Blue Flower - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Creation of Life, The Medicine Woman & Original Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

While in Houston, Texas, in October last year, Wendie came to me for a QHHT session because she was curious about who she is beyond this life, and wished to know her purpose. In addition to some serious health issues, she brought along a number of interesting questions to be addressed.

What transpired was yet another unique session, firstly she experienced herself in a conscious state as a water molecule that went on to be part of a life and island forming process on Earth. Then she was living as a medicine woman in a nomadic tribe, using plants to help heal and induce altered states of consciousness for ceremonies that assisted the community with survival, through intuitive knowledge. After that she was on a council in another realm, guarding and protecting sacred water that’s used on planets to seed life, as well as heal people who came. All three experiences were connected, as you will see.

What makes QHHT unique as a past life regression method is how a client is taken into a deeper state, which enables their higher self, or sometimes other collective consciousness’, to speak through them in a trance based state. This enables high quality information for any questions, as well as miracles, basically, when it comes to the healing that can take place.

Here’s a more detailed look at the areas covered in this session:

  • From the Depths to the Creation of Life & Healing of the Planet: From existence as a single crystal ice molecule within an iceberg under the oceans as a new island forms from an active volcano, to the creation and nourishment of life as a greater body of water, which heals the planet, restoring life. Traveling as a water droplet on the legs of a bumblebee over a volcanic island as it forms, and animals, plant and other life come into being.
  • The Medicine Woman & The Ceremony: Collecting plants to make medicine and plant medicine (hallucinogenics) for a nomadic group. Making plant medicine and salves for healing. Participating in a plant medicine ceremony to receive answers and information to help with a range of important things pertaining to the people and the tribe.
  • The Crystal Temple & Connections to Nature: As part of a council, the role of guardian and protector of “original” water that helps seed and create life on planets. The council also holds the responsibility for healing those souls that arrive and come to them.
  • Higher Self: The previous experiences are explained in terms of why they were shown. Her life purpose is discussed. Her condition with Epstein–Barr is explained, and she is provided healing for this, in addition to other health issues being addressed and healed. Some questions are answered which she brought to the session, such as what is the best way to pursue her healing passion, her fear of speaking, her throat chakra block, building psychic abilities, and her spirit guides.

As part of the induction process for QHHT, the client is guided to their beautiful place, a place that is peaceful that helps them relax. The place they imagine, while similar and common among people — sometimes unique — can be revealing from a psychological and personality viewpoint.

I start off with this transcript by sharing Wendie’s beautiful place.

W: “I’m by a waterfall in the forest. The waterfall is large. You can walk under it. There’s a path. There’s birds tweeting. It’s very green and lush. The waters clear. I can hear the water rushing down at the waterfall. There’s pine trees and I see moss on the rocks.”

Laron: “How does it feel to be there?”
W: “Fresh. Cool. The airs very fresh. (Are you alone?) There’s animals. I see fish and, birds.”

While the above may seem short, it’s a slow process. I ask questions here and there, some I haven’t included as it takes up extra time to read and isn’t necessary for the transcript. Sometimes a client will fall straight into a past life or an experience, possibly even something going on simultaneously to now, or in the future. The client I had the day before had a future scene come up in her current life.

In this instance, I move her on to the next part of the QHHT induction process. Nowadays I usually sense how long I need to leave someone and take more time during parts of the QHHT session, as some people need a little extra time—sometimes grounding—as they process what’s going on and receive the information from the other side.

In this article and QHHT transcription, I’ve added headings to help people find different sections.

From the Depths to the Creation of Life & Healing of the Planet

This is one of those situations that, as a practitioner of QHHT, you have to stick with and be patient as more and more is revealed.

For people just getting into past life regression, whether with QHHT or other methods of regression, this example below can be one of the harder sessions. Depending on what is first witnessed, you may be wondering if the process is working. It’s important to stick with what is coming through.

Based on following up with the right questions, you can gently guide and encourage them—at the right pace—as the scene will change and transform into something that makes sense based on what we understand, as humans.

I sometimes refer to humans with my writing, as I’ve run into so many different forms of consciousness now, including my own direct experiences, that I sometimes can’t help myself but include that perspective.

In some instances, information may never make sense because we have no memory or knowledge of anything similar!

Laron: “What’s coming to you?”
W: “I see a bunch of bubbles. They are big. It’s black around me. There’s a bunch of bubbles popping. (Do they disappear completely when they pop?) They shimmer, then there’s more and they keep popping. (How many would you say there are?) Too many to count. Infinite. There’s just more and more bubbles.”

Laron: “Are they kind of like transparent, like a real bubble?”
W: “Yes. They shimmer. (Do they have a rainbow effect or are they just clear?) They are white, like a white light. I see black and then I see bubbles — when they pop there’s a white light, then there’s more bubbles and then when one pops there’s more white light. It looks like a star.”

