Experiencing Source, Egyptian Past Life & Soul Review | QHHT Summary

Experiencing Source, Egyptian Past Life & Soul Review | QHHT Summary

A few days back in Rotorua, New Zealand, I conducted a past life regression (QHHT) with a client (married with children), which I’ll summarise here. She had an in depth life in Egypt as a high priest, then met two of her guides in-between lives, including planning of her next life and a visual representation of the state of her soul growth through multiple lives, and then merged with source before I connected her to her higher self to find clarity on what occurred earlier in the session and answer some questions.

Her questions included health issues with her shoulders, hands and back, her and her husband not being able to get ahead financially after owning a number of businesses, a request to bring forth psychic abilities from past lives, a feeling around needing to do more and what that should be, why she couldn’t establish spiritual based friendships, how to communicate with her guides and higher self, and a few others.

She first found herself looking towards a city near a number of pyramids, including the Pyramid of Giza, which she described in detail (the capstone was gold with diamonds on top). She had a crown around her forehead.

She was sad and was walking around a lake, past temples and pyramids. She ended up inside a temple where a court was in session. A farmer was being heard. She was responsible for making decisions in this court and normally would rule against the people, but often, such as in this case, the farmer was in the right. He was not getting fair trade for his goods (injustice).

“I have to be against it, because I can’t go against the rules. I cannot do justice.

Because of the situations that regularly came up in this court, it had caused a state of depression for her. After moving her on (3 months later) she looked out over a lake wanting to leave this life, contemplating suicide.

Next she was standing on a balcony. She jumped, leaving behind two small children.

As she floated out of body, two angels appeared. She had a strong feeling she should not have left that life. “They look like Krishna, they have a bow and arrows and they are see through. They’re very light.” They gave her the impression she should not have exited that life just yet.

She told me she should have endured it, she should not have left, after I asked her about the lesson and purpose. I asked the angels what she should have done differently. “I should have been there for the children. I should have helped outside the temple. I could have done so much. I could have been a good mum, raised my kids right. I didn’t see that.

Spirit Side

Afterwards she moved up, finding herself in a room with a long table. Her two guides were there. They were not happy with her decision to leave. I asked what one of her guides looked like. “He’s a man, a gentle looking man with a white beard. He’s wearing a white robe. They didn’t like the decision but they are not making me feel bad. I’m feeling peace now. It’s okay — they understand. They said I wasted this life, I could have used it in a positive way. But they said never mind, it’s okay.

I asked what else she could have done in that life if she’d stayed. “I needed to learn how to come out of the pain, know to heal the pain — what I needed to do, to grow from it, surpass the pain. More compassion for myself. More loving to myself. To be emotionally strong. To be a better me.

I then asked how that life related to her current one. “Emotional growth. Heal myself emotionally. I want to love myself. I want to grow. I want to heal. Be nicer to myself. I’m here to heal myself from all this pain that I’ve been carrying.

Her guides told her it’s okay to be where she is at just now and that it’s okay to heal herself and not worry she has to do more, and that it’s fine to focus on herself.

I want to help, I want to help everybody but I have to help myself first. I’m here to help me first before I can help anybody else. I have to heal myself first. I cannot do anything for anyone if I’m suffering.

She was told that the next life is when she can help others and this life is just for her to heal. The main reason for this was because of the life where she committed suicide.

After asking her to move to when she planned her current life, she was presented with a type of tapestry map, outlining the many lives she’d had and how much spiritual growth she’d achieved in each life. Around fifty lives where visible.

 “I’m here to have experiences so my soul can grow bigger and bigger. This is showing me all the lifelines where my soul grew, and some where my soul did not. The majority of these lifetimes I see I did not grow much at all, but the one right now is where I’m growing the most.”

I asked why she needed to know about this information just now. “So that I can use this growth for the future growth. Learn spiritually now to help my future.

I clarified this information with a number of other questions. If she had a successful life this time around, her future lives would benefit greatly in terms of spiritual growth.

I then asked what she could do in her current life that would stop her growing so much spiritually. “Unhappiness. Sadder. Darker. I fail. This future right now is the best place to grow spiritually. I’m at the right place. If I focused on helping others and not help myself, I would take my pain into helping others and interfere in their healing. So I need to heal myself first so I can help them from a clearer space.”

I asked if she did decide to focus on helping others in her current life, what would her future lives be like? “I wouldn’t make much difference. If I don’t heal myself and help others instead, I might interfere in the karma. I would be seeing them through my pain.

I need to be alone to heal myself.” This was in reference to why she had not maintained, or established, friendships with spiritual based people, as such connections would consume her time, where now she had the time to work on herself.

Note that my client spends a lot of her time searching and studying spiritual and metaphysical topics outside of her family and work life, mainly through internet sources.

She was told, “I’m not quieting my mind. I’m not healing much. I’m distracting myself with learning. I need to focus more, just sitting with myself, quieting my mind and healing. Once I learn to quiet my mind, then healing will happen quickly and I’ll be in a deep meditative place.

With the help of her guides and higher self, she found out all the answers to her questions. Her health issue with her shoulder, arms and back related to her not taking time to herself, she was rushing, so she was stopped; it stilled her and put her in one spot, to help her with her healing processes. I then asked for healing and advice on her moving forward with this.

The question around their financial troubles related to her past life, where she was wealthy in Egypt and she did not like it. In her current life she was wealthy when growing up but didn’t want it. She thought it might bring her sadness from having money. I then covered questions on how to move forward, let go of this belief block and create financial abundance.

Her question on requesting psychic abilities was denied as she wasn’t meant to help others in this life. I asked if she could receive a gift that would help with her healing and she was told she already has the ability to heal herself.

She was shown where she’d be in ten years — a very nice recently renovated home in Auckland, which she described in detail. “It’s beautiful, I want to go there. I’m semi-retired. Living a life of ease. Calm. It’s a good life, a peaceful life.


The guides wanted her to experience source, which was one of her desires that she mentioned in our pre-talk. At first she felt oneness. “I feel happy, I feel at home.” I gave her suggestions to let go and embrace the experience, and connect into it as strongly as was appropriate. Her guides were there, watching over her. “I’m healing. I feel it in my chest; it’s becoming lighter. I’m grateful to be here. I feel whole here.

I then asked if any information was coming to her. “I feel a burning sensation. I’m seeing being burnt, as a witch. The burning feel is gone but the image is still there.” Healing took place as I made sure she acknowledged this past event and released it. “It’s a process,” she said. “All will be healed with my healing, all of the past life will be healed. I’m healing now and healing is taking place relating to my current life.”

I followed up with some more questions about that life. “I was not allowed to grow spiritually as it was taboo, that’s the reason for my desire to learn and grow in my current life. I’m feeling emotionally sad now. I have to forgive and release that pain too.

After connecting her to her higher self, in a trance state she received some more information. I then helped her integrate back into her current life as we came to the end of the session.

While I’m located in Nelson, New Zealand, I conduct most of my hypnosis based past life regression sessions online. Reach out if you’re ever interested (free consults). I’ve been facilitating sessions for around 12 years, with 10 using Dolores Cannon’s QHHT method. I’m finishing up clinical hypnotherapy studies and I’m trained in a number of different regression methods including Michael Newton’s LBL, and my sister Dawn Grace Kelly’s technique, who is one of New Zealand’s top past life regression trainers. My sessions include everything they taught, and more, to keep up with modern times as this astrological age shifts into a new cycle.

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