Leaf - The Sparking Of Souls & The Pleiadian Homeworld & — A QHHT Session by Laron

The Pleiadian Homeworld & Sparking Of Souls — QHHT Session by Laron

In May 2016 I visited a friend in Mississippi, USA, and conducted this past life regression session using the QHHT method. I consider it one of the best sessions I have facilitated.

Because of how deep Leah went she had no recollection of the higher self section of the session after I brought her out. When talking to her a few days ago, two years on, she had completely forgotten the entire experience and was curious to read an early draft of this.

I had encouraged her to listen to it within a few weeks back then, like I always do with my clients, but at the time she was afraid of what came up, as it was a bit outlandish to her—a bit too much for her to handle.

Leah leap frogged back and forth from a single important scene that developed along the way, returning to moments in her current life, and the experiences of her family back in time.

With the session progressing what I witnessed was an intensity of energy as she fell deeper into her subconscious and higher aspects of self, likely reaching the somnambulism state of hypnosis.

Summary of areas covered is below, but note I am not being specific on the details as I want the reader to discover them directly by reading the entire transcript.

  • The beginning is a location she kept coming back to throughout the session as more info became available. Firstly the wildlife around her seemed extra-large, and also very strange, indicating she may not be in a physical form.
  • The most amazing day of her current life and then the worst day, helping her let go of an attachment.
  • Reliving the moment she became aware of the attack on the twin towers on 9/11; this acted as a catalyst for change for her. Leah met someone important as a result, as well as making plans and decisions that changed her future.
  • A scene from her great, great, great grandfathers past life emphasizes the importance of their family’s land. She’s given a personal message from him directly.
  • Further info back at the first scene explains what Leah is, as well as a surprise creature that appears. Hints indicate Leah is a curious being, exploring the land and life.
  • A scene of her granny appears, bringing back a memory that reminds her of an important lesson. A guide of hers is revealed.
  • The first scene again: She meets a being that provides her a gift, reminding her of home and where she is from, which is described in detail. (This has a big impact on her consciousness.) Further info reveals who and what she is, as well as why she is here; the activation of physical life forms so that souls can come in for experiences in the Earth School. (A very detailed and long section with some really deep info.)
  • Leah also returns to her higher self, as well as seeing where she comes from as a star seed, and a whole lot more including important information about me.

With most of the sessions I share, my strong sense is that it’s really important to start from the beginning and go on the journey with the person who’s bringing forth the information. Jumping straight to the “good stuff” in these sessions doesn’t properly provide the same impact, as the small steps and key moments are all necessary and part of the process that leads not just the client, but the reader, to the ultimate destination.

I’ve known Leah since 2012. She’s in her 50’s, married with two children and is strongly intuitive, yet that side to her is usually kept private in her day to day life because of her ties to family traditions, values and her local community in Mississippi which is not exactly open to such concepts.

At times she’s provided intuitive council for me, as a friend, over the years, not so much now, but we still keep in touch. I always felt that there was something different about her, but also something so familiar, as we often had similar understandings when it came to metaphysics and how things really are in the world.

I’ve come to confidently conclude that I’m very connected into spirit and higher self; I find so many are unable to see the fuller picture accurately — with Leah, back before this session, she had a great handle on it considering she’d never actively worked in the holistic field.

This was a very powerful session for me, and her. I perceived it as a precession, flowing forward like a flawless mechanical system that just needed a touch of guidance while time assisted, flowing it forward towards a final destination.

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As part of the QHHT process, a beautiful place is first visited.

Beautiful place

Leah: “That’s the place I always go. There’s pristine white sand, emerald water and marble steps leading down into the water. I can be both lying in the water and on the steps and then up the steps is like a pergola or something, with just flowers everywhere, couches. I can feel the breeze blowing through and I can smell all the different flowers. I’m alone here. I feel relaxed, pleasant and lazy.”

I felt she was very connected at this stage, and it was not long after we started, which is unusual, so decided to move along, and get straight into the session.

Leah comes off the cloud.


Leah: “It’s green. I see the tallest trees I have ever seen in my life—they’re giant. Everything is huge. The leaves are the biggest things I have ever seen. Then I see water. I’m standing.”

Laron: “Do you see your feet?”
Leah: “I don’t have feet. (What’s the closest thing nearby?) I see a tree and then I see plants; they’re big, they’re huge. I don’t see me. I see water. The sky looks white, it doesn’t look blue.”

Laron: “Where’s the water?”
Leah: “It’s like a little pond. It’s small. I don’t see any animals.”

Laron: “What does it feel like?”
Leah: “It’s just quiet. It feels empty.”

Laron: “Can you hear anything?”
Leah: “I don’t, I don’t hear anything. I see these plants with these huge leaves and I don’t know what they are, and these really tall trees.”

Laron: “Would you say everything is big?”
Leah: “Everything is big. I see big rocks in the water, almost like boulders. I’m near the water, I’m on the bank. It feels warm, but I can’t see myself.”

Laron: “You said it feels isolated?”
Leah: “Yeah, I don’t feel anything except these plants, not even a bug.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of being connected to anything there?”
Leah: “No, not really. I feel like I’m just sort of plopped in there. It doesn’t feel like some place that I have history with, or connection to. I don’t know why I’m here, in this place.”

Laron: “Try asking the closest tree why you are there and see if you get a response.”
Leah: “Ahh… it’s shimmery. (Did it just become shimmery?) Yeah. I touched it and it sort of shimmered, like it’s not really real.”