Laron: “How does it feel being there?”
W: “It’s peaceful. I think I’m inside a bubble. I’m part of that bubble. It’s white. All these bubbles are around me vibrating, popping and coming back together. When they come back together they form another bubble. I’m not sure where I’m at. (Don’t worry, just go with it.)”

Laron: “Do you get a sense or feeling of why they are popping or is it more of a visual experience?”
W: “When they pop you can connect to the other light. (Do you mean a sense of connection or they find a connection?) The light within each bubble can connect together. I feel like I’m shaking… like I’m vibrating.”

Laron: “Do you get a feeling of what’s about to happen, or you don’t know?”
W: “Maybe go somewhere… I don’t know where right now. (That’s okay.)”

Laron: “How does it feel to be vibrating?”
W: “It’s cold. I feel like I’m in ice. I feel like I’m inside an iceberg with other… bubbles. We are vibrating together and it’s cold. I’m supposed to be cold though.”

During this stage of the QHHT session I notice Wendie shivering. She reaches down and pulls her blanket up higher. I was about to ask her if it would be alight to pull it up over her.

Laron: “Are the bubbles very close to you?”
W: “Yes. They keep on going. I feel like I’m inside ice. (Do you feel very small?) Yes.”

Laron: “How are you feeling now?”
W: “I feel cold. I’m supposed to be vibrating. It’s my job.”

I continue to see Wendie’s physical reactions get stronger from the shivering to her body vibrating.

Laron: “Do you know why you are vibrating, as in the affect it has?”
W: “I’m water.” {She laughs quietly}

Laron: “Perhaps the vibration is keeping it solid within the ice so it doesn’t fall apart?”
W: “Exactly.”

Laron: “Is anything different happening now since you went there?”
W: “I’m melting. More light comes in as the water melts. I see sunlight coming in. It’s very strange. The sun is causing the iceberg to melt. The water is warmer too, it’s really nice.”

Laron: “Do you feel uncomfortable?”
W: “No, just cold. I feel like I’m in Antarctica. It’s kind of weird. ”

Laron: “Is the ice melting more and more?”
W: “Yes. (Is there anything new, anything else you can see now?) The black I see is the ocean. The ocean water is dark.”

Laron: “Do you get any feeling around how the ocean water is interacting with you? Perhaps you are getting closer to it as you have this new experience?”
W: “Like crystals. My life is a crystal. It’s one big crystal. The ice is a big crystal. (Do you get a sense of connectedness to all, or do you feel more like an individual?) I’m not sure. When the crystal melts it goes into the ocean. It’s healing. The planet heals when the crystal’s get into the ocean water.”

Ice on Beach - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Would you say the ice is very similar to being a crystal?”
W: “It is. (It’s the same thing?) Yes.”

Laron: “Is it melting more and more now?”
W: “Yes. I’m seeing green. It’s nourishing. The plants are growing. The grass is growing. The crystal water is going into the plants. (The plants in the ocean or it’s coming back up onto land?) It’s coming back up onto land. It’s really important — it goes into the plants. The land draws it in like a sponge.”

W: “I’m starting to leave. I’m going into plants. (Do you see inside them?) Yes. There’s light energy in the plants, from the water, not just the sun. There’s fresh water. I’m on land. (Do you see the roots of the plants?) I’m the water going into the roots, everything is greener. (Can you see the plant above as well?) Yes, and feel the sun and it’s warmer. I’m not cold anymore. There’s flowers.”

Laron: “What would you say you are? Would you still be a single element or are you more connected than that now?”
W: “I’m part of nature. I’m part of the water. I’m part of the water energy. I’m restoring life.”

Laron: “Do you see any trees?”
W: “It’s like grassy fields, flowers; there’s no trees, it’s all grass. I’m by the coast. There’s water underground and I’m coming up. I’m feeding all the plants. Wherever I need to go, that’s where I am at. I give life.”

Bumble Bee - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Are you traveling to quite a few different places or staying in the same area?”
W: “I’m just watching a bumblebee land on a flower. It’s collecting pollen. He’s buzzing. He’s on a yellow flower and was on a purple one before. He’s very soft. I’m inside a purple flower now. I’m beadlets of water on his furry body. I can go with him. I can travel. I can go where the bumblebee goes.”

Laron: “Are you inside the bumblebee from the pollen or are you attached from being the water?”
W: “No, I’m a little round circle of water attached to the bumblebee.”

Laron: “Where does the bumblebee go?”
W: “He’s in the sky. He’s flying. He’s taking me somewhere. I don’t know where I’m going.”

