Does Alcohol Affect Energy Healing

Does Alcohol Affect Energy Healing?

I had a distant healing client recently where we had a miscommunication around scheduling because of time zone differences — during the time I performed the session she was at a family event consuming alcohol.

As a personal rule I don’t attempt any type of esoteric work if I have consumed alcohol, even just a sip, as I know it influences our energy field.

It restricts and blocks to a degree not just the effectiveness of what is taking place, but also the conduit through the frequencies to pick up intuitive information and receive messages.

The same situation applies for someone receiving a healing, as the aura and subtle bodies, as well as the chakras and energy centers, can be influenced.

There’s a lot of information available out there about the negative impact on our health that alcohol has.

Our physical body, and our energetic body  are very much connected, so while most of us don’t see or sense what takes place entirely, on all levels, when drinking alcohol, so much is going on.

When was alcohol invented? Stone Age jugs have been discovered that date back to the Neolithic period, which is 10,000 BC. Scientific evidence suggested they were used for fermented beverage.

For those familiar with Atlantis, based on a lot of sources of information out there, ten to twelve thousand years ago is the time period when they existed on Earth, before the astrological age cycle struck and impacted their civilization. I wonder if alcohol existed as part of their culture?

From a spiritual perspective, there are many, many things we can consume that taste good, and make us feel good, but that doesn’t mean they are good for us. Our tastes can change. Sometimes we need to have something more than once, to start liking it.

However, we are here to have many experiences and find balance in life.

From not doing something, how do we know if it is right for us? From doing something that one spiritual teacher or religion says is forbidden, that does not at all condone us to automatically failing this life, this time around — what’s important is who we are in the moment, and what we have learnt along the journey.

The dance between darkness and light will always remain— the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars.” ― C. JoyBell C.

From personal experience, I noticed a pattern come up in connection to alcohol. When I was living and working in Sydney, Australia, before coming more onto the spiritual path — my term referring to starting a series of changes that brought with it a lot of healing and growth — I would go for after work drinks on some Fridays, and on occasion we would have a work event where we would also drink.

What I found is that if I drank too much, the next morning I would catch a cold, guaranteed. On at least three or four occasions this happened over a period of three or so years. The key point here is that I never got sick outside of those times and the cold would only manifest the day after I had got drunk.

I was doing a lot of spiritual activities and work outside of my day job, which helped a lot keep my mind clear from creating the emotional thought forms that would manifest health issues.

But this showed me that alcohol lowered my immunity a lot, and let the emotional energy surrounding the root of the disease activate the cold in my physical body.

Colds are related to being scattered from having too much to do, too many responsibilities, too much pressure to perform. They can be about refusing to listen to your body and slowing down. Feeling over whelmed, overworked and worn out also relate. They can indicate a person needs time for themselves, but also being confused about what choices to make in life.

Most of those aspects related to my situation each time.

I think it’s really important that we all have the direct experiences around certain understandings, to really get the point, which contributes to our knowledge and wisdom.

While I gain knowledge through research and running into pieces of information here and there, I also have information come in through the consciousness stream, as well as be told what information I come across is accurate through claircognizance. However, there is nothing like direct experience.

Does alcohol impact the process of energy healing, whether sending it or receiving?



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