Laron: “Does it still maintain the same color and texture?”
Leah: “There’s no texture. I touched the tree but it feels like it’s not real. It’s strange. None of it feels real.”

Laron: “When you look or change your view down, do you still not get a sense of what you are?”
Leah: “No, no I don’t. I don’t see… it feels like it’s not real. It’s almost like a reflection in a pond. You see it, and then you touch it and it’s gone, it shimmers.”

Laron: “Is there any movement anywhere?”
Leah: “No. It’s like a reflection. It’s strange. I don’t think I like it here.”

I shift Leah on.

The Best Day

Leah: “I’m going into the hospital to have my baby, my oldest daughter now. I can see myself in labor. I feel strong. It’s great.”

Laron: “Do you notice anything different from when you had that experience?”
Leah: “There’s nobody else there. It’s actually like I’m feeling the way I felt, I can see myself but I’m looking from the outside. I’m facing myself. (So you’re looking down at yourself?) Yeah. I don’t see anybody else. That’s powerful feeling… I felt very powerful.”

Laron: “Do you remember if anything unusual happened at that time, or did it all go smoothly?”
Leah: “It was perfect. I can see her now. I’m holding her. I can’t remember any time I’ve ever been happier. She’s sleeping in my arms now.”

Baby - The Sparking Of Souls & The Pleiadian Homeworld & — A QHHT Session by Laron

With nobody around, and the scene played out, I decide to move Leah on.

The Worst Day

Leah: “Oh goodness, this is the day Oliver died. This is right where it went to; this was the worst day of my life. Oh my goodness. {She sighs} I’ve gone from feeling the most powerful to feeling so helpless.”

I tell Leah now that she can choose to be an observer of the scene, and not actually be so connected and go through that all over again.

Laron: “Is there anything new with what you see? Is it how you experienced it before?”
Leah: “Except he’s talking to me this time. He’s saying I just have to let him go. I was what was holding him here. (Before he died you mean?) Yeah. (That’s why he hanged on?) Yeah. He’s still here. (Still here back in your current life?) Yeah. I mean his essence, his spirit, his energy is still with me—that’s what he was saying, that I have to let him go.”

Laron: “Is he saying anything else?”
Leah: “No, I just told him I didn’t want him to suffer, but he loved me so he stayed until I could let him go.”

Laron: “How do you feel after having that discussion?”
Leah: “A little sad. It just kind of made me feel like the way it was. I know why he was here with me for so long. It was hard for me to give… it was a lot easier to love him totally and completely when I couldn’t with other people. I didn’t know that until now. I think that is why he was with me. He was with me through every boyfriend and husband and everything.”

Laron: “So he was like a bit of a rock, stabilizing you?”
Leah: “He was. He was somebody I could know that would never… that’s the good thing about animals, that they never let you down, they never hurt you. They don’t disappoint you.”

Dog - The Sparking Of Souls & The Pleiadian Homeworld & — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Do you feel you need to let him go right now?”
Leah: “No, I think it was just that I didn’t know that before, that that is why he was with me—to help me through all that, but I think he finally knew that I had gotten to a place where I could do that with people, so it’s okay. (Like what Oliver was doing?) Yeah, he can go because I had gotten to a place where I could love, you know, a person. It’s not so much romance, it’s like men.”

I check in again and see where she is at with the current scene, and decide it’s time to leave that moment and move on. As the scene changes, I hear a big sigh of relief.

A Catalyst for Change

Leah: “It’s actually 9/11. I was at home when that happened. I didn’t know what was happening at first, and then later after everything happened I started thinking what would we do here, you know, if something happened. That’s when my husband and I first became friends. I knew that he would be the one, out of all the people I knew here, that I’d want to be with to protect my family.”

Laron: “So that event may have lead you to him?”
Leah: “I think so, yeah. He seemed very strong. He was very strong.”

Laron: “How are you finding out about 9/11?”
Leah: “It’s on TV.”

Laron: “How did it make you feel?”
Leah: “Shock at first. It was just shock. And then I felt a little fear, then just really angry about it. But I felt there was a lot more to it than what we were being told and what was going on. That was the first time I started feeling like there might be other changes and other things coming in the next years so I would need to have a place where we could have our own food and water — kind of hide out from the world if we had to. I remember… the big woods are still here, all the beautiful big hard woods when we rode through that property and looked at all these different places; the energy that was there was good, it was very pure and protective. We have deep roots in this land. It feels like there’s certain places here where it feels like the land itself would protect you.”

Leah had previously taken me on a tour of the land around where she lived. I felt into the energy while I was there, so could very much relate to what she was saying in this session.

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Laron: “Are you still being shown that scene?”
Leah: “No. I went to another place here, where my second great grandfather first built a house. It’s where all my families buried. It’s a very sacred place. I’m seeing it as it is now.”

Laron: “Do you sense anyone there?”
Leah: “I think I see him, but it’s different, it’s snowing. (What’s he doing?) He’s trying to get back to this house… he’s all bundled up. We don’t usually have that much snow here.”

Laron: “Does he reach his house?”
Leah: “He can see it. He can see the lamp. He goes inside. He’s with all of his children. I see five children, she’s got the baby.”