Laron: “How does it feel to be flying with the bumblebee?”
W: “It’s going to take me somewhere else. (What does the land look like beneath?) Volcano. I see molten lava. I feel like I’m on an island. It’s volcanic.”

Laron: “How big is the island?”
W: “I can’t tell as everything looks big. (Because you’re small?) Yes, I can see more from up here. I don’t know where the bee is taking me.”

Laron: “Was there any steam on the volcano or just lava?”
W: “Lots of lava, molten rock, it’s red lava on a mountain, on the island. This island is new, it wasn’t here before. It was under ice.”

Laron: “So what happened before when you were under the ice?”
W: “There was a volcano that heated up the ice and melted everything. All the water can go into the new island. ”

Laron: “So through that process, that also created life such as with the plants?”
W: “Yes.”

Laron: “Are you still warm? (Yes) Have you melted completely?”
W: “Yes. I have melted, I’m water.”

Laron: “It must be slow going, through the air, at the speed of a bumblebee?”
W: “Yeah. He’s not flying anymore. He’s landed. I can go back into the earth with all the other water.”

Laron: “Is that what you do, go back into the Earth?”
W: “Yes. These plants are growing. There’s trees. Everything is getting bigger.”

Laron: “So it’s all happening pretty fast?”
W: “It’s like it’s going fast forward. There’s animals. It looks like a deer eating the grass.”

Deer - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Is your perspective still the same as before, as something small, seeing these things?”
W: “I’m both, I’m also water but I can see the landscape above.”

Laron: “What other animals are there?”
W: “The deer in the grass and rainbow, multicolored butterflies.”

Laron: “How does it feel to be able to observe all of that?”
W: “It’s beautiful. There’s water in all of it, everywhere.”

Laron: “Do you feel important from being part of the creation of life?”
W: “Yes, it’s very important.”

I shift Wendie on.

The Medicine Woman & The Ceremony

W: “I’m walking in the forest. I hear the leaves crunching underneath my feet. I feel very connected with the forest. There’s so many trees and birds chirping. I put my hand on a tree and feel it.”

Laron: “When you look at your feet do you see any shoes?”
W: “Like a sandal… I’m wearing leather, I look… it reminds me of Pocahontas — I’m not Pocahontas. ”

Laron: “Do you mean a leather outfit?”
W: “Yes, a dress, I’m a woman. I feel about 30 years of age. I’m collecting something… a plant. I’m carrying a bag, a leather bag. It’s tan. I’m also carrying a gourd of water. It’s just me here. I’m making medicine. I’m collecting plants for medicine, I don’t know what they are.”

Laron: “Are you collecting a variety of plants?”
W: “It’s a white flower with leaves. I need the leaves too. ”

Laron: “What is the area like around you?”
W: “It’s a forest area. I can bring this bank to the village to make a medicine.”

Laron: “What sort of medicine?”
W: “I’m trying to remember. It’s shamanic. It’s a ritual. You make a tea out of the flowers and you eat the leaves. It’s a spiritual medicine. That’s how we get our answers. That’s how I know what to do.”

Laron: “Does it provide like a vision quest, like a hallucinogenic?”
W: “Yes.”

Laron: “Can you see the color of your hair?”
W: “It’s black. It’s down to my waist. My skin color is brown. ”

Laron: “Are you wearing any jewelry or ornaments?”
W: “White shells… maybe bone. There’s a blue rock around my neck.”

Laron: “Does your body have any marks, scars or anything on it?”
W: “Right here on my belly, on the side. It’s as long as my hand… sealed. It’s a big scar. I don’t recall how I got it.”

Laron: “Have you finished collecting the plants?”
W: “Oh, yes. I’m back in the village. I’m with everyone and we are sitting. We are going to make this tea together. There’s six women here. The men are not here. There’s six of us. There’s more of us; we live in this forest among the trees. (Are there trees between the structures or is it cleared?) We are nomadic. We don’t have buildings. We make shelters out of sticks or wood.”

Laron: “So you’re making the tea?”
W: “Yes. I’m making it. (Is your family there?) Yes, I have children. They are learning how to make this tea. (How many?) There’s four. They are mine. Their father is off, it’s just women and children here. They will be back tonight.”

Laron: “Do you know what your position is there, or your title or role?”
W: “I talk to the plants. The plants teach us how to heal.”

In her current life Wendie has a strong interest in spirituality and metaphysics, but also alternative health. She maintains a garden at her home and is becoming quite knowledgeable about essential oils, which are concentrated hydrophobic liquids containing volatile (can vaporize) aroma compounds from plants.

Laron: “You communicate with them?”
W: “Yes. (Is that how you know which ones are best to pick?) I can feel them. I put my hand on them.”

Laron: “What are you doing now?”
W: “I’m just preparing. It’s going to be night soon. We are going to have a fire… a ceremony. The men are coming back.”

