Healing in Higher Planes & Restoring Angelic Wings

Healing in Higher Planes & Restoring Angelic Wings

Yesterday my sixty year old New Zealand QHHT client had no past lives come up today as she was busy visiting multiple planes in higher dimensions to establish communications between a higher aspect of herself and other sources, including higher self and the absolute.

She received downloads and had a variety of noticeable physical energetic sensations back in the room as her energy system and chakras were activated and healed. At one point she felt her bed moving. But one important experience was when she was brought back to when she lost her wings, as an angel, a very long time ago.

This brought on a strong emotional response as she revisited the memory of feeling the nubs and immediate loss—very similar to losing a loved one to her, if not worse, she described afterwards.

On the positive side, also during this moment the higher aspect of herself was in communication with a higher angelic being where a negotiation was taking place. She had her wings restored. This took place in the session and included a healing of her sacral chakra, and further expansion of her spirit. Later on in another plane she experienced flying with her wings once again, causing her to become ecstatic.

Near the end of the regression it was revealed that because of her light work, not just in her current life but multiple past lives, she had made up for the mistake she made which lead to the loss of her wings.

Before the session I was aware of this process with angels and archangels, but also how they obtained their wings through service (light work/helping others, etc.)—something I’ve achieved, which I found out last year. So it was of no surprise, but it was a surprise to the client which she shared after our post talk.

While being fully awake and following her path, this was still a powerful session for her, not only because of the impact of her other self as an angel on her current incarnation in terms of spiritual development and access to certain intuitive and healing abilities, but also because of the different locations she visited today where she gained assistance from light beings with her ongoing journey to progress along the spiritual path.

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