A Volunteer Soul Trapped: Healing Anxiety & Depression (QHHT Summary)

A Volunteer Soul Trapped: Healing Anxiety & Depression (QHHT Summary)

With strong feelings of being lost and not belonging; anxiety, depression and a former alcohol addiction, were some of the things my past life regression (QHHT) client came to me yesterday with, seeking answers and healing. She also couldn’t shake off a feeling of being trapped.

Married and in her 30’s, she’d found it hard to fit in because of feeling so different to everyone else. Her first experience was in a past life as slave who found himself beside a medieval tower, part of a castle wall. He was trying to escape. He climbed over, jumped, but broke his legs.

Guards took him to a cell. After some time they opened the door, letting in dogs. They laughed at him as the animals started making a meal of his legs. While floating out of the stone wall above the castle after passing, she noticed tortured souls still stuck in the walls.

Next to the castle was a city, and next to that was a forest. She went on to say, “Further away from that is like beautiful nature. It’s kind of sad, I didn’t know that existed. I’m just looking at the contrast. It’s the complete opposite of the dark city, it’s all on the other side of it. It’s all sunshine and trees and green. I just know why I can’t be there, if that’s there why does everyone have to be in the bad place.”

In her current life, when she was young one of her family members made fun of her and laughed at her on a regular basis, someone she should have been able to trust and who should have been looking after her.

Between lives she flew around space exploring. She was happy and even walked on the rings around a planet. A portal appeared, which she entered. It was like swimming and it felt like she was a dolphin, which was one of her past lives she later found out. On the other side was a resting place on a tropical island where she would visit between lives — something felt off to her about that.

Her next life was in Egypt. First she was a five year old boy in rags and sandals. He’d run away from his teachers and was trying to hide at the base of a pyramid. They found him. They were priests and had taken him, and about thirty other boys, away from their parents and family. The boy never saw his loved ones again.

At age 12, he was laying on a stone slab inside a pyramid where a ritual was taking place by five priests. He didn’t want to be there — again feeling trapped. This ritual was about making him a priest. That was his destiny in this life.

When older, he was the head priest. His abilities included healing and telegraphy, but also mind control. The priests had a tradition that they carried down of controlling others, including those in positions of power above them, who did not know they were being controlled.

In another scene he was repeating the same ritual that had been done to him as a boy. With the use of a staff that enhanced the energy, he channelled consciousness into the boy starting at the base chakra.

When it was his time to pass, a death ritual took place, where a priest removed this energy down through the chakras, to use it as their own. When floating away from the body, he realised that what he’d been doing was wrong, especially the ability of mind control. Duality was also an important part of the session as the client learnt more about the importance of dark and light and how she’d needed to go through certain experiences like this.

Through another portal, which she didn’t feel comfortable entering, but decided to in the end, there was something off in relation to the feeling of being trapped. There was a machine like presence that was observing her in her resting place. With the help of higher self, she learnt she was a volunteer soul who’d come here to help during this shift in consciousness and new astrological age, but had become trapped in the cycle of reincarnation and karma.

This pattern related to her feeling of being trapped and so did her anxiety and depression, her higher self said. From seeing these experiences, along with some help directly from her higher self, she was able to understand, heal and start letting go of the trauma. She was assisted with breaking this pattern and came to understand what was going on.

As a follow up after the session, because of my own abilities, knowledge and experience — as a spiritual teacher — I was able to provide her with additional methods and advice to no longer become trapped in the cycle of reincarnation. We always have the choice to be here and keep returning. However, she didn’t have all the information or understand her potential as a powerful being that transcends time and space, and that she can at any time return to her higher self and source if she wants to after a life here, or even during it through out of body experiences.

In a future session with her, what I will probably do is take her to where she is from, which higher self said was another universe beyond our physical one, in a higher dimension.

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