Laron: “Do your children look healthy?”
W: “Yes. Very strong. They learn everything. All of us here work together to teach them. I’m putting a salve on my side where the scar is, it hurts. (Did you make that from the plants you picked?) Yes, but someone else put it on. I got jabbed by something. It was an animal. It was an accident. It was a hog with tusks. (Were you hunting it?) I just got too close. It’s not too bad, it’s ok. It’s healing.”

Hog - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Are you happy the men came back?”
W: “Yes. (Where were they?) They were out hunting. Everyone is back. There’s people dancing. We are about to begin the ceremony. People are gathering. There is white paint painted on their bodies, chests, arms and face. They can drink. {She laughs quietly} It sounds funny… it’s water, it’s more than water, it’s the herbs and plants, something I helped make. We are going to drink it.”

Laron: “Are the leaves in there or is that separate?”
W: “You drink the water with the flowers and eat the leaves. You can munch on them — we are doing that right now.”

While I was in Peru and Bolivia, back in 2011, we chewed coca leaves at five despacho Q’ero ceremonies, which is legal to do in both countries. The coca leaf has been brewed for tea and chewed traditionally for centuries among the indigenous peoples of the Andean region — it does not cause harm and is beneficial to human health.

The Coca plant has a complex array of essential oils, mineral nutrients, and varied compounds with varying pharmacological effects. When chewed, the coca acts as a mild stimulant and suppresses thirst, hunger, fatigue and pain. It can help overcome altitude sickness, which is common for tourists in South America.

Coca chewing and drinking of coca tea occurs daily by millions of people in the Andes without problems, and is considered sacred within indigenous cultures. Coca tea is also widely used outside the Andean Amazon area. There has been an increase in use of coca flour as a food supplement. Because of its stimulant effect, coca leaf was originally an ingredient in Coca Cola.

While the leaf being chewed in this past life experience may not be a coca leaf, this is still an example of the leaf of a plant being used in such a way.

Laron: “How many people do you think are there?”
W: “About 28, including the males and females. There are more people coming in from elsewhere. They are all welcome. They all need to come tonight.”

Laron: “Do you know the reason for the ceremony?”
W: “Something with the stars. That’s how they know. Everyone except for the children are joining in here.”

Laron: “How do you feel after drinking that?”
W: “It gives me a slight headache. I can access… something else. I’m sitting now, there’s people dancing around me. I stay sitting because of the headache. Yeah… they’re healing me, the energy… that comes in. (The connection?) Yes.”

Laron: “What sort of healing do you think it is?”
W: “It’s healing my injury, it’s healing my side. I don’t eat meat. Some people are eating it but I don’t eat it anymore. I eat lots of plants and nuts. I feel relaxed now.”

Laron: “Do you hear anyone talking about the experiences they’re having?”
W: “They are receiving knowledge, such as where to hunt. (Does it help to enhance their intuition about what they want?) Yes, and I learn about the plants. (Your intention is to learn more about the plants?) Yes, yes, I can feel them. Something about… a blue flower. I need to collect this blue flower. My headache is gone now. There’s a lot of energy in the leaves, the ones I eat, but everyone should eat the leaves.”

Blue Flower - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “What other information is important?”
W: “Always give back for what you take, to replenish the Earth.”

After checking in to make sure there was nothing else Wendie felt she needed to experience or explain, I moved her on.

The Crystal Temple & Connections to Nature

W: “There are butterflies flying everywhere. I feel new here. I haven’t been human very long. The butterflies are taking me to another place, they are guiding me.”

Laron: “Where are they taking you?”
W: “To different places in nature. I see the rings of a tree; I used to be that tree. I used to be lots of plants. It’s different being a person. I don’t understand. It’s different. I like to observe everything. It helps me understand.”

Laron: “What else did you used to be?”
W: “Ants. I feel very connected to nature.”

Laron: “Are the butterflies still with you? Where are you now?”
W: “Yes. I’m inside a crystal house. It’s made of crystal. It’s more like a castle. It’s big. The crystal is clear. People come here for healing. People come here to connect… to meditate.”

Laron: “Are you inside a specific room?”
W: “Yes. There’s an orb — black marble ball inside here. (How large?) You can wrap your arms around it. It is floating. We can reach up and touch it. It’s about head height.”

Laron: “Are you alone in that room?”
W: “No, there are others. It looks like a council. There are a bunch of us. We make decisions. There’s a table in here. We are around the table. The table is a rectangle in shape, we’re standing — there’s no chairs. We don’t need chairs. We don’t have… we have light bodies, but we can manifest arms, we can touch. We can help people that come in to the temple.”

