Past Life Regression

A Volunteer Soul Trapped: Healing Anxiety & Depression (QHHT Summary)

With strong feelings of being lost and not belonging; anxiety, depression and a former alcohol addiction, were some of the things my past life regression (QHHT) client came to me yesterday with, seeking answers and healing. She also couldn’t shake off a feeling of being trapped. Married and in her...

QHHT Client Podcast Feedback | ‘My horse was a camel, my dog a wolf’

Last week my client Dr Jin Ong, a cathartic release therapist, osteopathic doctor, psychosomatic therapist, western acupuncturist, and herbalist, based in Wanaka in New Zealand, had an online past life regression (QHHT) session with me and shares her experience on her podcast that you can find right here. From her...

The Grey Explorers | A Past Life Regression (QHHT) Summary

Because of the level of detail and uniqueness of the experience, I’ll be sharing the transcript in an upcoming book, but here’s a summary of the past life regression session I did yesterday using Dolores Cannon’s method, QHHT. My Polish past life regression client, who’s a in her late 30s,...

Council Life Review & The Realities of War | RegressionSession Summary

Yesterday my past life regression client in Utah, USA, had a second session with me (second sessions are half price). As part of the process, a peaceful place is created. She found herself looking at a picture book of sorts, but a live scene was playing out. It was a...

Octopus Past Life, Lemurian Orb Life, CERNs Experiments & Earth Changes

On the 22nd of June, 2022, I facilitated a past life regression with a client in the USA. He told me that he had previously tried two QHHT past life regressions before but had had no results because of blocks, so nothing had come through. In our session he immediately...

Octopus Past Life, An Orb in Lemuria & CERN’s LHC Experiments

Yesterday I facilitated a hypnosis based past life regression with a client in the USA. He’d previously attempted QHHT with two other practitioners but had blocks each time and nothing had come through, however in our session he immediately reached the somnambulistic state and didn’t recall anything when I brought...

Healing in Higher Planes & Restoring Angelic Wings

Yesterday my sixty year old New Zealand QHHT client had no past lives come up today as she was busy visiting multiple planes in higher dimensions to establish communications between a higher aspect of herself and other sources, including higher self and the absolute. She received downloads and had a...

QHHT Session Summary: The Future & Life in Atlantis

In one of my client’s third QHHT session which I conducted recently, she wanted to look at what she was up to in the future. I took her to two different years in her life, 2025 and then 2035. Afterwards, she found herself in front of a large wall of...

QHHT Client Session: New Earth, Shift In Consciousness & Manifestation

Originally from Ireland, and with a background in real estate, my New Zealand past life (QHHT) regression client has had three sessions with me since December. With this 25 minute audio recording from two of her sessions, I’ve put together some information her higher self has shared which applies to...

My Last Three Past Life Client Sessions (A Summary)

Here’s information on the last three past life regression client sessions I’ve recently facilitated. Note that I’ve given each client a different name for privacy. Ancestral Healing & Releasing an Earthbound Spirit Jude, a female hypnotherapist in the UK, was looking for help on her direction in life which included...
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