ET Contact in the 1700s & Their Spiritual Teachings | Past Life

ET Contact in the 1700s & Their Spiritual Teachings | Past Life

My online regression client in New Zealand had a powerful session yesterday, which helped her reconnect with her origins, and release false beliefs that held her back from making authentic connections with others. She had a past life in the 1700s, married to a Lord in England who had close ties to the royal family. Throughout this life she had contact with UFOs and ETs, who taught her spiritual lessons, helping her awaken to a greater understanding of what lies beyond the Earth and third dimension. After the life she had a review, planned her next life and experienced what it was like to be in source, connected to everything.

In her 50s, she’s had a long career in HR, but had this ongoing sense of needing to connect and share with others, but a block was there around building closer relationships. Her questions included a request to meet her guides and grandmother, what her purpose was, the special bond with her husband, and a feeling around having lots of money and wondering where that came from.

In a long silk dress, she found herself in a valley near her very large home, similar to a small castle with three stories. In her 30’s, she noticed sheep and horses on the land. A large dog was beside her, which rarely left her side. She’d just picked flowers which she brought inside; a servant took them from her.

Once upstairs, she entered a room resembling a small library filled with books. Her husband sat in a chair reading. She sat with her dog beside him. They discussed an upcoming trip to London where he’d meet with royals.

She had a personal interest for the occult including anything mystical. I delved deeper and found she had a fascination with UFOs and one of her favourite books had illustrations of them. On one page was a purple saucer shaped UFO amongst the stars. She started to recall a secret group she belonged to and she was going to again meet with in London.

I moved time forward and she mentioned how careful she was being, making sure people didn’t see her as she left the location her husband and her were staying. Her husband fully supported her, but reminded her they had to keep these things secret because of their positions in society.

After taking a horse and carriage, on the other side of the city she found herself walking down a basement like corridor. She was met by a person guarding a door. Inside was a very large room with a glass above. It was an observatory. There was a large telescope and a few smaller ones, along with books here and there. It was a private residence, owned by a wealthy  professor who led their group of seven.

There were four males including the professor, and three females including her. Their topic tonight was sharing contact experiences with a spacecraft that each of them had had.

She went into detail on how she was near her house at night and saw a bright light which got closer. She felt a sense of connectedness with whatever it was. There was no fear, just curiosity. She saw that the object was some kind of craft eventually, not too large, but large enough that she knew there were beings inside it.

All of them had similar experiences to share, but the professor was always one step ahead with his experiences, and had met the beings inside at this point. I moved her ahead after exploring this for quite the while.

She was now in her 60s. They were hosting a wedding at their home. One of the secret group member’s children had got married. Because of how close she was with them now, she was happy to offer her place, even though it was a bit odd for them to host or interact with people who were not royalty. They did it anyway.

During the day, the group came together in the library upstairs. Sitting in a circle holding hands, they were all very close, knowing each other well now. There was no judgement, all with open minds, and they often joked and had humorous conversations. No fear and no concerns. Their contact with these beings had uplifted them spiritually.

They had now all met the ETs from inside the crafts that visited. She described their appearance, and that they didn’t communicate vocally, but telepathically, yet still used body language. Through their meetings with the ETs, they were taught about the spiritual world beyond the physical, and came to understand that life down here was just a game — everything was an illusion.

This knowledge and these interactions had powerful positive ramifications and changed their lives forever.

She went on to say, “Earth is not the only place supporting life in this Universe. There’s just so much more to it. They talked about how we have forgotten things, because the experience in this existence makes us forget. We’ve forgotten our existence beyond Earth. We think that this is it, but they talked to me about how there’s so much more. What’s interesting is the feelings coming through — it’s hard to explain. What they brought to us as a group is just that sense of complete peace, of complete joy and connection. It made me more kind as a person.

I asked her to connect directly with these ET beings right now, outside of the memory of the past life, and ask them if they had anything to tell her in relation to her current life back in the room. “Just remember. They are just reminding me of what they shared last time.” I asked why it was important that she remember. “Because I have forgotten. They are saying the purpose is to just remember our connection. This will help me be kind, open, and let go of my ego. This will help me help others. Just help them remember. Take off the shell that I kind of developed in this lifetime. Remember the person I was in this previous life.”

Next up she was in her mid-90s. She was the last one alive from her group. Her husband had passed about fifteen years ago. Lying in bed with no one in the room, she didn’t feel alone at all. She looked forward to death. She knew she had accomplished so much and helped many. Their group had planted seeds by sharing information about their encounters with others. The professor published some academic material, but didn’t reveal too much.

They’d all helped to expand and awaken the minds and consciousness of others in their lives. In the life review, she was told she should have been braver, and done more with sharing her experiences — to plant more seeds — but otherwise she had done well.

On the other side she was first greeted by a ‘warm’ light source. She met with her soul group including the six from the secret group, and linked into the source of this light which brought forth very strong feelings of connection and being one with everything (a form of enlightenment).

I took her through the life review, and asked her to go to when she planned her next life. A lot of helpful information came up here regarding her questions, but also other areas of her life. Afterwards, I guided her into the trance state and her higher self spoke through her to help us gain more clarity.

She met two of her guides and had a talk with her grandmother, understood her purpose, found the answer to clearing the block with human connection, learnt that her husband was the Lord in the past life she just had and that they had had many lives together, and understood that the feeling of having money tied into that past life.

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