Laron: “Can you see yourself? What do you look like?”
W: “I’m just white light. I have a form. It’s like… just a white form, white light. It’s a long oval shape. We are similar, all light, except for the people that come in. We heal them but we also decide… if it’s in their best interests to be healed.”

Laron: “Do the ones that come in have a physical body?”
W: “Yes. They know who we are. They come voluntarily. They’re all different. They come from everywhere. We guard water, it’s healing, it’s sacred water — original water. (You give them the water?) Yes, they can drink it. Not everyone can drink this water. (Where does the water come from?) It’s original water. The first water made.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense if that is Earth or somewhere else?”
W: “No, it’s far away. It’s very far away.”

Laron: “What does the crystal do that is in the room?”
W: “It helps us travel. It’s a portal. We can move to where we want to go. ”

Laron: “Is there a leader in the council? Or is everyone equal?”
W: “Everyone is equal but we have different roles. We come together to decide.”

Laron: “What is your role?”
W: “I make discernment. I’m like a guard. Very sacred. Everyone can come here… I like everyone to come here when they are ready.”

Laron: “So you decide who is appropriate to be helped?”
W: “Yes. If it’s part of their plan, if it’s good for them.”

Laron: “Do they come from one planet or other planets?”
W: “All is welcome here. You have to have a pure heart to get in.”

Laron: “How would a person make a request to go there?”
W: “Intention. It’s all in intention.”

Laron: “What sort of healing can take place there?”
W: “Answer prayers. Healing. Love. It’s cleansings and renewing. ”

Laron: “Do you get a name come to you for a name of that place?”
W: … {Long silence} (What comes to you?) “That doesn’t sound right. It sounds like kombucha, but it’s not kombucha.” {She laughs} (Do you see letters or symbols?) “I see symbols. There’s a flower of life symbol in here. Kombucha. It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Kombucha - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Kombucha in Japanese means kelp tea, but the word has other meanings and origins. Kelp tea has a unique flavor. Some forms of kelp tea use natural sea salt obtained from the Seto Inland Sea (also known as Setouchi — the body of water separating Honshū, Shikoku, and Kyūshū, three of the four main islands of Japan), warmed by sunlight. It’s very abundant in trace minerals. Kelp is a natural super food which is not only loaded with trace minerals, but also amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It’s also a natural source of iodine which can help stimulate a sluggish thyroid and encourage a healthy metabolism.

More traditionally, “kombucha” is a health drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with the kombucha culture. The result can taste like something between sparkling apple cider and champagne, depending on what kind of tea you use. It’s not what you’d imagine fermented tea to taste like.

So what is kombucha culture? The culture looks like a white or beige rubbery pancake. It’s also commonly called “scoby”, which is in reference to symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts. The culture is put in green or sweetened black tea and can turn a bowl full of sweet tea into a bowl full of minerals, enzymes, vitamins and health-giving organic acids. The first recorded use of kombucha was in China way back in 221 BC, during the Tsin Dynasty. It was called the “Tea of Immortality” in China. It’s been used in Russia, Eastern Europe and Japan for several centuries. It was in 415 AD that the name “kombucha” originated in Japan.

Some health benefits, based on research, has shown that it has antibiotic, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Based on tests with rats, it’s been shown to improve liver function and protect against stress. Based on the consumption of kombucha from many people, a range of health benefits have been reported, including improvements in metabolic disorders, HIV, arthritis, energy levels, cancer, candidiasis, digestive problems, hypertension, chronic fatigue and allergies. Some people even use it externally for skin issues, and to wash their hair with.

Dr. Kombu, a Korean doctor, is said to have brought it to the Japanese Emperor Inyoko, in 414 AD, and that samurai warriors in ancient Japan carried it in their wine skins because it gave them energy in battle.

It’s also been reported that a fermented, vinegary beverage was contained in the travel flasks of Genghis Khan and his armies.

In Russian, the kombucha culture is called čajnyj grib (literally “tea mushroom”). The beverage is known as grib (“mushroom” or gribok, “little mushroom”). It was attributed to saving Nobel Prize winner Alexsander Solzhenitsyn’s life when he was in exile in Siberia in the 1950’s.

Also in Russia, residents in towns near to where the Chernobyl meltdown occurred in the 1980’s were exposed to high doses of radiation, which caused a lot of harm in the weeks and months after the incident. However, scientists and doctors noticed a group of people that were resistant to the effects, many of whom were elderly females. What they discovered was that the common element with all of them turned out to be that they consumed Kombucha regularly, which helped them survive the radiation.

Laron: “What’s happening right now in the room?”
W: “There’s someone who’s not of the council who wants the water. We’re deciding whether they can use this water to create.”