Laron: “What are they all doing?”
Leah: “She’s sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace and they are all gathering around. The mothers sitting in the chair rocking the baby. They’re keeping warm. He’s sitting by the fire now warming his hands. I get the feeling that he was trying to get the doctor. I think the baby dies. (The doctor couldn’t come because of the snow?) No. She’s still holding the baby.”

Snow - The Sparking Of Souls & The Pleiadian Homeworld & — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “How does it make you feel seeing all of that?”
Leah: “Well… I can see it. I know that’s my great, great, great, grandfather. It’s strange. I don’t feel all that emotional, because I know it happened. I just accept it, that that is the way it happened.”

Laron: “Do you want ask him if he has a message for you?”
Leah: “Yes. That’s strange; he’s holding a lamp, he can see me. He’s only saying, ‘Hold on to this land.’”

Laron: “Ask him why.”
Leah: “He says we just have a connection to this land because it took their blood, sweat and tears to get here and stay here. This is wild country. He did know some natives. We are related somehow, some of the native people who were here, so he didn’t have it too bad. It was just hard, hard to live. He’s not saying anything else.”

These scenes are not random, they were brought to Leah for a reason, all helping her connect the dots, assisting her consciously, or unconsciously, and also to help her heal.

Curiosity Of The Soulful Eyes

Leah is taken back to a familiar place, the location that came up at the start of this QHHT session.

Leah: “This place feels old. The sky looks white, it’s misty.”

Laron: “Do you think you are small, or you’re just…”
Leah: {She immediately answers) “I think I’m small. Everything is so big. There’s more trees, big trees.”

Laron: “Is it kind of peaceful and calm, or more isolated?”
Leah: “It feels kind of lonely. It’s empty.”

Laron: “Do you still get that sense of it being like an illusion, or hologram — that it’s not real?”
Leah: “It looks real, but if I try to touch it, it just shimmers like a reflection in a pond. It’s almost like it’s just energy. You know how when you see heat rising on a highway, that shimmers, that is what this looks like.”

I decide to shift her ahead while remaining in this place.

Leah: “I just see the face of this big creature, the long neck, but it’s got very kind, soulful eyes. I can’t see what it is.”

Laron: “Are you up close to it?”
Leah: “I’m very close. I must be on it, because it’s so big. I can see its eyes. They are yellow. It’s just a pupil, it’s part brown, and it’s grey. It doesn’t smell. Its skin is slick.”

Laron: “Can you see where it’s standing if you look around?”
Leah: “It’s on a marsh. I see water, but there’s plants. I see a sun very far away. It’s orange and pink. It feels like dawn. The mist is rising through the trees.”

Laron: “Does the sun look normal? Nothing unusual?”
Leah: “It looks like fire. It’s strange.”

Laron: “Is the animal doing anything now?”
Leah: “No, it’s just looking at me.”

Laron: “Does it have its head turned around, or are you just next to its eye?”
Leah: “I’m close, close to its eye.”

Laron: “How does it make you feel being there?”
Leah: “It’s strange but it’s not going to… it’s very gentle. I’m not afraid.”

Laron: “Do you get any sense of what you are? Any hints?”
Leah: “I don’t. I can’t see myself. I don’t think I’m… I don’t know.”

Laron: “Is there a reflection in the marsh?”
Leah: “I can feel this; it feels real, but I can’t feel what I am. I can’t see.”

Laron: “Can you ask the animal a question? Ask it what you are.”
Leah: “I can see through its eyes.”

Laron: “What can it see?”
Leah: “I look like a dragonfly — not a dragonfly but I look like one. I’m very sparkly. I have wings. I’m shimmery. Lots of colors. I see a lot of silver and blue.”

Laron: “Are the wings moving or just sitting still?”
Leah: “They’re moving; that’s how I can be so close to its eyes. I’m flying over it.”

Laron: “Do you think it may be a dinosaur?”
Leah: “Slick skin. It’s really big. It’s very far off the ground. It’s probably 30 feet tall.”

Laron: “Are you still looking through its eyes?”
Leah: “That was a moment, just to see what I am. I can see it. It has very slick skin, a long neck. (Not scaly?) No, it’s smooth.”

Laron: “Do you know why you are there, why you are flying next to it?”
Leah: “I just wanted to see it. (See it up close?) Yeah. It’s like that land is not real, but I can see it. I’m not a dragonfly, I just look like it. I don’t know what I am. I’m like a person, but I can fly. But I’m tiny, I’m little, or maybe it’s just so big. I don’t have any perspective. Compared to that thing I feel tiny.”

Dragonfly - The Sparking Of Souls & The Pleiadian Homeworld & — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Do you go anywhere else or do you stay there?”
Leah: “I can fly over the water. I can see the mist. I see the trees. I don’t see other animals. (Do you fly over the water?) I can fly over the water. I have four wings; they’re kind of on top of each other — upper wings and lower wings. They’re shimmery, translucent. They’re beautiful.”

Laron: “How does it feel to fly around like that?”
Leah: “It’s wonderful.”

Again it was time for me to move her ahead. I was not specific with where she should go.

The Only Thing That Matters Is People

Leah: “I can see my granny. I’m sitting on my front porch. She’s laughing. I’m swinging. I’m sitting in the swing. She had a porch swing. I’m little; I’m probably five or six years old. She’s singing. She’s singing that song I sing to my babies. It’s a fun little song. It’s nice to be listening to that again. There’s no safer place than crawling up onto grannies lap.”

