Leaving the Physical

Leaving the Physical is a self-paced course designed and taught by Laron G.S and includes 12 weeks of daily exercises to help you achieve a conscious projection out into another energetic vehicle, such as your astral body.

Surrounding the 12 weeks is information to support that process. For those that take on the course, Laron holds a space with a Facebook group; there people can ask questions, share experiences and organise dates to begin the course with others.

The amount of time invested in the daily exercises will gradually increase over the span of the 12 weeks as more are introduced, and existing ones increase in duration.

Types of exercises include focusing the mind and developing visualisation skills, mantras, sparking your energetic system, relaxation, recording dreams, projection exercises, affirmations, reality checks, and more.

Those that take on the course will develop an increased ability with mindfulness, visualisation, self-healing, manifestation, and will come to understand their psyche in a whole new light. For those that explore out of body, a new level of existence awaits, including the opportunity to further expand and explore who you are.

The course is delivered in written format (PDF, 67 pages), and includes illustrations, links to supporting material such as videos and articles, as well as recordings done by Laron to help with the pronunciation of mantras.

You can purchase the course using the PayPal button below. After purchase, when Laron is available he will email you with the course attached. To contact Laron for questions, click here to fill in a form which will be emailed to him. You can also send him a message on Facebook.

The cost is $150 NZ (roughly $97 US / 91 Euro)

Note that the course is best suited for those who have a healthy mental state. During the 12 weeks of the course, it’s recommended your mind stays as focused and as clear as possible — alcohol and hallucinogens wouldn’t be helpful, as two examples, during the course. Course information does not negate personal responsibility of the student for their own health and safety. Use of this course is with the understanding that the course creator is not engaged in rendering professional services. Course information is not intended as a substitute for consulting a health care professional. Results are not guaranteed, however, if you put in the effort, focus and time, you may be surprised at the results — results which can be dependent upon your experience, and other factors.