Laron: “The group is making a decisions? (Yes) How do you communicate with each other?”
W: “We just know. It’s telepathic. (Is it a bit difficult, this decision?) No, it’s not. I can’t see who comes in but I know they are there.”

Laron: “Do you know what they want to create?”
W: “Life. New life.”

Laron: “Is it a single individual or something different?”
W: “No. It’s a team of people. It’s ok. (They’re allowed to now?) Yes.”

Laron: “Do you get to see what life they create?”
W: “We let them know it’s ok. More plants. Some seeds.”

Laron: “Are they manifesting using their thought power to create this life?”
W: “Yes. (Do you know where they are doing it?) It’s a new planet that needs water. I see a ball with no water on it yet; it’s all solid.”

Laron: “So they are like seeding life on the planet?”
W: “Yes — with water. It’s ok.”

Laron: “Is this a common request that you get, the council, or just one of many things?”
W: “It’s the only request. It’s life water. We decide who gets this water.”

Laron: “So that’s the sole purpose of that water for creating life?”
W: “Yes.”

Laron: “So the council has two main tasks? That one and healing those that come in?”
W: “Yes. We have to heal them before they come in. We also heal them so that we know their intentions are pure.”

Laron: “So with the group that came in to request permission to use the water, did you heal them first?”
W: “Yes.”

Laron: “Is that how it always works or do you ever have people come that only receive healing?”
W: “Some that just need healing. Not many know of the water.”

Laron: “So that’s kind of like a sacred thing?”
W: “Yes. That’s why we guard it.”

Laron: “Are you one of the main guards?”
W: “Yes.”

You may see me ask questions on occasion which might not fit into what has gone on previously. Sometimes I also pick up on what the client sees, but I also feel guided to ask certain things because it will lead to further information, possibly important information not just for a client, but for others that read the sessions I transcribe.

Laron: “Do you have any memory of using that crystal for navigation?”
W: “Yes, I can go anywhere. I can go to what’s been created and go to where they need permission.”

Laron: “Are the council also beings that create? Or that is not their role? That’s the role of others?”
W: “I need to ask. That’s our main task. (What you are doing in the room?) Yes. There’s springs of water everywhere that contain the same water and I can visit them and watch them.”

Laron: “The water that is placed on planets to create life?”
W: “The spring water that’s the original water.”

Laron: “Where does it come from? Does it come from planets or another dimension — the original water, or does something create it?”
W: “It’s the first water. It’s always been there. (In the crystal temple?) Yes. (Is it in that room?) Yes. (What does it look like?) It’s very clear.”

Laron: “What does it contain?”
W: “Everything. It’s the seed of life. It has it all, everything that’s needed.”

Laron: “Is it sitting in a container or tub?”
W: “No, it’s free and it flows. There’s a fountain… a spring.”

Laron: “Is it in that same room or elsewhere in the temple?”
W: “The temple is built on top of this water.”

Laron: “Do you get a sense of where the temple is?”
W: “It’s very far. It’s another dimension. ”

Laron: “Would you say it’s in its own realm?”
W: “Yes. (So there is nothing else there except the temple?) This is what we are. This is it.”

Laron: “If you were to look outside of the temple, you wouldn’t see much there, because that is what it is?”
W: “Yes.”

Laron: “Do you feel very connected to the council? Are they a part of you, or separate?”
W: “We are separate but we can come together.”

Laron: “Can I get you to use the crystal in the room to travel?”
W: “Yes.”

Laron: “Can I get you to travel to your higher self? (Yes) Put that intention in to travel. It can take you anywhere.”

I just quickly want to include a reminder about Wendie’s first experience of being the life water which comes up in this session. In order she had the direct experience of creating life, then she went on to learn how to use that life within plants for medicine, healing and ways to access information from the other side. Now she was just shown being in charge of making that life water available to others.

I think that this is a fascinating session as it’s like a cycle of life in a way, but of course from a different perspective.

The Higher Self

W: “I stay close to the water. It’s a stream… a small body of water. There’s spring water coming up. I’m sitting in the grass. ”

Laron: “Is the water coming up under the ground?”
W: “Yes, it’s a pool of water. It’s about fifty yards, it’s round. I’m waiting… I’m waiting for my… somebody to come.”

Pond - Creation of Life, Medicine Woman & Original Life Water — A QHHT Session by Laron

Laron: “Is it nice there?”
W: “It’s relaxing. It’s beautiful. {She makes sounds of recognition} I’m at the elven world. I come here when I meditate. The water is flowing; there’s a small waterfall with a rock ledge behind it.”

Laron: “Are you still sitting there in the grass?”
W: “Yeah.”

Laron: “Put the request out to ask for your higher self to come, in any form it chooses to.”
W: “She does vibrate higher than me and she’s a guide.”