Laron: “That sounds nice. Is she still singing?”
Leah: “She’s just laughing. She laughed all the time.”

Laron: “Does she have anything to tell you?”
Leah: “She’s talking about family. She’s the one that taught me that family is the only thing that matters, as well as friends and the people you love. Stuff doesn’t matter. Material stuff, material things, none of that matters, the only thing that matters is the people. I think my granny is one of my guides. (Why?) I feel like she’s with me all the time.”

Laron: “Are you still sitting on her lap?”
Leah: “No, I actually see her as a younger person now. She’s sitting on the front steps. Combing my Mamma’s hair. My Mom is a little girl. She looks happy. My Mamma was a happy baby because of my great grandmother, her grandmother.”

Laron: “Are they talking?”
Leah: “No. Mama is just smiling. I can hear granny laughing.”

Laron: “Is it nice to see them like that?”
Leah: “It is.”

A Reminder Of Home

I purposefully direct her back to the shimmery location.

Leah: “I see stars and a full moon. It’s a big moon. I feel pretty close to it. I’m flying. It’s a long way down. It’s dark. I don’t know where I’m going, I’m just flying. There’s nothing else around me. I see a woman. I’m standing by another lake, or a pond—it’s dark—she’s silver, she has white hair. (Silver clothes or skin?) Silver clothes. She has a flowing long dress on.”

Full Moon - The Sparking Of Souls & The Pleiadian Homeworld & — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Is she far away or close now?”
Leah: “I’m standing right in front of her. (You’re standing?) Yeah. She’s handing me something.”

Laron: “Can you see what it is?”
Leah: “It’s not solid, it’s like a littler ball of white flame. She said that’s from home, but I don’t know what that is. She told me to hold it, and that’s how I could connect with home. It’s in my hand now. It’s tingly. I can see through it. It changes colors. It’s white and then it’s blue. It’s about the size of a golf ball. It’s like light. (Just a light that changes color?) Yes. She said to hold it.”

Laron: “What does her face look like?”
Leah: “She’s beautiful. She has really white skin and bright blue eyes, long white hair and really long fingers. Her eyes are blue and bright.”

Laron: “Are you standing where you were before?”
Leah: “Standing by the bank of this lake, but I see the moon, it’s right behind us. It’s bright, big and full.”

Laron: “Do you see any reflections in the water?”
Leah: “Just the moon. The water’s dark.”

Laron: “Can you see yourself now?”
Leah: “I look like her, except younger.”

Laron: “What are you wearing?”
Leah: “I’m wearing the same shimmery looking dress and I have white hair and bright blue eyes. But I have to stay there and she’s leaving. That’s why she gave me the ball… whatever, the fire, I don’t know what it is.”

Laron: “How does she leave?”
Leah: “She’s going. She’s leaving. She can’t stay. She disappears. She just disappears. I don’t know where we are. I didn’t really want her to leave me. I stand there looking at that ball. {Heavy sigh}”

Laron: “Do you get any thoughts or images when you look into it?”
Leah: “When I look in there I see… it looks almost like a city, lots of lights. I don’t know where that is. She said it would be… it would remind me of home, wherever that is. I don’t know. The buildings are pointed. They look like they are made out of glass, they are all lights. I don’t see people.”

Laron: “Does it seem familiar?”
Leah: “It does. It’s just like a thousand lights, thousands, I don’t know. I’m like I’m inside that ball now. It’s not really a city, it’s like a… the ball is like a simulation. It just looks like it but it’s not really there.”

Laron: “So you shifted your perception inside it?”
Leah: “I did. It’s like this wind is blowing. I need to get out of that. It’s like electricity and strong wind. I can see it, but I’m not supposed to be in there. (Just move back out.) Yeah, that’s better.”

Laron: “Do you feel like that person, that younger version of that lady you saw?”
Leah: “Yeah, but I have grown up. (Are you still in the same place?) Yeah. I’m not from that place but I had to stay there. I don’t really want to; I want to go home.”

What Leah is referring to as that place, is the shimmery place that she keeps going back to throughout this QHHT session.

The Activation Of Physical Form For Soul Entry

Laron: “Do you know why you have to stay there?”
Leah: “To help. I see people. They almost look like mud. They are dark. They are barely alive. They are not real people yet. They’re just walking, it’s dark. They are coming out of the mud. There’s no light. They are all adults. They have just been made. Oh good lord.”

Laron: “What do you see?”
Leah: “It’s like a factory of them. They’ve just been made and they are all coming out, but there’s no light and I had to stay. There’s no light in them. They’re not quite human—there’s no soul. They are human, but they are not real… they have no light inside and that’s why we came.”

Laron: “Are they just like humans, just covered in mud, or do they look different?”
Leah: “It’s like they’re covered. They’re big… they are bigger. They kind of look like apes with no hair. They don’t have hair, only on their heads, not all over their body. They are early human. But they don’t have the spark. They don’t have the god spark.”

Laron: “How many do you think there are?”
Leah: “I see thousands. It’s a whole plain. It’s like a big flat space, flat plane, and there’s mud and they are coming out of this mud. They crawl out. It’s like they are crawling out of this mud and they are walking, but they are trying to be human but they are not. (They are not there yet?) They are not there yet and that is why I had to stay.”

Laron: “You said ‘we’ before. Are there others?”
Leah: “There are, but I don’t see them. She told me they were there. There are some that had to keep the little ball, our connection to home, that’s how we remember.”

