Healing Eczema & Identifying its Emotional Cause

Healing Eczema & Identifying its Emotional Cause

With my distant healing sessions some clients want a general healing, which helps to ground; stop health issues forming; bring stability to the emotions, feelings and mind; enable clarity; simulate intuition; and nourish the soul. But some clients do have health issues and part of the process of helping them is providing information on what could be the emotional cause.

Today’s example is eczema. This is a condition that causes your skin to become red, dry, itchy and bumpy. It can lead to more sensitive skin, as well as more prone to dryness and infection.

All disease starts with a situation in life that creates an emotional response. With #eczema, the typical situation relates to feeling unaccepted; needing to hide and surpass your feelings; aggravated by your experiences with others; erupting with anger when you don’t get your way; holding your breath; and experiencing a sense of stagnation.

So these are the resulting thought patterns you end up with long term as a result of the initial event that caused the circumstances for your emotional response. Eczema directly relates to the heart chakra.

Trauma experienced during the developmental age 12–15, can be the cause of health problems later in life, including eczema. Those who are abused and neglected can develop serious emotional problems and relationship difficulties — love can end up being associated with pain, as a result. Over anxious mothering can lead to illnesses such as eczemas and asthma.

Through energy healing and helping clients to identify emotional cause, I’ve helped clear this condition. I’ve also had quite a few past life regression clients who’ve come to me with this. With most of them, a past life is related and one pattern I’ve noticed is that eczema can be a result of being severely burnt in a fire, which has sometimes lead to a death in a past life.

I’ve dealt with a wide range of health issues with clients, whether it’s energy healing or past life regression. Feel free to reach out anytime if you’re looking for healing help. I also offer spiritual based mentoring, coaching and guidance with one on one online video sessions.