Laron: “What does she look like?”
W: “She looks elven. {Laugh} She’s by herself. Her hair is long and auburn. She looks solid and looks like me. (Has she got pointy ears?) {Laugh} Yes. She’s wears white. I don’t think of her as a higher self; (That’s ok) maybe she is.”

Laron: “Ask her if she has anything to tell you before we continue.”
W: “She’s giving me a gift. It’s a yellow butterfly. I’m standing there holding it in my hand. {She asks herself what it means but doesn’t get an answer} She knows me better than she knows myself.”

I then get Wendie to merge into the being and to access higher self.

Laron: “What was the reason for having an experience as a water molecule?”
HS: “To experience what water does. To know its importance. How can you protect what you don’t understand?”

Laron: “Will that help her in this life now to more fully understand the importance of how life grows and is supported, through that experience?”
HS: “Yes.”

I then ask about why she was shown the scene as a plant medicine woman.

HS: “It is connected; water is in the plants. The plants are consumed but there needed to be the water in them, to know them intuitively so she can use them for a higher purpose. To heal them, to heal everyone she encounters, you need to know where you come from in order to use it. Understand the experience is part of the learning process.”

Laron: “Does that apply to her life right now, as well?”
HS: “Of course.”

I ask if there was anyone in that particular experience who is in her life now and she is told who they are and who they were in that life.

I then next ask about why she was shown the experience of being in the crystal temple.

HS: “To be more discerning; it’s not judgment, there’s a difference. She doesn’t have to make decisions on her own, that’s what the council is for. ”

Laron: “So there’s always guidance for her when she makes her decisions?”
HS: “Yes, trust in that, don’t want unintended consequences, but in the end it doesn’t really matter as it’s all learning. It’s a lesson to work together. It’s a team — find your spiritual team to work together and guide each other.”

Laron: “Spiritual team as in this life now? (Yes) As in friendships?”

The names of the people in Wendie’s life right now are mentioned, as in her spiritual team. She’s told there are more people to come in and be open to these experiences.

I then ask if there is anyone on the council, in the crystal temple, who is in Wendie’s life, and she is told not yet, but there will be.

Laron: “What is Wendie’s purpose in life?”
HS: “She has the freedom to choose, which makes it more difficult for her. Anything she decides, she will be supported. She can heal. She teaches everyone around her about genuine love, it’s not on a big scale but it’s infectious and spreads to other people without her realizing it. It’s hard for her to know that what she is doing is good, and that seeds are actually being planted.”

Laron: “Would that be one of her primary reasons of being here? Teaching people about love?”
HS: “Absolutely. (Is she doing a good job?) She is. It’s ok. She doesn’t think she is. She doesn’t think it’s enough. She’s hard on herself.  ”

Laron: “Is there anything she could do differently to help her?”
HS: “Teaching her to love herself. (Are you teaching her to love herself or she should focus on that?) Both. (So you’re helping right now?) Yes. I’m giving her warmth.”

Laron: “What else are you doing?”
HS: “I’m helping her feel brave. It’s empowerment. I’m sending her energy. They can connect. She needs to listen to me more.”

Laron: “Will you continue to teach and help her with love as we go on with the questions?”
HS: “Of course. That doesn’t stop.”

Laron: “Wendie wants to know why she got Epstein–Barr virus.”
HS: “She already knows. It has helped her to focus and has forced her to slow down. Perfectionism is a problem. She tries to do everything.”

Laron: “Did she slow down?”
HS: “Absolutely. She did not like it. It’s also teaching her to love herself; forces her to — she can give to everybody. The more she gives the more she takes away from herself. The water will replenish her. She’s not supposed to give it away. That was for her. It’s for her to drink. It’s ok.”

Earlier, when she first encountered the body of water where she connected with higher self, she gave some water away to a friend of hers to help.

Laron: “Does she still need to have Epstein–Barr or can she be healed?”
HS: “She can be healed.”

Laron: “Can you heal her now and remove it from her system?”
HS: “Yes. I’ll make the energy flow through her body to every cell. She always needs proof. Her faith is getting stronger.”

Laron: “Can you explain what is taking place while you’re healing her now?”
HS: “It’s heat, it’s light, and it warms up her body. The healing goes where it needs to go and it flows. The energy goes through her and runs down into the earth. It’s more of a rainbow color… all colors. (As in the colors coming into her?) Yes.”

I then ask about work, what would be best for her when she is ready to work again. She’s provided with a detailed answer. Another important health issue is addressed, of a private nature, which I can confirm was more mostly resolved a month after the session, in addition to her Epstein-Barr being fully healed.

Laron: “What can Wendie do to improve her general health?”
HS: “Get out of the city. Get into nature. Connect. (On a regular basis?) Yes. It can be a park. (What about hiking?) Hiking, or the ocean, make camping trip plans. (So it’s all about reconnecting with nature on a regular basis?) That will be the most healing for her at this time.”