Laron: “Do you know why you were flying before?”
Leah: “Because I like to. I love to fly.”

Laron: “You can change shape?”
Leah: “I can. I can be whatever I want to. I don’t have wings now.”

Laron: “How do you look after them? Do you know exactly what you are meant to do?”
Leah: “We came to give them the light, but I don’t know how.”

Laron: “So that they can have souls?”
Leah: “Yes, to have the spark.”

Laron: “Would you say you came to give them souls or you came to enable them to have souls?”
Leah: “I think it’s to wake them up. To turn their light… I don’t know if they have it… they’re dark and that’s why I have the little light. It’s to help them turn it on. I had to give it to the first.”

Laron: “Do you mean the little fire you received?”
Leah: “It’s something else; that’s just for me so I don’t forget.”

Laron: “Do you see what you do to wake one of them up?”
Leah: “I put my hand on them. I put my left hand on their forehead and my right hand over their heart and then I see the light go through their whole body.”

Laron: “What color is the light?”
Leah: “It’s white and blue. Everything is electric. It’s almost like an electric blue. Then they have their own light.”

Laron: “Do you keep doing that to all of them?”
Leah: “All of those that came out. It’s not just me, I see the others. They look like me but their dresses are different. Some of them are men. They have white hair, really white skin and bright blue eyes.”

Laron: “What are some of them wearing?”
Leah: “Everything is bright. I’m wearing silver and some blue. I see red. It almost looks like, sequins or rhinestones, it’s all shiny, even the men. They’re bright. I see blue and yellow and red. They’re wearing all sorts of colors. ”

Laron: “So they are all doing the same thing that you just did?”
Leah: “They put their left hand on their forehead and their right hand on their heart and then this electricity comes through.”

Laron: “Do you know how long you have to stay there?”
Leah: “No. There’s so many.”

Laron: “Do you see what happens to them after they have been activated like that?”
Leah: “They walk away. I don’t know where they go. I don’t know… I can’t see.”

Laron: “What do you do after you finish activating the ones you have to?”
Leah: “We’re going back and getting together. I’m with the others. We are going to this place. We hold hands and we just think it, and then we’re home.”

Laron: “So your task is done?”
Leah: “That was done. {Sudden realization in her tone} We do this everywhere. We do this everywhere, we go everywhere. (Planets?) Yeah, we go to all different worlds and different times. The electricity comes through and they just change. They have this light come through them and then they just walk away and just go… I don’t know what they go and do. There’s a group, five of us, and then we go and then we do this. Sometimes we have to go alone. (To other worlds and places alone you mean?) Yeah. All we have to do is just think it and we can travel and move back.”

Laron: “Would you say that was Earth before?”
Leah: “I think so. That one was, and then I went to another place that had three moons. I could see the moons and I could see through them. This planet looked pink. It was pink dust.”

Laron: “Are you still there or have you moved elsewhere?”
Leah: “I’m just seeing that… I haven’t been with these people in so long. They’re family. But I don’t know who we are. I recognize them but I don’t know… I can’t… (Are any you know now?) No, nobody I know now.”

Laron: “So you feel that connection to them though?”
Leah: “Yeah. I don’t think we are from Earth. I think I have seen one in a dream, but I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I saw one in a dream and I think he was trying to come and get me but I didn’t go, I couldn’t go yet. He was wearing a blue uniform.”

Laron: “So you do that on many worlds?”
Leah: “We do. We did. I don’t do it now.”

Laron: “What do you do now?”
Leah: “Watch them. Sometimes we go and live there.”

Laron: “As them or something else?”
Leah: “Something else. We live as people, normal people. I don’t know why we do that. (On all the worlds or just some?) Just some. We pick where we want to go. Sometimes we go where it will be the hardest, just to see if we can do it. It’s like a challenge, to go to the worst place you could imagine just to see if you could stand it.”

Laron: “Do all five of you do that? Or do you go one at a time sometimes?”
Leah: “We go one at a time, but there’s usually at least two on a world. Some don’t ever go, some don’t want to. It’s only the ones that like the challenge because you can’t remember.”

Laron: “You lose memory?”
Leah: “Yeah. There’s always hints. You always have hints, but it’s very subtle. It’s like… maybe things you’re interested in. Sometimes it’s a smell, a sound, or a color. It gives you a hint but you don’t know what it is, because you can’t remember.”

Laron: “How often do you go back to your home?”
Leah: “Pretty much every night. When you sleep, then you go home. There’s no time there. What might be one night here might be fifty years in some other time where we go.”

Laron: “When you say one night here, where do you mean?”
Leah: “One night on Earth, when you’re on Earth. When you’re living a normal life as a normal person, you can go home at night but you don’t remember. The human doesn’t remember.”

Laron: “When the human sleeps at night, it could be fifty years, back on…”
Leah: {cuts in} “Or a hundred years or a thousand years because there’s no time. Time’s not kept. (So you can stay as long as you like at night time?) Yeah.”

Laron: “It must be nice to go home then?”
Leah: “It is, it’s a relief. You just can’t remember.”

Laron: “Is there any way to remember?”
Leah: “No, because if you remember you wouldn’t stay here.”

Laron: “It would interfere with the challenge?”
Leah: “Exactly. The only way is… you can just get hints. You might get glimpses, then you might get a feeling, it might be a feeling or a song. Something that reminds you, but you can’t really remember or else you would never stay here. And we come to help. I guess we are still activating… I don’t know, it’s different. They are not coming out of the mud now. They’re just empty. Their souls haven’t been turned on. They have no light and that is why we come.”

