

In a future scene his wife gave birth to another child. An animal was sacrificed for the child. The blood from the animal was used to write a symbol on the child’s forehead for protection. After the birth he was not allowed to see his child for two weeks, as they had a belief and understanding that the child had just come into the world and it’s soul wasn’t fully present, so only certain people were allowed to be around it during that time. ‘Protection from spirits.’

On his last day he was in bed, his heart failing, with his wife beside him. As a result of chewing those poisonous leaves, the sacrifice he made for his people in his role resulted in this heart issue. ‘I don’t want to be a burden,’ he said as he was ill and could no longer contribute to the tribe. He decided to chew more of those leaves in that moment, which ended his life. It was their way. His son took over his role.

On the other side the soul felt a magnetic pull, into the light, where he entered a space and was reunited with his loved ones from that former lifetime. Lots of bright pinks and light. It was a healing space which was needed to help that soul integrate the experience beforehand. There was also a horse that met him, one he rode at times and also dreamed about, which came up in the session.

After this, Melissa found herself in space that resembled a court room, but it was not. There was a council of fifteen, with Jesus in the centre on a type of throne. On the council grey aliens, a wizard looking form, and many other beings were there. She felt they were all very wise and it was found out that those souls had chosen their physical appearance based on what made her comfortable, but each of them had lived those lives that they resembled in terms of their forms.

A lot of information came up here as I explored this life review, and also took her to when she planned her current life. I asked if she had had a life with Jesus, and she had. She was taken back to when she was a teenager, and he was healing people. I asked lots of questions to understand how his process of healing worked.

She also had a life as a butterfly, giving her the direct experience of understanding how you’re always one of a collective that was needed for survival. “We need each other in order to survive and to sustain our energy and the earth energy,” she said. Another life was shown, while within the space of the council, as a red headed girl, a psychic, who became a healer of a village long ago. The girl had premonitions and also used curses on people.

Next up I called in her higher self and in trance I clarified her earlier experiences in the session and attended to her questions including her health issues.

After the session we had a talk and she said to me, “I could completely let go. I knew that you had me,” in reference to her regression experience.

While I’m located in Nelson, New Zealand, I conduct most of my sessions online these days. Reach out if you’re ever interested — free consults. I’ve been doing this for over ten years. I’m studying clinical hypnotherapy now, and I’m trained in a number of different regression methods including Michael Newton’s LBL and Dolores Cannon’s QHHT. My sessions are now composed of everything they taught, and more, to keep up with modern times as this astrological age shifts into a new cycle. I include entity and dark energy removal, energy healing from me during the session, and soul retrieval (fragmentation) when necessary.

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