Laron: “What would be the best way for Wendie to pursue her healing passion?”
HS: “By talking about it more, with others. Practicing. By doing it. Instead of thinking about it, do it. She’s on the right path. It’s ok. (Would it help her to try out different methods, as in receiving as a client if she’s able to?) Oh, yeah. Yes. Continue with the Reiki. Find a teacher. Take a class. Right now it’s time to learn.”

Laron: “Why does Wendie have a fear of speaking?”
HS: “It’s part of her upbringing. She was told a child should be seen, not heard. Her siblings were older when she grew up; she felt older than what she was as a child, she felt like she needed to grow up. She needs to reconnect with childhood and that’s why motherhood is so important to her. She needs to play — it will help here — creativity. (Play with her children more or try to connect with her inner child?) Both. It’s a process to connect with her inner child.”

Laron: “Is there a specific moment or event that happened which caused the block for her public speaking?”
HS: “She thinks differently. She’s afraid to rebuild her spiritual side. She’s woken up in the past. Others have cut her off. That’s why she needs to meet more people like yourself. It’s ok to teach her children about spirituality. More and more people need that as they wake up. She’s always had it, she just needs to recover it. There’s a stigma attached to spiritual matters — speaking of it.”

Laron: “Is it important to do that in person, face-to-face?”
HS: “Yes. With everybody that she meets, in a respectful way. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, just a better way.”

Laron: “What can Wendie do to unblock her throat chakra?”
HS: “She knows. I told her to go to toast masters, since she moved here. She hasn’t gone. (Is that the best method for her right now?) That’s one method. There’s more than one way. She needs to speak her truth even if she feels uncomfortable, just do it anyway.”

Laron: “Are there any contracts or karmic links to break and disconnect from, for Wendie right now?”
HS: “Yes. There’s two. One she broke, her self. The other one I’m helping her with. (Does she know what that is?) Yes. She broke the one with her ex. And it’s ok.”

Laron: “So you’re helping her to break that, so that is something that can be done now, or to continue on?”
HS: “That can be done now.”

A few months after this QHHT session, Wendie told me that the one higher self helped to break, that person proposed to his partner soon after she had this session with me.

Laron: “What can Wendie do to help her increase her psychic abilities, or help any psychic ability come out more?”
HS: “It’s like… getting rid of fear. Meditate consistently. She’s scared herself sometimes, but it’s ok. She’s protected. (Would it also help to unblock her throat chakra?) Yes. (Anything else?) Singing; that will help open up her chakra and she’s already started doing that — that will speed the process. ”

Laron: “Wendie wants to know why the right side of her body, above her liver, is sore.”
HS: “She’s been detoxing and eating healthier. It’s not what she thinks it is. (Is it a symptom of detoxing?) Yes. (A cleansing symptom?) Yes, nerve inflammation.”

Wendie also told me after the session that she felt it was also to do with the injury in the past life with the hog, as the exact location she had that accident was the same place she had the pain. The pain did go away right after the session and she has been through other detoxes since then, with no pain.

Laron: “Is there anything else that Wendie may want to ask her higher self right now?”
HS: “There could be a third child coming in. Motherhood is her season in life and she needs to fully embrace it.”

Laron: “Has she got anything else to ask?”
HS: “She’s asking for proof of the healing. (Are you providing proof?) Yes. I am. I’m done.”

Laron: “Wendie wanted to meet her spirit guides. Are there any other guides that want to appear right now?”
HS: “Her grandmother is always with her. She had an experience years ago that scared her. But this is just reassurance that that was her grandma; there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Laron: “Are there any final messages that higher self wants to give us today?”
HS: “Good job. It’s an honor being here. Come back here anytime. You can connect. The teacher gets to do it too. You can do it together.”

*  *  *

For those unfamiliar with this healing modality, by using hypnosis I guide clients into past lives and other memories, sometimes future, and sometimes simultaneous experiences, then shift them into a trance state from which their higher self can speak through them. In addition to the healing and releases from seeing these memories, the higher self has the ability to provide healing right there in that moment, or over a period of time, and answer any questions. Occasionally other high level beings and collectives communicate through clients, including guides, councils and source.

Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of around twenty books, taught me all of her training in person, in Melbourne, Australia back in 2011 before she passed on. I’m now situated in Avoca North, NSW, Australia (just out of Sydney) and offer sessions in person here. I offer past life regression online which is a combination of methods, from QHHT, to Michael Newton’s LBL (life between lives) and more. Most of my sessions over the past 3 years have been online. I’m also trained in clinical hypnotherapy.  For a free Zoom consult and/or to schedule a session, head to my website:


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