An Alien Overseer & A WW2 Past Life | Releasing Blocks and Fear

An Alien Overseer & A WW2 Past Life | Releasing Blocks and Fear

Yesterday my online past life regression client had some major breakthroughs thanks to her session, clearing away blocks and fears relating to moving forward from a corporate environment into her holistic work. She had a life in WW2 as a male, and one on another planet as a psychically gifted overseer that saved her people from an invading force.

In her sixties, currently working as a corporate execute, she’d only delved into the intuitive and healing world in a minor way. She is a Reiki master and gifted with a number of psychic abilities. With a husband and children, she felt that a major block was keeping her back including a feeling of persecution. Her questions included why she was here, should she setup a practice, a deep fear that’s stopping her getting more into her intuitive and healing work, a question around karma with a family member, questions about her gifts, why shamans and other intuitives call her out for being powerful (what is this power?), her strong connection to her husband, and a few others.

She first found herself standing in a field wearing military fatigues and a backpack as a male. A locket around his neck held a photo of his wife. After walking home, he came upon a farmhouse where his 22 year old son was. It had been about 8 years since he’d left, to go to war. He’d been unable to keep in touch and his son and wife didn’t know if he was still alive.

There was much emotion as he hugged his son, but he found out his son had a great deal of resentment and anger from the abandonment and having to sacrifice his life to look after the farm while his father was away—the son had been unable to attend college.

As a medic, in the war he had been injured and while others returned home after the war, he chose to stay longer to care for the ones who helped him, but to also other soldiers who had no one else to help them. He’d put his family second.

His wife returned home and they walked to a bridge they’d often frequented as children. She’d waited for him and hadn’t moved on. There was much love and loyalty from her. A lot of communication took place around what she’d been up to since he’d left, and how she’d felt from not knowing if he was still alive. The love was very strong between them. Back in the room, the wife in this life was her husband.

During the experience on the bridge, two spirit guides of the client’s appeared above, which I made contact with. We gained more detailed information on that lifetime, and how it related to her current one.

On his last day of life, he was in his 90s with his wife curled up in bed beside him. He had his family there including his son and grandchildren. His wife lived for another 3 years after he passed.

The guides explained that there was still another experience for her to see which related to the fear she had within her, including the persecution. This life had only dealt with a part of the block.

Next she was an adult, an alien humanoid with long fingers, red hair and large eyes (on another world). She’d just killed many, while defending her people during an invasion. All her people had psychic gifts but hers were very strong. Beforehand, as their overseer, she’d become aware that these other beings, who had visited their colony previously, were taking their young children. Now they had invaded and had just shot her below the elbow in her back.

She felt a lot of guilt and shame from the anger that had erupted after being shot, when she unleashed her abilities, which were normally only used to heal and help others. This included telekinesis and the ability to create streams of fire, among others. Her fear related to this event, including the feeling of being persecuted for using her gifts.

We focused in on her emotions and feelings, helping her to acknowledge them and clear away any blocks. She connected with a spirit guide, for this lifetime, called Sun and went into trance with Sun speaking through her. He provided more information on the situation. She had some more work to do after the session, in terms of energy healing on herself, but the main healing was complete. Her higher self came in and we addressed the remaining questions she had.

She was very grateful after the session and can now move forward with utilising her many gifts to train and help others heal and grow.

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