Nomadic Life & An Alien Presence | A Quantum Hypnosis Regression Summary

Nomadic Life & An Alien Presence | A Quantum Hypnosis Regression Summary

Here’s a summary of a recent regression session with an online client in the USA. She had questions around ongoing health issues with a limb, clarity on where she’s heading, fears she had when she was younger, a dental issue and back pain.

She first found herself in the body of a twenty five year old male; boots on soil, pack on back, surrounded by trees. He was searching for a rare plant, which was a hobby of hers. He was a hunter by trade and quite the creative crafter as he collected light stones for wind chimes which he sold.

Over the years we learnt he was nomadic by nature and liked the isolation, which included limited human contact. He’d often sleep in locations in the wild, and on occasion would visit remote gatherings to trade. In his seventies his demise was a sink hole; he’d fallen in, broken his leg and had a gash in his side. He bled out.

As she looked back on his body, she noticed he looked sad and tired. Being alone so much was the reason for the sadness. She felt that his personality was very forceful. He didn’t know how to communicate well with others — part of his reasoning for being distant. She felt that it was also an experience about ‘keeping going’ and ‘appreciating the little things’. But there was a sense of satisfaction from the lifestyle.

‘Mine is like fingerprints. It’s like waves that create ripples in the sand,’ was her impression of the presence of her higher self when first covering that lifetime. Higher self explained it was also about survival and the will to keep going, which connected in to her current life, showing her she has the ability to get through things now. It’s not as complicated as she is making it out to be, and that she can get through it. She came out of the session knowing she can, and will, survive. It reassured her, making her feel more comfortable and at ease.

With her second experience, which she said after the session felt like an alternative reality, she found herself a female in a metal room in her fifties. The building felt like it was surrounded by water. The water represented an energy which was later explained. It had industrial piping and empty rooms. The place had been abandoned, but she was able to escape to the outside world.

She’d been imprisoned there since she was a teenager. The place had become quite cold because the temperature system was no longer functioning. They wanted to study her energy as she was quite unique. Outs was quite drab, just about resembling a wasteland or desert, but still had signs of life and typical naturistic locations.

Later on in her sixties she was spending time working in a rock/mineral shop and had the ability to connect with the energies of the crystals. Opals were drawing her interest when she first tuned in. The space there helped her feel better — a type of rejuvenation. She spent a lot of time there and had made friends with the owner.

Moving ahead, she was outside walking home and noticed a spacecraft landing in the distance. With an ability to feel into the energy, she saw waves of energy being sent out, which had the intention of controlling and manipulating the humans. There were parallels here to what’s going on in today’s world, such as with the influence the Reptilians and Mantids have had over civilization for thousands of years.

At age eighty one she was floating in a hot spring. Those ET beings had influenced the collective world energy, which also confused her, and/or made it hard for her to focus, yet in this spring she found clarity with her thoughts and personal energy — and she could focus here.

However, this time around at the hot spring, she passed out and drowned. When I asked her what this life was about in relation to her current lifetime, the explanation was that there was a block relating to constraint, which meant she’d brought with her limitations holding her back in her current life.

After passing she found herself in a hazy green underwater location where she existed as pure consciousness in the form of wispy ribbon energy. From here I connected her into her higher self.

One of the things higher self said was that breathing in the energy is relevant and useful, in reference to that former life. I then checked in and made sure any healing that may be required as a result of attachments or events in those previous lives was done. One of the things she’s picked up was ‘bad attitudes’ as a result of those experiences, and this was cleared.

Afterwards I addressed her questions and healing requests with her higher self.

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