Conscious Parenting Advice & Resources That Can Help

Conscious Parenting Advice & Resources That Can Help

To raise a child, a village is required. As the world shifts with rapid change, it’s now easier to teach and bring up our children with healthier options and methods. We need to think outside the box, especially for those gifted at such a young age and this is where conscious parenting is important.

Conscious parenting can also relate to one’s individual healing journey, involving truly knowing who you are, including your emotional triggers and making yourself whole by healing old wounds.

“In the absence of reflection, history often repeats itself, and parents are vulnerable to passing on to their own children unhealthy patterns from the past. Understanding our lives can free us from the otherwise almost predictable situation in which we re-create the damage to our children that was done to us in our own childhoods. Research has clearly demonstrated that our children’s attachment to us will be influenced by what happened to us when we were young if we do not come to process and understand our lives.”
— Dr Dan Siegel, Parenting from the Inside Out

Thinking deeply about your own experiences in childhood is also important for conscious parenting, so that you can broaden a deeper understanding of your life story, helping to identify those emotional triggers.


It’s about taking time to consciously examine internal experiences that provoke an intense emotional response to your child, so that you can stop being “emotionally hijacked”, enabling you to make mindful choices about the decision you make, and your general interaction with your children.

In this short video, Shefali Tsabary, an author with a PhD in Psychiatry, explains the concept of conscious parenting

There is a lot more involved with conscious parenting. I was talking to a friend a while back that triggered thoughts because of how the western world can celebrate Easter. If I had a child I would be doing my best to provide a range of alternative traditions, beliefs and celebrations, rather than just the a single one every year, not to only educate, but to enable the child to not have something forced upon them.

I feel it’s important for us to step away from our family values and beliefs, and go beyond, past our cultural and society expectations so that we can become our own person, find our own truths and connect more easily with higher aspects of our being, and those truths don’t need to be the same as our parents.

All these things that are pushed, and sometimes forced upon us when we are younger, can create major blocks in our energy, and have to therefore be addressed later on in life, whether negative, positive, or neutral. We have to make a transition through what we were told something was, and open up to how it actually is — for us, as a unique individual vibrating as energy, consciously, within a human vehicle — by tapping into not just our intuition, but those aspects further beyond, far through the veil.

It’s about overcoming our biology and upbringing to being empowered to draw on a blank slate. It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

Parenthood in itself can be a great healing journey. If done with awareness it can definitely give a great impetus to our consciousness evolution.

What happens when a child leaves the traditional education system behind? I just posted a thread about this on the community forumThe Roundtable, which is part of my site, that includes a number of TED talks by younger folk discussing their experiences with home schooling.

On the Roundtable we have a board dedicated to Conscious Parenting. Here are some of our pinned threads on that board, which are threads that sit at the top so are easily found by visitors seeking information and/or wanting a space to ask questions.

So what is your take on conscious parenting? How do you put it into practice? Feel free to drop by transients’ Forum to share.