QHHT Interview with a God: The Carer of the Deserts of Time

QHHT Interview with a God: The Carer of the Deserts of Time

Last week I facilitated a QHHT (past life regression) which is now available as audio on my YouTube channel. I’d say it’s probably the most interesting I’ve come across in recent years, in terms of higher level information with my clients and anything else I’ve stumbled upon. Immediately a being decided to consult with the client’s higher self and come in, rather than a past life — that of Cleopatra — which her higher self had prepared.

While it’s not easy to describe who and what this entity is, one could say that it could be compared to a god, in some belief systems and religions. It’s been assisting humanity for at least 14,000 years, and many other lifeforms in the universe and realms beyond. It uses a combination of dual souls, walk-ins, soul guidance (like a spirit guide) and has the ability to manifest in the physical — it would remain in a body for a number of years with Isis being one of its past experiences which is its truer form in terms of personality and the energy it holds in higher dimensions.

From The Carer: “Everyone is in agreeance that there needs to be less fear. There’s nothing to fear. There needs to be more positivity and more unconditional love for oneself with every person. There’s so much hatred and so much doubt. It needs not to be there. You’d be surprised looking at the world through my eyes, looking at souls and how many are aligning. If people just only believed in themselves, rather than relying upon another, rather than wanting to rely on what man has said. If they relied on themselves, they would find the truth. Everything is within yourself, your own truth is within yourself, you just have to align yourself to it. It’s a growth period and there’s ascensions happening everywhere. You just need to find the ability to align.

You can find the video below:

Topics from the session:

  • How The Carer guides souls and how many it can help within a certain period of time and how The Carer also learns and grows.
  • What The Carer — Entity — is, as in what it is composed of.
  • The reasons around why the client was chosen by this entity for the dual soul experience.
  • Negative Possession and how that works.
  • Information on the Venetians (cat like face, humanlike body on a planet with an internal sun) — a civilizations in another solar system where The Carer also spends time helping souls.
  • Where its ability to transform into any shape, or form, originates from.

Expanded summary on the topics below:

I visited my client Shannen at her home to conduct the session. Among her questions were two major health problems which had developed in recent years, and stopped her from working — fibromyalgia and functional neurologic disorder. She wanted to know her life purpose, how to move ahead in life, why she had a close connection with ancient Egypt and the Isis goddess, and a few other things including a request to make contact with a family member that had passed.

The client is married with two children, and has had a career in the cosmetology and legal industries. Since childhood she’s always been awake and connected with regular higher self contact and intuitive abilities. She’d use tarot as her tool for readings in the past. Part of the session involved helping her regain her confidence with her psychic abilities, as she’d lost it and had stopped doing certain esoteric work.

During the session she remained perfectly still, which was unusual. Once the entity — not my favoured word to describe it, but one which many can relate to — came in, I noticed the energy increase and her hand started vibrating in a sense, indicating a stronger connection and energy activity with the link that had been established. She came out of the session remembering about 10% of it. She also mentioned that she recalled the entity asking her how to explain some concepts and she’d tell it and then it would immediately ‘go’, as in return to the conversation with me.

First she found herself looking down at very fine sand with flecks of gold. The period of time was about 14,000 years ago on Earth. The focus of the session was not on a single past life, but more of an interview feel as I asked a great deal of questions, entering a number of rabbit holes. Eventually we learnt the sand was also representing the sands of time, so the desert and the sand were metaphorical in nature, even though The Carer had spent time in and around those who lived near or in deserts.

The Carer mentioned that she has lived as Isis, Cleopatra, Ramses and many more figures in history, a lot which none of us would recognise. Isis was The Carer’s true self, in terms of being closer to what the entity is like far beyond this realm. With Cleopatra, she came in as a walk-in, deciding that she’d help her become the better part of herself. Cleopatra was my client at the time — one of her past lives. Before The Carer came in, the client’s higher self had planned to show her the Cleopatra life as the first past life in the session.

While at times humans saw this being as a god or goddess, she explained that she was just a guardian. She said, “We were there to give guidance to people, and help them understand a new path, a new life. Human’s had become very lost, very lost in themselves and had nothing else left. The best thing they could do was have hope. We gave them hope. We gave them love. We gave them the ability to learn. Before that they didn’t have much to learn, other than how to survive. You can’t run on survival skills, you can’t run on fight or flight, as you would call it now. You have to have hope, or you don’t ascend.

She then went into great detail on Isis including her true appearance, and the orb above her head. We got into a conversation about Jesus. “He was a guardian sent to guide. But it makes me want to weep — the restraints that have been put on humankind for our guidance’s.”

She mentioned there’s been other beings like her, some who were here to teach the lessons through darker decisions. “People need to learn how to grow and you can’t grow without the negative. Everything has to be in a delicate balance. We have to have positive and we must have negative. If we don’t have the negative, we cannot possibly learn the light.”

It was found out that this entity has a dual soul connection with the client and is the cause of the fibromyalgia and functional neurologic disorder, because of the way the energetic body handles the energy. But this was planned before coming into her current life, and it has been important for her to experience what it’s like to have such conditions, which will help her help others as well. Advice was given on what she needs to do to heal, but she’s meant to have these conditions for a while longer.

After the conversation with The Carer, my client had a past life in a medieval setting, where she was forced by her father into an arranged marriage, but she had been in love with another at the time. The father found out who that was, beheaded him, and she then jumped to her death on the same day. Because of the karma that resulted from the suicide, she had to have a number of lives to work on that, but the two of them have been coming together in past lives ever since the medieval one, trying to find an experience where they could be together with a happy life and relationship. And they finally have with her life just now — the lover is her current husband.

I then connected her to her higher self in trance, gained some information on the higher self interacting with the entity and what that was like before the entity came in, and asked about the past life to gain more clarity on it, then moved onto her questions and helped her reunite with her loved one who’d past.

While I’m located in Nelson, New Zealand, I conduct most of my hypnosis based sessions online these days. Reach out if you’re ever interested (free consults). I’ve been doing this for over ten years now. I’m studying clinical hypnotherapy in 2023 and I’m trained in a number of different regression methods including Michael Newton’s LBL and Dolores Cannon’s QHHT. My sessions are now composed of everything they taught, and more, to keep up with modern times as this astrological age shifts into a new cycle. I include entity and dark energy removal, energy healing from me during the session, and soul retrieval (fragmentation) when necessary.