Laron: “Do you always turn all of them on, or just some, or most?”
Leah: “Just some. You can’t force them. All you can do is show them.”

Laron: “How do you know when they don’t want it?”
Leah: “Oh well, you just do.”

Laron: “You just bring the energy in?”
Leah: “Yeah. You can’t make them take it. You just offer and either they take it or they don’t, and you can’t, you don’t worry about it. It’s not like we have to. We are not forced to. We have just been asked to help, to turn them all on. I don’t know why we come here. It’s just what we do I guess.”

Laron: “It sounds like your role, your assignment.”
Leah: “That’s right. It’s an assignment.”

Laron: “When you come and observe, do you interact in any way or just observe?”
Leah: “It depends. There’s levels. There’s always the part that’s human, that’s interacting, but then there’s the part that’s observing, that observes everything, even observing the human that is interacting with the others.”

Laron: “Is it simultaneous?”
Leah: “Yes. You’re in the same body but you can go… the part that is observing, you can go anytime you want to. You don’t have to stay.”


Laron: “When you go home, can you see what it looks like?”
Leah: “It’s beautiful. It’s pristine. It’s so clear. It’s the most beautiful colors. Everything is clean and the air is crisp. It’s beautiful. I can’t describe how bright it is. The colors are so bright. Everything is so comfortable. It’s beautiful.”

Laron: “Is it similar to Earth?”
Leah: “It’s similar, but it’s hard to describe. It would be Earth in Technicolor, maybe.”

Laron: “Is it a physical world in the Universe?”
Leah: “I don’t know where it is, I don’t know if it’s this universe. I can go there when I think about it. There’s lots of people there. It’s beautiful. There’s things flying around. (Like vehicles?) Vehicles, but all you really have to do is think and you can be wherever you want.”

Laron: “Is there a lot of nature?”
Leah: “There is. Flowers and animals. Lots of water. There’s water everywhere. The waters alive. (More alive than on Earth?) More. (In what way?) The water has consciousness, everything does. There’s no real difference, everything is connected, everything can feel what the others… there is no separation. That’s why it hurts to go to Earth, there’s nothing but separation, that’s what hurts so bad. I don’t really like coming here (Earth?) yes — we have to. (Why?) That’s what we do, that’s what we do. (For the challenge?) It’s for the challenge, we come to help though, we come to try and help. (In what way?) I don’t know… to give them the light, but some of them don’t want it. (Those without souls, or a different type of light for souls already here?) It’s for souls already here, I don’t know… it’s to help them remember that they do have one, that they are connected. I think that’s the main thing, to come here to try and help them see the connection and rise above their isolation. There’s a lot of us.”

Laron: “So there’s other groups in addition to your five?”
Leah: “Yeah. I think that it may be like that’s a family, or a soul group… I don’t know, there’s lots of us.”

Laron: “So you say you can be simultaneously on Earth as the observer, can you also be elsewhere putting the spark in people at the same time?”
Leah: “I can.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of what you are connected to and where all those individuals come from?”
Leah: “It’s like we’re all connected to this energy. It’s hard to describe but it’s conscious. It’s huge. It’s almost like being plugged in, it almost like a honey comb or something and then we are plugged into it, but it’s huge. It’s not really physical. Maybe it’s some kind of geometric shape, but it’s big and that’s where we plug in and that’s where we get our energy. That’s where we get our spark, whatever it is.”

Laron: “How often do you visit that?”
Leah: “You can be there any moment, all you have to do is think and we are really always connected to it. It’s just sometimes you can go there and feel what it’s like to have that shine on your face.”

Laron: “Do you know how many parts of you are connected to there?”
Leah: “All parts are, in a way. I don’t have a number. There’s lots. We’re all connected in a way. That’s beautiful though.”

Laron: “Can you go there now?”
Leah: “I am there now. I think that’s where all life comes from.”

Laron: “Are you able to communicate with it?”
Leah: “You can know anything. You just have to think it.”

Laron: “Let’s try finding out some information now.”
Leah: “Okay.”

Higher Self Answers

Laron: “Can you provide some information about what that was about?”
Leah: “I see flashing lights. They are all different colors. I hear music.”

Around about this time, a rooster outside starts to crow very loudly. On the recording it sounds like it’s right there in the room. Leah lives on a farm setting with a range of animals, but the rooster had been silent up until this point. The rooster continues to crow for five or ten minutes.

Laron: “Would you say the colors are like energy?”
Leah: “It’s pulsing. It sounds like a violin, it sounds like Bach—it’s beautiful.”

Laron: “May I speak to Leah’s higher self?”
Leah: “I see the light coming. It’s a ball that’s coming. It’s stopping. She’s silver. She’s about six feet tall, person size, silver, all silver.”

Laron: “Does she stay the shape of a ball?”
Leah: “No, {small laugh} I don’t know what it looks like. Kind of like… almost like a statue but it’s real, I mean it’s not silver.”

Laron: “Ask it if we can ask some questions.”
Leah: “It’s there, trying to talk… it’s telling me. I hear it in my head. Its lights are still flashing. It’s telling me I have to wait until the lights stops flashing. I see it now. It’s silver, pulsing (Fast pulse or slow?). No, not fast. (Is it like a heartbeat?) Something like that.”

