QHHT: A Talk About Healing, Higher Self & Past Life Regression

QHHT: A Talk About Healing, Higher Self & Past Life Regression

For ten years I’ve been helping people heal and find answers to important questions. I’ve also helped them connect to people who have passed over but with every session I connect them with their higher self, sometimes referred to as god or source.

In 2011, Dolores Cannon, a pioneer in past life regression and author of over 20 books, taught me and many other students all of her training for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy in Melbourne, Australia. She knew she probably wouldn’t be back so included her advanced course.

In addition to deep diving into various hypnosis techniques including stage hypnosis, I’ve since studied other methods of regression, including Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives. I stuck with Dolores’ as it’s quite unique.

About two thirds of the way through a QHHT session I bring in the highest aspect of the soul, the place that they are always connected to, and where they can return during this life through an out of body experience — which I teach and you can find my course here — or when passing on.

This is what Dolores referred to as the subconscious (SC), but what I call the higher self.

The thing is, it’s made up of many, many past life avatars, and I am referring to both the deity and the spirit form one is in when inhabiting a shape connected into a conscious experience which can lead to the opportunity for spiritual growth.

I’ve found that this higher self is next to source and that source is still separate and is a combination of many higher selves, but in reality they are of course both connected and one of the same — this is why many teachers, including myself, refer to us all being god or source.

The higher self has the ability to heal someone right there in the room, immediately, but the circumstances people get themselves into with their health are normally not meant to be fixed on the spot.

Every health issue we have is based on a moment in time where we had an emotional reaction. That reaction stayed with us as we kept on thinking about it. Those thoughts created an energy disturbance in our energy system. That disturbance, which can also be understood as blocks and misalignments, eventually creates a physical health issue in the human body in connect to a specific chakra.

Finding out the original reason behind a health issue is therefore not as simple as you think and can often link back into past lives. An event when young in this life can be the catalyst, but that event may also be connected into the goings on in other lives.

Our health is therefore a guide and reflection of causality. It’s important we find out what caused the problem, otherwise it will likely keep coming back if it’s healed or if it goes away, and even then it’s not uncommon for a condition to heal, but because the person is still focused on the events of the past through the mind, they get sick again.

That is why meditation is so very important, and I refer to single focus meditation, not guided, as you need to keep the thoughts and imagination out and get to a stage where for 20-30 minutes no thoughts come in. If you are not thinking, your health improves drastically as you start detaching from the events that make you sick.

The higher self also has access to information, such as what sits in the akashic records, and can answer any question one has. That can be about health, but so much more, such as the life purpose of a soul.

On occasion I have a client come into contact with someone who has passed over to the other side. They have the opportunity to talk to them and talk about anything that’s important. There may be a message they need to hear from that person. One time I had a client who was told to pass on a message from their friends Mum who had recently died. The friend was not aware of the death but the message was quite important.

Spirit guides also make contact and important discussions can take place, which can include direct guidance. The guides are always around helping one on their path and to support this difficult Earth school we are all in.

In one session a client of mine, who I’d done nine session with, made contact with Dolores Cannon after she had passed on. It was a fascinating session as a lot of information came up. We talked to her directly, but also through the grid consciousness — a collective that looks after the goings on of the Universe, including the creation of planets and conditions required to support varying forms of life.

In recent years I’ve had some great feedback from spiritual teachers who seek me out to those involved in hypnosis, some facilitating past life regression. I feel it’s important I help people find out more about themselves beyond this one life. Of course, helping another person heal is a big part of this and why I am here, but what really drives me is helping a soul wake up to another level.

This experience in a human body, and those many lives back here on Earth as part of the reincarnation cycle, is only a very small part of what’s out there. One way to think of this is to wake up from a dream multiple times, and to eventually learn that you are not an individual but a collective of individuals, a creator of life and realities.

I offer past life regressions online. Contact me for more information. I’m also an experienced energy healer. A list of my services is here: https://laron.nz/services/