3 Past Life Regression Client Sessions in March, 2023

3 Past Life Regression Client Sessions in March, 2023

On my social media, including Facebook and Telegram, I occasionally share short summaries of past life regression and QHHT sessions I’ve conducted which I don’t post on here. Below are three from March, 2023.

March 27, 2023

A week ago my online hypnosis regression client (from the Gold Coast in Australia), said to me she’d had a QHHT (Dolores Cannon method of past life regression) session with another practitioner in person 3 weeks before, and wasn’t able to get anything at all to come through.

In her 20s with an analytical star sign and an education in marketing, she first found herself in darkness, with no impressions of anything. I used my magic and by the end of the session we explored two past lives as well as some fascinating experiences in-between, including visiting the new earth.

I’ve had this occur before with others who haven’t had anything appear in previous sessions, even when they’ve been to well-known regressionists (including one of my mentors), yet with me they went well. When I started out in 2012 I just didn’t have the confidence, or experience, on how to work with people when a bit of troubleshooting and time to explore different ways of approaching various situations was needed, so had the occasional person who couldn’t get anywhere.

It’s now been a couple of years since I had a client who had real difficulty, but then I feel that’s a combination of attracting certain situations in combination with gaining more experience and confidence. The Clinical Hypnosis Diploma I’m studying is certainly helping to add to my bag of tricks.

March 24

Yesterday my past life regression client experienced being the spirit of her young baby that had passed, after a mistake was made during open heart surgery to resolve congenital heart disease. The doctor who performed the surgery was present, asking for forgiveness and was in a lot of emotional distress. As her son, she forgave him and also attempted to energetically hold the man, which helped him release his emotions (a real event from the past).

There was more to the situation, as many year ago it was standard practice for organ harvesting by this doctor and hospital, without getting permission. After the baby died, its heart, lungs and brain were removed, which was only found out about by my client and her husband, any years later. They had had their suspicions, as my client received dreams and psychic impressions about the possibility that this took place leading up to the public announcement.

Having the experience of her son forgiving the surgeon helped her fully let go and heal from the trauma of the entire situation.

She also had three past lives come up which tied into her personal situation. Some questions she’d come to me with (including health issues), were actioned to gain answers and healing from her higher self.

March 14

Yesterday my first nation online past life regression client in Canada had a great session that helped to address a lot of trauma, including that of her ancestral line. She also returned to when she planned her life before coming in and made contact with one of her children, and her mother, who’ve passed.

She first regressed back to three different moments in her current life where she was being treated badly by family as a child and again as a teenager. During these scenes I used a combination of clinical and past life hypnotherapy to help her acknowledge the original emotions, let go of those (we used a fire), and then empower her with positive ones for healing.

After this she found herself in a location in nature she often frequented back in the real world. I called in one of her daughter’s that had died. She had a conversation which brought much comfort and healing. I then called in her mother which allowed her to share a few things and also hear some kind words from her.

Based on the information I had from her and how the session had progressed, I decided to take her to the moment she planned her life. She found herself standing in a white stone room with pillars. From there she felt the presence of a god like being which she couldn’t see. Here we got information surrounding her choice to choose her current life, including the understanding of how difficult it would be. She also found out information to help her keep on track with her future. (After the session, she mentioned that she felt like she may have been looking into a mirror when in this beings presence — it may have been herself, she thought.)

I then brought in her higher self and I covered what took place earlier in the session to gain clarity and then attended to her questions that she’d prepared before the session.

While I’m located in Nelson, New Zealand, I conduct around 90% of my hypnosis based past life regression sessions online. Reach out if you’re ever interested (free consults). I’ve been facilitating sessions for around 12 years , with 10 using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method. I’m trained in a number of different regression methods including Michael Newton’s LBL, and my sister Dawn Grace Kelly’s technique, who is one of New Zealand’s top past life regression trainers. My sessions include everything they taught, and more, to keep up with modern times as this astrological age shifts into a new cycle.