Why Meat is Bad for our Energetic System

Why Meat is Bad for our Health and Energetic System


Our immune system and health starts at the energetic level. There are various layers (components that make up our health) including the physical immune system that is part of western medical education.

What we consume has a specific energy, and hence frequency. For example, the rainbow diet, which is all about eating food (not meat and dairy) of a similar vibration to the chakras, based on the food matching the chakra colors, helps to stimulate, heal and activate said chakras, as documented in the book, Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, by Gabriel Cousens.

Animals have a soul. Their vibration is higher than other conscious life, such as plants and fungi (vibration can also relate to how much consciousness is available within), rocks and water. I’ve had past life regression clients who have recalled experienced (life) as many things, not just humans, things that the average person wouldn’t realise can be conscious, including water and ice molecules, the sun, ants, various animals, the atmosphere, and so on (See my transcript of one session “Creation of Life, The Medicine Woman & Original Water“ at the end, documenting this). Many other regressoinists have also run into clients who have reported similar experiences.

Animals also have energy centres, similar to us. If you study (see my link on the chakras at the end) about how energy centers relate to our day to day life, including karma, then you will understand that an animal is quite complex in terms of its energetic system. When you consume a part of an animal, you take on a part of its energy — that can have a negative impact on your health. The same goes for consuming animal products. The evolutional state of the soul in that animal is also linked into this. On a physical level, the diet of the animal also ties into what you consume and its impact on your health.

Think about babies and their mothers, in terms of the mothers diet and how that influences the baby’s growth in the womb, including breastfeeding after birth. There is both an energetic transfer going on based on the habits and lifestyle of the mother, but also a physical transfer. A similar situation applies to what you put into your body with diet.

Animals, and humans, both have major and minor energy centers, including the chakras. Humans also have 3 primary central energy channels (aka kundalini channels), which was once represented by caduceus, the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology. There are also subtle layers, which surround the physical body on an energetic level. Those layers are the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual (there are 3 more, but their formation depends on the spiritual development of the person). Each layer is a certain distance away from the body, based on the state of the layer. I sense these when facilitating an energy healing.

So, alongside the vibration of the animal as mentioned above, you can take on the emotions of the animal from consuming it. If an animal has been mistreated for most of its life, such as the way chickens are farmed in cages, and in combination with the method of slaughter, that adds to such emotion. Many animals know when they are about to die based on being in a queue and seeing what is about to take place — emotions build like fear and terror (very traumatic!). While different to humans of course, animals have feelings and emotions too. (Plants as well, just research “Emoto’s water experiment”)

Research studies have taken place in prisons. The diets were changed to vegan. They found there was an immediate drop in violence. Some research showed up to 80 a or 90% drop in violence from the shift away from meat.

Emotion is what causes disease in the body. That is why we get sick. (see my article at the end on why we get sick). A link can exist to past lives when an emotional reaction occurred from a situation taking place. While emotions help us go through many experiences, which is the entire point of existence here on Earth, when thinking about the ego, they keep us stuck in the reincarnation cycle. Our ego, which is composed of a number of emotions and which can take on a life of its own, blocks our connection to spirit and guidance from the other side. It also controls our actions and reactions in life. Through eating meat, we are not only taking on small parts of the frequency of that animal, the dense energies which negatively impacts our immune system, we are taking on the emotions which feeds parts of our ego, such as fear, anger, lust and so on.

The body naturally becomes more sensitive as a person’s vibration rises. The vibration rises from a combination of many factors. This is also known as spiritual development. It can take many lifetimes — hundreds — to fully develop and graduate the earth school. An exception to this, is that there are volunteer souls here, who are only here for this single life and are already quite well developed so don’t need to go through the same experiences as regular incarnates on earth. (See the book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”, by Dolores Cannon, and my transcribed QHHT session below, “Sekhmet, Volunteer Classes, Imprint Lives and More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5”)

As you develop, that sensitivity, which comes up with many third dimensional situations, will eventually impact diet, and what the body starts rejecting. For example, as I progressed spiritually, over time I was able to tune in more with my body. I knew I had to cut out all meat, dairy, processed sugars, soy, and wheat.

If I have any of those food items, my body will react, but I can also intuitively tell it was not good for me. Reactions could be reflux, mucus, diarrhoea, getting hot at night (wheat usually does this), a sudden pain in the chest immediately after putting something into my mouth. There are many reactions that help me know, alongside just “knowing”.

But it’s not just me. I’ve noticed the same situation with many other people, including clients. With my past life regression clients, many are told that they need to slowly start cutting out meat, dairy and so on. The advice is usually unique. It’s not always the same. It also comes from their higher self as they are in a trance state, so it’s not actually their consciousness back here on earth, as I use the QHHT method which enables this to take place.

So that is why meat is not good for the energetic body, which is the foundation of our health.


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