Lemon Essential Oil and Your Health

Lemon Essential Oil and Your Health

At the moment I’m having one drop each of lemon and fennel essential oil, in a glass of filtered water every day. Why am I doing this? Well, let me explain. While essential oil may be thought of as something to apply to the skin (sometimes with a carrier), or...
The Emotional Link to the Hips

Hips: Finding The Emotional Link So You Can Self-Heal

I was just talking to a friend who had a injury come up in one of her hips recently. She thought back and identified when it originally occurred, so it wasn’t a new condition but something from the past that continued to give her discomfort. Like I mentioned in my...
Conscious Parenting Advice & Resources That Can Help

Conscious Parenting Advice & Resources That Can Help

To raise a child, a village is required. As the world shifts with rapid change, it’s now easier to teach and bring up our children with healthier options and methods. We need to think outside the box, especially for those gifted at such a young age and this is where...
Does Alcohol Affect Energy Healing

Does Alcohol Affect Energy Healing?

I had a distant healing client recently where we had a miscommunication around scheduling because of time zone differences — during the time I performed the session she was at a family event consuming alcohol. As a personal rule I don’t attempt any type of esoteric work if I have...