Past Life Regression

Aquatic Life of Eons & End of Our Universe | Hypnosis Regression

My most recent online past life regression session I facilitated was with a healthcare worker in North America. I’ll be sharing this one as audio on my YouTube channel at some point. Some of her questions and intentions for the session related to her decline in health in earlier years,...

ET Earth Imprisonment & A Cowboy Encounters Alien Tech | PLR

Three days ago I facilitated an online past life regression where my 20yo client in Australia had two fascinating lives and all his questions and issues addressed by his higher self. His original reason for a session was to locate a block that he felt was keeping him back from...

The Lives We Live | Online Past Life Regression Summary

A recent online past life regression client from Australia sought healing for her eczema and answers to a number of questions, including the loss of self-confidence, her purpose in life, the cause of her anxiety and depression, and career advice. She first found herself beside a bonfire in a clearing...

ET Grey Abduction, Angelic Realm & Talking With Source

Last week I facilitated a very interesting session in an online past life regression with Monica Ramirez. Monica’s a transformational belief coach, artist, author, poet, meditation teacher, and holistic therapist. She’s also the host of Warrior of Love podcast and has interviewed me in the past. Monica’s site is here....

Healing Eczema & Identifying its Emotional Cause

With my distant healing sessions some clients want a general healing, which helps to ground; stop health issues forming; bring stability to the emotions, feelings and mind; enable clarity; simulate intuition; and nourish the soul. But some clients do have health issues and part of the process of helping them...

Telegram Online Group Past Life Regression (Sunday 9am NZ)

It’s time for another online group past life regression. I’ll be guiding you-all on Sunday the 30th, 9 am Auckland/New Zealand time, in my Telegram group, Lighthouse at the Oasis. For the time and day in your time zone, scroll down further. (I’ve found Telegram to be the easiest and...

Life Planning & Three Past Lives | A QHHT Past Life Session Summary

A recent past life regression client, a local, who owns a business in the Building and Construction Industry, married with three children, came to me with a health issue and questions around his life, including his business, a couple of spiritual experience he’d had years before, his deep connection to...

Mermaid Life, A Witch & Reptilian Worship | A QHHT Session Summary

Two days ago my past life regression (QHHT) client — who’s in her 70s and is retired — here in New Zealand, found herself under the ocean. At first it was a bit disorienting as she saw mermaid like creatures; she then realised she was one of them. Thousands of...

High Priestess, In-Between Lives & Egyptian Undertaker | QHHT Session

I recently offered a free QHHT past life regression session for all the moderators that look after my communities online. Anne, who helps to look after my Facebook group, Lighthouse at the Oasis, had a session with me last week and was happy for me to share the video recording...

A Volunteer Soul Trapped: Healing Anxiety & Depression (QHHT Summary)

With strong feelings of being lost and not belonging; anxiety, depression and a former alcohol addiction, were some of the things my past life regression (QHHT) client came to me yesterday with, seeking answers and healing. She also couldn’t shake off a feeling of being trapped. Married and in her...
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