QHHT Client Session: New Earth, Shift In Consciousness & Manifestation

QHHT Client Session: New Earth, Shift In Consciousness & Manifestation

Originally from Ireland, and with a background in real estate, my New Zealand past life (QHHT) regression client has had three sessions with me since December. With this 25 minute audio recording from two of her sessions, I’ve put together some information her higher self has shared which applies to everyone.

In relation to the shift in consciousness going on (AKA astrological age cycle), my client’s higher self provides some advice on how we can step more into the higher vibrations which can include changing what we do in life and falling more onto our path.

Also in relation to the shift, my client had a life in Atlantis in her third session. It was said that many souls today are from Atlantis. Some important information came through about this including the reason for the fear in the world and its impact on humanity. It’s also said that no external source is going to wake us up and that it’s up to us to make a move. (5:43)

I ask, “She wants to know where she is on the journey of life.” Again, information comes up which applies to everyone. This includes using heart energy to help manifest. It’s also said the earth has shifted and we have to move forward with it. (13:21)

Final message from higher self: HS stays we are all on track and provides some information on the future. It’s again repeated that nothing is going to come from the other side to suddenly change things for us, as it’s up to us to make it happen. (21:28)

You can also find the video on my Rumble channel here.

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