ET Grey Abduction, Angelic Realm & Talking With Source

ET Grey Abduction, Angelic Realm & Talking With Source

Last week I facilitated a very interesting session in an online past life regression with Monica Ramirez. Monica’s a transformational belief coach, artist, author, poet, meditation teacher, and holistic therapist. She’s also the host of Warrior of Love podcast and has interviewed me in the past. Monica’s site is here.

With these sessions you bring with you a list of questions, and that can include any health issue. A typical session will have past lives and experiences beyond the Earth and will include memories which relate to the primary issues one is facing. With higher self in trance, clarity can be found on the questions and additional healing can take place.

Her first life took place in the USA during the civil war period around 1865 where she experienced the contrast of peace, and suffering including great loss. This helped her address and heal a number of issues she’d come to me about.

In the afterlife she found herself in the angelic realm, her ‘home’ before her current life. Important discussions took place with those there.

(2:10:24) One of her questions for the session was about revisiting a strange ET experience 26 years ago where she woke next to her husband, finding herself paralysed and seeing small grey aliens in her room. I thoroughly explored this event and found out what really took place, which was for the good of humanity — while a complex situation, it was for the purpose of enabling souls to come in who hold a higher vibration and can help Earth get through this difficult period during the incoming age of Aquarius (the shift in consciousness), which includes waking up others. It was found that these beings are one of many out there doing similar things to help with the shift.

(32:01) An important part of that experience was her being told that she agreed to the abduction, yet she did not recall it. This troubled her. I decided to take her to the moment she made the decision and planning, to come to Earth. That moment happened to be with a collective of source, which one could say is above, or beside, the higher self. The collective was actually source (where we all originate from) in this session. We also gained a lot of interesting information.

One of the techniques I use in situations like this, is that I bring up the full memory of the event and get as much detail as I can, and then I request the client to contact the beings out of time, as in beyond that memory and moment, so that a direct line of communication is established which was not part of the memory. From doing this, further clarity on the event can be gained.

In this video share I’ve left out the past life, but I’ve included all of the abduction experience, part of the angelic realm and most of the discussion with the source collective. You can find a link to the video here, or click on the image below.

Some of the details that come up in the abduction experience:

  • The tech used to paralyse her, and modify her memories.
  • Where the greys come from.
  • Multiple females also abducted on the craft.
  • The tech used to impregnate her.
  • After the experience I contact the ETs directly that were present, outside of that timeline and moment, to ask them further questions.
  • Clarity around what would happen to Earth if these beings, and other beings, did not come to help us during this period in time.
  • Info on Draconian, Mantid and other ETs who do the opposite of this, and change people’s DNA to be able to control people, which includes using religions.

Other topics discussed with the source collective:

  • The consciousness of the Earth (divine feminine) is asking for help.
  • How source is all of us — includes an explanation on how everything works (reality/existence).
  • Detailed information on how source exists in its space.
  • Answers to why she had her first past life come up and the angelic realm experience.

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