Laron: “Have the lights stopped flashing?”
Leah: “Just about. I have to wait. There’s something in my head. Okay.”

Laron: “Can you ask what the lights are connected into and represent?”
Leah: {speaking fast} “The lights are the lights I always see when I go home.”

Laron: “Home as in where you are from when you are not here, on Earth?”
Leah: “Yeah. I’m split. I’m trying to get the rest back. The other part… just one other part for here. There’s two parts that are here. ”

Laron: “Is one back on Earth now, in this room?”
Leah: “Yes. The other part is coming. It went home, it’s coming back… that’s what the lights are. It’s coming back. That’s how we go, these flashing lights.”

Laron: “So it’s necessary for you to come back together right now to do this?”
Leah: “Yes. I have to come through the lights. That’s the only part that can talk.”

I ask her to tell me when that part has arrived. I stay silent for about 30 seconds to a minute and she lets me know that it’s there.

Laron: “Can you see it or is it just a feeling?”
Leah: “I see the silver. (Is it like another ball of energy or a color that has come along?) It’s the blue. That is silver and the other part is blue, but it’s come back.”

Laron: “Do you know what color you are?”
Leah: “I’m every color. I see me as every color. I am white, mostly white.”

I now go through a list of questions that Leah and I put together before the session. The first one relates to a message that Leah received recently, about me, and how we may be working together in the future. I ask if information can be provided around what that is about.

Leah: “It wasn’t really about us doing something together. She’s not talking right now. (Why?) The question was appraised… there’s distortion. She’s trying to talk.”

Laron: “When you say she, which part do you mean?”
Leah: “The one’s that’s trying to talk is the one that’s blue. She’s got the lights. The silver, not… She said wait. {Pause} There’s something. There’s not something you will do together, but there’s stuff you are both here to do. You do what she does… with the light. You don’t know that. You don’t know that’s what you do, but that’s what you do.”

Laron: “With souls that are already here?”
Leah: “They are here.”

Laron: “Can you explain what it is we both do?”
Leah: “You help them. You help them find their light. (After they have lost it? Or…) They didn’t know they had it. Some have lost it. Some never had it, or they didn’t know they had it. You do… we both do this, you do it in different ways; but that was your message. That’s you’re real purpose.”

Laron: “To help people find that light again?”
Leah: “To help them know they have it inside already. Some may have forgotten. You have to help them remember.”

The interesting thing is that I had completely forgotten about this message for me, until I listened to this transcript on the 25th of April, 2018, two years after. This not only helps me relate to Leah in this life and in those other experiences that came up, but it validates so much of what I have been through in life, and how I feel so very compelled to help people grow spiritually.

I’ve approached this on purpose, subtly and not so subtly, knowing that certain things I do will create sparks within others; so much has been unconscious to me, where I’ve been put—or guided—in situations to act as a catalyst for change in the lives of others, often with great sacrifices as a result, whether that is materialism based, such as losing out financially, and / or emotional, resulting in great suffering.

Laron: “Would that relate at all to helping them focus more on their spiritual development? Is that the same sort of thing?”
Leah: “It is. That’s all they are. They don’t know that. They’re all energy. Everything. They don’t see the connection. And you’re message… sometimes you see the separation, so you have to remember the connection and let go of that fear.”

Laron: “The separation inside me?”
Leah: “Yes. You feel separate and you’re afraid, but you have to let that go. You won’t be happy. (Unless I do?) That’s right. You cannot really love anybody until you do. And you have to embrace that gift. You’re clinical. You want to be clinical, you want to be antiseptic, but sometimes it’s messy and that’s the whole point of life. And I don’t like it, I don’t like it either. I don’t like to be here, but that’s why we’re here.”

Laron: “Is there anything Leah and I need to know to help us keep doing what we are doing, or is that all?”
Leah: “You have to remember the light, the connection, you have to remember to find the little ball of light that reminds you of home. You have to hide it. You can’t hide it in your hand, you have to put it inside. That’s what you do, you go inside and you find it. That reminds you, and you can go home anytime you want to. Unfortunately you can’t remember being there, or you would never come back here. I don’t think we have to keep doing this much longer. (Why?) I think there will be others, others that will come.”

Laron: “To Earth? For future lives to look after future generations, or this life we are in now?”
Leah: “It will be both.”

Laron: “Do you mean that in a way we could stop focusing so much on helping others and retire to just enjoying our life at some point?”
HS: “Yeah. That’s right. (We will know when the right time is to do that?) Yes, but you have to listen. She’s getting pretty good at listening. She listens too much sometimes. But you have to listen and you have to trust. That’s the other thing you have to do, that’s the other message. You have to trust. You don’t like to, it’s very difficult. Not just anything or anybody, you’ll know, you have to trust yourself mostly, mostly in your process. And you have to trust in your own light.”

You may have noticed a shift above. Instead of Leah speaking, the other aspect(s) started speaking through her. This is an important step in the QHHT process, as if that wasn’t going to occur naturally, I would have been about to instruct Leah to let them speak through her. In this session I didn’t need to.

Laron: “Is there anything specific I can do to help me listen?”
HS: “Get outside your head. You’re very intellectual. Don’t judge, even when you’re in your head don’t judge. Just let it be, let it go. (Judging others or judging me?) Both—mostly yourself. You’re really hard on yourself. You’re a lot harder on yourself than you need to be. That inhibits your growth, your expression. You don’t have to go over it and over it and over it and over it; just let it be, just put it out there. Be in your heart. She tells you that too. Take care with these new things. Make sure you go to your heart, get out of your head.”

