QHHT Client Podcast Feedback | ‘My horse was a camel, my dog a wolf’

QHHT Client Podcast Feedback | ‘My horse was a camel, my dog a wolf’

Last week my client Dr Jin Ong, a cathartic release therapist, osteopathic doctor, psychosomatic therapist, western acupuncturist, and herbalist, based in Wanaka in New Zealand, had an online past life regression (QHHT) session with me and shares her experience on her podcast that you can find right here.

From her podcast description:

‘This is a documentation and sharing of the past life regression therapy session I had on 8.8.22

I love that it happened on this day (it’s all about the numbers).

I’ve had some past life sessions previously but didn’t think much of them. 8+ years on it all comes together.

This was the most significant out of all the sessions I had experienced.

I relived a future life.

I relived two past lives.

I lived a life between lives.

I got a clear msg.

I saw the patterns.

I learned about the loving connection I have with my horse and my dog- hence the title of this podcast.

And I see the life I get to live in this lifetime.

I’ve always had some sort of resonance to past lives.

I’ve often said I’m here to live out my soul’s purpose.

This experience peels back a few more layers.’

While you can listen to her experience here, she first had future scenes come up from her current life which is helping her to manifest that future; this included her last moments before passing from this life.

Then two lives were next. One as a nomad where her camel was her horse back in her current life. The second was as a North American Indian.

She also spent time in-between lives in a unique realm/space for soul rejuvenation. In terms of the healing, answers and guidance she received, do check out her podcast!

For those looking for a session with me, head here: https://laron.nz/past-life-regression-qhht/