The Emotional Link to the Hips

Hips: Finding The Emotional Link So You Can Self-Heal


I was just talking to a friend who had a injury come up in one of her hips recently. She thought back and identified when it originally occurred, so it wasn’t a new condition but something from the past that continued to give her discomfort.

Like I mentioned in my article, Why do we get sick? | Our Psychological Foundation & Immune System, every health issue that arises will have an emotional foundation that originally created it.

With the hips, the emotional link can relate to family problems and disagreements. Feeling used, unappreciated, angry, betrayed, deceived, let down, shot down, alienated. Experiencing strain, frustration, guilt, lack of support, too much responsibility. Feeling unacknowledged, taken advantage of, manipulated.

While there are a long list of things you can do to address a health issue from the emotional perspective, including getting an energy healing or Reiki treatment, which are services I provide, here is a process for self-healing.

Such a process goes really well after receiving a healing, but can be done instead.

Think about who or what you may be “carrying” on your hips. Is there anyone you may be taking responsibility for and/or supporting?

Stand up and shake your hips in any which way you feel, but while doing so think of your self letting go of all of these possible energetic connections to past events, including old family beliefs and programming. If your health doesn’t allow you to shake your hips, instead just massage them in a circular motion with your hands.

Now close your eyes and imagine a round container in front of you that will recycle and transmute all of the energy that doesn’t belong. You can use your hands to remove all the stuck energy from your hips — such energy may be about guilt, fear, frustration, old family programming, etc, and place all that energy in that container where it will be dissolved.

You may even psychically pick up on what is coming out, so you could see images, color such as grey smoggy energy, knives, people, etc.

Now say the words, “Highest aspect of myself, I ask you to release all the family problems, disagreements, sadness, grief, conflicting emotions, guilt, anger and betrayal from my hips as well as all points of view, the positive and negative charges and all patterns that contribute to this condition.”

Repeat the word “CLEAR” until you feel a shift.

While doing this, you can shake your hips like before. The point here is that you want to feel balanced and flexible in that area as the more you are, the more you will be in life and this will help your creativity to expand.

Now say, “Highest aspect of myself, please install feelings of peace, appreciation, clarity, fulfillment, relaxation and serenity. Allow me to experience harmony, unity and support in my life and in my family. Please heal and regenerate my hips to their full strength, balance and mobility. Thank you.”

That’s it!

My friend was able to identify the situation she was in recently, and originally when the health condition appeared, and this did fit into what I mentioned above in terms of the emotional link.

I hope all your hips are healthy and functioning in their natural state! My father has had two hip replacements; don’t let it get that far! Address the emotional connection as operations are not always necessary.

If you do have any health questions, over on the community forum for my site, we have a board dedicated to Health with two friends of mine moderating it. Feel free to drop by.