High Priestess, In-Between Lives & Egyptian Undertaker | QHHT Session

High Priestess, In-Between Lives & Egyptian Undertaker | QHHT Session

I recently offered a free QHHT past life regression session for all the moderators that look after my communities online. Anne, who helps to look after my Facebook group, Lighthouse at the Oasis, had a session with me last week and was happy for me to share the video recording which you can find here, or click on the image below.

In her first life she finds herself as a high priestess on a beach in Mexico, she teaches her two young children about how to feel the wind pressure and the air, how to read the land and how to work with the elementals. Information comes up on fairies and pixies and how they interact from a different frequency, with the physical world.

With the help of the elementals, she’s able to find out information about the future, including a time when they will cease to be no more and go to another dimension. The elementals also guide her with protecting her community and how to use the land including herbs.

An interesting ritual takes place upon her death. (5:30)

(8:35) After moving on from that life, she meets with her guides where a type of life review takes place, including details on how documenting of her experiences for the akashic works, and checking of her energy fields to check on energy that may be left behind to be collected.

She then spends time in a place where she needs to rest and have time on her own. Afterwards she has a reunion with other souls with mother figures from Europe to help gather information for her next incarnation as a soldier and information comes up on why she personally chose that life.

(16:59) Next up, after being a 12 year old slave in Egypt who’s working with mud to make clay bricks near a river which will be used for building a temple, she finds herself getting married to one of the guards at 21, around the year 1300. This ceremony is very unique because of a spiritual initiation that activates within both of them. The ‘gods’ are present.  Powers of healing and prophecy are enhanced. The description of the ceremony becomes quite detailed in the session.

At this point, a craft appears above them, but only the priest, herself and her husband sees it. After they go and rest, a craft transports them (not the physical body) to a hidden chamber where the ceremony continues. Again, a lot of detail comes up around what takes place in the ceremony and it involves the presence of ETs. A preparation takes place on two of them to prepare them to serve in the temple and help souls prepare, and pass, when they die.

Later on, a lot of information comes up on the Pharaoh including where he is from and how long he lives. She becomes the head undertaker (47:39) after a number of years. Another interesting ritual takes place upon her retirement and the passing of the Pharaoh including the process that takes is covered.

(1:10:53) After the life in Egypt she communicates with her guides and finds out some important information in relation to the previous life and planning for the next one.

(1:16:32) I then bring in higher self next and ask about the previous lives. I also ask for any gifts and abilities to be brought forth into her current life to help her. I also ask some questions that she came to me with.

I’m available for past life regression sessions online and in person in Nelson, New Zealand. Head here for more information.