When it comes to the information shared about me so far, which Leah is not aware of, it’s all accurate. Things like this further indicate to me the authenticity and accuracy of the information that comes through in a QHHT session, even though I just know.

Laron: “New things? For example?”
HS: “Any new things. New people. New whatever, make sure that you are in your heart. (Anything else?) Just be brave. That’s all.”

Leah had in recent times noticed a block in her connection to spirit, meaning she was not receiving the same sort of guidance as she was before. So this question is not simply about improving her ability, but it’s also about resolving something that had changed.

Laron: “What does Leah need to do to strengthen her psychic abilities? She would like more conscious access and control over them.”
HS: “{Laugh} The same thing you need to do. (Trust?) {More laughing} She’s in that head way too much. (Does she have a bit of self judgment as well?) She does. She wants everything to be just right, perfect… she wants to be perfect. Flawless. She doesn’t trust enough either. That’s all she has to do, just trust. She has… ”

Laron: “Will she get more conscious control if she does that? Will it be like it used to be, will it get stronger?”
HS: “It will. (Would more meditation help?) It always does. She actually does better when she doesn’t think about anything. That’s when she’s really, really tired physically the gifts come through.”

The next question was about a condition one of her daughters had, who was about 8 at the time; she suffered seizures on a regular basis. She would be unable to move, suddenly becoming still, while the seizure occurred for seconds, up to a few minutes. She would be aware of what was going on during the seizure, but stuck in her body unable to talk as well.

The answer related to providing a spiritual lesson for the daughter’s father, as this was an opportunity for him to grow. I asked for healing for the daughter, but this was not allowed, as it would have defeated the purpose of the contract they made together, interfering with the plan, but also with her daughter’s opportunity to heal the condition herself, which they said was possible.

They also said that her daughter had a plan and that when the time came, she would stop it herself. They all worry, the higher self said, but it’s nothing to worry about. It was mentioned that she chose this for herself, before this life.

I asked if there is anything that can be passed on to Leah, to help her deal with this and if there’s anything she could say to her daughter—they replied saying she laughs and that she knows exactly what she is doing and that her daughter has all the support she needs right now.

Fourteen months after this session (eight months ago), the seizures completely stopped. I was so happy to hear this, as I personally witnessed the impact of this condition on her daughter while staying with them in Mississippi.

Laron: “I wanted to know why Leah has a strong connection to horses.”
HS: “Some places we go… a long time ago, they’re conscious. They’re beings, just like us. They’ve changed just like people have, but… they are close to source, they’re pure. They’re a lot like the whales and the dolphins. You can look in their eyes and see their soul from ages ago. That’s the closest to her soul group. (Their energy, their vibration as a consciousness?) That’s right. They share the same, not the same, but close to the same frequency. That’s why she can understand them and they understand her.”

With the below question, Leah had a person that would appear to her on occasion in visions, and found out his name, so wanted to find out more information around this situation.

Laron: “Leah wants to know who Mecos is.”
HS: “He goes a lot together, to these places. (He’s one of the five?) He is. He’s always laughing. He can look like anything he wants to.”

John Snow - The Sparking Of Souls & The Pleiadian Homeworld & — A QHHT Session by Laron
John Snow, a character on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Laron: “Is there anything he needs to pass onto Leah right now? Any messages?”
HS: “Just don’t forget why you are here. That’s why he comes to visit occasionally and he looks like John Snow because he thinks that’s a funny joke. He is always laughing.”

I ask her higher self to do a scan of her body to find any health issues that require healing. They say there are no major health issues.

Laron: “Does Leah have a Pleiadian connection?”
HS: “They are all standing there laughing. They are laughing like silly, silly silly… that’s all they are saying. Silly goose. Then they come and they put their arms around me and we all laugh.”

Laron: “I guess I will take that to mean she is one?”
HS: “They are nodding their heads.”

By this point in the session, a strong connection has been established between Leah and her higher aspects and in a way she merged with them, so the above may sound like it’s Leah responding, but my sense was that it was still those aspects of her, simply reporting on events from their perspective, and their perspective was as Leah as well, especially because of how connected Leah already is in her normal day to day life.

* * *

That’s the end of this session and I trust you got a lot out of it, or at least found it very validating based on what you may already know.

When talking to Leah again about this session, she said that she’s always thought that she is tuned in consciously to her higher self, but the stuff that came through was a real surprise for her and that she’d never even had an inkling of it before.

For those unfamiliar with this healing modality, by using hypnosis I guide clients into past lives and other memories, sometimes future, and sometimes simultaneous experiences, then shift them into a trance state from which their higher self can speak through them. In addition to the healing and releases from seeing these memories, the higher self has the ability to provide healing right there in that moment, or over a period of time, and answer any questions. Occasionally other high level beings and collectives communicate through clients, including guides and councils.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of around twenty books, taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 before she passed on. While I offer QHHT in person (Nelson, NZ) I also offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton’s LBL (life between lives) and more. I’m also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, head here, http://laron.nz/

And again, please do share the link to this article if you think it will be of interest, and benefit, to others. (https://laron.nz/pleiadian-homeworld-sparking-souls-qhht/)


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