Council Life Review & The Realities of War | RegressionSession Summary

Council Life Review & The Realities of War | RegressionSession Summary

Yesterday my past life regression client in Utah, USA, had a second session with me (second sessions are half price). As part of the process, a peaceful place is created. She found herself looking at a picture book of sorts, but a live scene was playing out. It was a child by a stream in nature.

After shifting her awareness into that scene, and becoming that child, I moved her onto another space — a past life in what seemed to be a medieval time period.

This life was rather detailed. It interconnected into her current life, helping her understand a number of issues she had, and was, faced with. As a young male who took up the sword and went to fight in a battle, he found the war very brutal. The client said it was nothing like the movies, it was harsher.

Lessons included going through the emotions and feelings of comradery, honour and the excitement of going to war, but in reality it was quite different. He survived the battle and decided to not return to that way of life. For weeks he made his way through a jungle, but in the end he gave up on life, curled up in a ball on the ground and willed his body to die.

The transition was an interesting one as the spirit that left the body knew exactly where it wanted to head and it went there right away, feeling relieved that that life was complete. A council of guides were in the next space, discussing that life and its purpose (a life review). The council experience was playful in nature, so there wasn’t so professional or serious. The first thing she was told was ‘well done’. There was much love and joy.

I found out that in that life, while there was free will, the life contract and plan was set in stone, so there was basically little to no deviations to the important choices that were made. However, as the soul had more experiences/lives, there was more deviation possible. Basically, the more choices you get, the more developed you are on the spiritual path.

We spent a lot of time with the Council, eventually getting to the questions the client brought into the session, including a health issue that was addressed. Out of interest, one of the questions related to taking up breatharianism (Inedia — no food, just prana) and if that was an appropriate diet for her. While in a trance state, her council supported this choice and was given guidance on the best ways to go about it.

She was very much connected in with the beings and space the council resided and came out of the session feeling a lot of love and support from them.

While these hypnotherapy regression sessions help to resolve health problems, find answers, and enable the opportunity to communicate with loved ones, guides and higher self, they can also uplift and remind you that there’s so much more to life, whether you explore that now or after this current one.

I’ve been facilitating past life regression session for over ten years, with most sessions held online over the past eighteen months. For more information, head here, to contact me, head here. You can find client session recordings on my YouTube channel here.